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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

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Macs turn. AirRadar 3. WiFi Explorer. WiFi Scanner. Share this Slideshow. Direct link:.

Macs turn We recently reviewed low-cost Windows-based Wi-Fi stumblers. See larger image. In my case, the scan confirmed visually what I already knew experientially about wireless strength in various parts of the building. One of the realities of rural broadband, alas.

The Satellite service is admirably reliable, but speedy it is not. I had fun checking out NetSpot with my simple network, and can see how it would be an especially valuable tool for testing, analyzing, optimizing, and troubleshhooting Wi-FI networks in more complex wireless environments.

IT toolbox for Mac OS X

Once you have the network s optimized and baseline status established, NetSpot can help you monitor quality. Performing a scan once a month or so will allow you to spot wireless network speed changes before they become problems. Once you have exported all of your heatmaps, it is easy to analyze your WLAN and identify the optimum configuration for your Wi-Fi access points. NetSpot will display the name of the WLAN, its security type, whether it requires a password, its signal strength, channel information and more.

If you are in Survey mode after your last launch, just switch back using the control on the main toolbar. Just wait a second or two and detailed information about existing Wi-Fi networks within range will begin appearing in NetSpot. To pause scanning for Wi-Fi networks, just click the Pause button on the lower toolbar. Scanning will stop until you restart it.

Review: Best Wi-Fi stumblers for the Mac

There are four versions of NetSpot currently available right now — two that can be downloaded directly from the NetSpot website and two versions available on the Mac App Store. Both are free of charge and are limited to personal use, with limitations on the size and scope of the scanning project.

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  7. Both can be used for commercial projects and have greatly expanded capabilities. The reason for the proliferation of versions is because Apple imposes limitations on apps sold in the Mac App Store. The biggest difference is that the versions from the App Store do not have Discover Mode. There are other, smaller differences as well. In short, if you want the fullest capabilities and the most frequent updates, buy the PRO or Enterprise version directly from the website. However, if you buy the Reporter version from the App Store and decide later that you need the PRO version, there is an upgrade discount available with proof of purchase from the App Store.

    Most Recent Posts:. Winner of Apple's Performance Marketing Award. By Charles Moore , on January 20th, Permalink. The big difference is that RemoteFX allows for leveraging a graphics processor in the server, and that makes it worth looking at. And while there are lots of alternatives out there, TeamViewer is available for most modern platforms iPad included and very easy to use.

    Use NetSpot to visualize, manage, troubleshoot, audit, plan, and deploy your wireless networks.

    Just type in a few account numbers and a password to provide remote help to your users, your mom, or your children at college. Commercial usage is licensed by the number of simultaneous sessions, and can be scaled up as need arises. Try as I might, I still rely on some programs that run only under Windows. A word of advice: VMware offers a free version of McAfee anti-virus, and you should use it.

    This version is optimized for the VMware environment.

    WLAN Tools – Page 7 – WLAN Book

    Chicken of the VNC implements a remote desktop control program that comes in commercial and free versions for just about every major operating system on earth. Chicken is VNC pure and simple -- it just plain works. Oh yeah, and it does support SSH tunneling, which you can configure as part of server preferences for each server [ok?

    There are many password vaults out there. I chose SplashID a long time ago to help me keep track of my 1,plus user accounts, the passwords for machines that I maintain, and personal Web info.

    Free download NetSpot for Mac

    I can sync my desktop, phone, and an encrypted USB key, and I can email an encrypted file to myself for backups. If someone does try to break in, the system will scrub the database.

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    Camtasia Studio is one app that I will never be without. Because Camtasia can nicely combine other video sources and stills, it has become and indispensible part of my toolkit. The latest version even has the ability to insert a moving mosaic to blur out things like passwords or faces of people without model releases.