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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

I'm a graphic designer and I need tons of them, it's constantly changing I currently have !!!

Of course, each bold, thin, italics, expert, etc. My font manager of choice is Linotype FontExplorer X yes, the discontinued free version.

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Still works fine under Snow Leo. This is just a good tip in general. Can also work in iTunes, with the "Date Added" tag.

Disable window animations and Mail animations

In my opinion, anyone using DTP applications should use a third-party font manager. Not only does it have plug-ins for the more common DTP applications Adobe Creative Suite to auto-activate fonts, it also has tools for cleaning the font caches of both the system and a range of applications.

It will also give you the option of copying added fonts to its own database leaving your originals untouched. Apple has support documents for that. I suppose there were no changes font-wise since And I also suggest using a font manager for DTP! I recommend FontExplorer, too.

What are “Other” files on a Mac and how to delete them?

Edited on Aug 18, '10 PM by poenn. Has anyone tried just tidying up fonts using the "Validate Fonts" option in the Font Book application?

How to clear Cache memory on Mac OS X - Tutorial

Click This Mac in the Search bar. Choose System files from the first pop-up menu, then choose Are included from the second pop-up menu.

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Choose Name from the first pop-up menu, then choose contains from the second pop-up menu, then type fnt into the field. Choose Name from the first pop-up menu, then choose ends with from the second pop-up menu, then type. Tip : Click Save in the Search bar to quickly perform this search again. When the search is complete, select the files in the list whose name start with Acro , Adobe , and Illustrator and move them to the Trash, then empty the Trash.

Cleaning up a messy font installation - Mac OS X Hints

Close all Microsoft Office applications. Close all iWork applications.

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Clear font cache mac os x mavericks

Sign in to comment. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. Damaged or duplicate fonts can also slow down your computer so while you are in Font Book select Validate Fonts from the File menu and verify that the fonts you have installed are okay. It is worth noting that the font caches themselves can become corrupted and cause slowdowns or crashes on your Mac so if you experience problems because of this it is a good idea to force OS X to rebuild the font cache. Next time you clear the caches Cocktail will make clear out the font caches too and force OS X to rebuild them.