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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Thanks to its flexibility, Visual Studio is a great tool for both students and professionals. Languages Supported: ASP. Drawbacks: Because the Visual Studio is a heavyweight IDE, it takes considerable resources to open and run, so making simple edits may be time consuming on some devices. For simpler task, it may be easier to use a lightweight editor. Netbeans is a free and open source IDE. Ideal for editing existing projects or starting from scratch, NetBeans boasts a simple drag-and-drop interface that comes with a myriad of convenient project templates.

It is primarily used to develop Java applications, but you can download bundles that support other languages. Drawbacks: This free IDE consumes a lot of memory, so it may perform sluggishly on some machines. PyCharm also supports other languages and works on multiple platforms, so practically anyone can use it.

Best IDE Software - a List of the Top 10

Drawbacks: Users complain that PyCharm has some bugs, such as the autocomplete feature occasionally not working, which can be a minor inconvenience. When it comes to cost, IntelliJ is a real deal due to the massive of list of features you get. Drawbacks: This IDE comes with a learning curve, so it may not the best for beginners. There are many shortcuts to remember, and some users complain about the clunky UI. Eclipse is a free and flexible open source editor useful for beginners and pros alike.

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Originally a Java environment, Eclipse now has a wide range of capabilities thanks to a large number of plug-ins and extensions. The Eclipse Marketplace Client gives users access to a treasure trove of plugins and information supplied by an expanding community of developers. Drawbacks: While Eclipse is very versatile software, the many options may be intimidating to newcomers.

Top 10 IDEs for Developing Node.js Apps

Code::Blocks is another popular free and open source option. It is a highly customizable IDE that performs consistently across all platforms, so it is great for developers who frequently switch between workspaces. The plug-in framework lets users tweak this IDE to meet their needs. It is a great tool for beginners, but advanced coders may be frustrated with the limitations. Perhaps the most powerful of the open source IDEs, Aptana Studio 3 is a massive improvement over its predecessors.

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Since Aptana Studio 3 supports most browser specs, compatibility challenges are minimal, so users can quickly develop, test and deploy web apps from this single IDE. Drawbacks: Although Aptana works well for students juggling multiple small projects, it has stability issues and runs slowly, so professional developers might prefer a more powerful IDE.

Practically any programmer can use Komodo because it supports most major programming languages. Built-in terminal emulator. What We Don't Like No longer in development.

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  • Minimal support for PHP. Some dependencies. If you are a developer creating web applications, Aptana Studio is a good choice. Download Aptana Studio. What We Like Version 9. Supports the Jigsaw Module system.

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    What We Don't Like Needs high-memory computer to run quickly. Not many plug-ins. Auto-completion is buggy. Download NetBeans.

    Best free PHP IDE for Web Developers

    What We Like Auto-completion and auto-tag closing. Powerful search and replace. Quick to start and load files. What We Don't Like Not for novice programmers. User interface looks intimidating. Too many tabs and toolbars. Download Bluefish. What We Like Robust debugging and profiling profile. Code-completion feature. Fast deployment and implementation. What We Don't Like Slow when working with large files.

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    Not recommended for large businesses. Steep learning curve for novice programmers. Download Eclipse. Suitable for building simple, basic websites. What We Don't Like Composer element no longer being maintained. Generates HTML 4. Download SeaMonkey. What We Don't Like Last updated in No longer in development. Download Amaya. Opens large files. Great customer support.

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    Rock-solid software. What We Don't Like Advanced features require paid version after day free trial. Must search menus for features and options.