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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

You must understand: every device has its use, hardware features must be used for their designated purpose. RME have never said that a hardware mixer should be used to downmix compositions, but no one stops you. However, there are a lot of situations when the use of the RME mixer is justified.

Along with channel selection for each output, you can adjust their levels. It can be done in the Fireface Mixer as well as in the Fireface Matrix. In this case the quality is excessive. Whether it's a significant advantage depends on your tasks. Requirements of home studios differ much from those of professional sound recording or television studios.

macOS High Sierra/Mojave Driver Installation for RME Audio Interfaces

Like any device, the RME Fireface has its pros and cons. For example, the mixer is an advanced tool, but it has a steep learning curve. So you'll have to study the manual. By the way, the bundle includes a thick printed manual. Another controversial point is the mixer design in the style of old Steinberg Cubase 5, you cannot scale interface elements. So the mixer is overloaded with elements and looks small in high resolutions. If you use it actively in a studio, you can open the mixer window on a separate monitor. When several Fireface devices are connected simultaneously up to three units , the mixer view can switch between them.

Perhaps, it's not important, but this device can still be improved. Matias Karstens and his team know well about strong and weak points of their products and choose their priorities, I guess. It's clear to those who have experience in developing such software.

Firewire port not recognizing fireface - Apple Community

These features significantly expand functionality of the mixer. We'll focus on the most unusual issues. The spectrum analyzer does not use FFT. In return, it uses band filters in the style of a hardware analyzer. The analyzer has a logarithmic scale. There is another interesting mode - Global Record. It's used to record a lot of channels in a single stream to a file with minimal system load. It's important for the MADI card with 64 channels in the first place, where recording audio into different files generates an excessive load on a hard drive and the system.

It results in fragmentation and unpredictable data drops, especially in the course of prolonged important sessions. Pyramix uses the same method. Single-stream audio recording with not many channels has got a second life with notebooks and their weak CPUs and hard drives. We've carried out an experiment in order to find out whether the Aurora analog section distorts signals from devices - we compared the signal at the monitors with the signal routed through the Aurora.

We've heard no difference, as in case with changing Aurora channels. But signals from connected devices were noticeably different. They must be based on recordings with recognizable tones of musical instruments without heavy sound processing.

RME Audio Fireface 400 User Manual

The longer is the pause between fragments, the less adequate the results, because the man does not have long-term aural memory. If the pause is long, only emotional reminiscence remains, no audio details can be recollected. The volume of compared signals must be absolutely identical. We also used a ready commercial project to test the Fireface in professional sphere: adjusting effect levels in a downmix, changing instrument tones in different tracks.

In this case we test how adequately the section can reflect the smallest changes in a sound track. The RME Fireface interface demonstrates high professional audio quality. There are no tonal distortions, a good detailing level. You can also consider the Fireface as a cheaper modification of the Fireface with the same functionality, but with fewer analog interfaces and converters of the high but not top level. Nevertheless, quality of the new codecs pleasantly surprised us even as we tested the ECHO Audiofire. Devices based on the AKA outperform units with separate converters offering similar characteristics.

But having heard the quality of new AKM codecs, they were impressed and decided to use them. This device also demonstrates advanced functionality for recording. When two capacitor microphones were plugged, one of them usual required phantom power, the other tube model was powered from its own PSU. When you work with the mixer, it's convenient to see exact values to within 0. The latter offers flexible and really useful settings. These values are computed not by the driver, but by the built-in hardware DSP. We test the RME Fireface in loopback mode, so that we can compare its results with other devices.

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Readings with the Lynx Aurora are close to the data published in the specifications. I figured that it might be a problem with the signal being too weak, so I tried using the external power cable for the sound card instead. The card worked for something close to 2 minutes, and then went back to the passive state with the host button on. I was able to update the firmware, at some point when the card was recognized, for a day or so. First it didn't work for a couple of hours, then I got it running, updated the firmware, and like a day later it stopped working again.

I've searched the net pretty thoroughly, and noticed that a bunch of people seem to have problems similar to mine. For most. I've tried both of these times, but it hasn't worked. Other people claim that there is a problem with the chipset installed on a certain generation of imacs around the time I bought mine. It doesn't seem that this is the case with mine however. Consulting the RME forum suggests that my chipset is good enough, and since it worked for a couple of years I find it hard to believe that the computer suddenly realized that the chipset actually couldn't run this specific soundcard.

What do I do. Running to my nearest retailer with a computer that seems to be working just fine in pretty much ALL aspects seems a bit ridiculous, and will certainly be a last measure, and something I will only do if I'm sure that the port is actually damaged in some spacy way. Updated both the mac software, the fireface firmware and the fireface drivers currently everything is fully up to date.

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RME Audio Driver

Hey brother. All up-to-date drivers for the current RME product line. Well-assorted by product families. Version 2. Under Windows 7 64 bit the red Host LED stayed lit after standby, despite correct communication with the host. New transmission mode to work around a bug in Windows 7. Additional reset after sleep to work around a bug in Windows 7. Reliable stop of an ASIO thread even in difficult situations.

Process management of multiclient ASIO did not work as expected on some computers. Settings dialog: New icons. MMCSS option removed. TotalMix: New skin and new icons. Scrolling limited to fader section, Quickpanels are fixed to the right. Password for locking the mixer state added. Bugfix Faderfox submix selection in third row. Priority handling of the audio thread improved. New routines for the startup confirmation problem added. Pitch shift problem fixed with external clocking. New option 'Level Meter Text Color'. WDM: 8-channel playback did not work correctly. Names no longer appear on empty channel plates after changing labels.

ASIO driver could crash when no Fireface present. ASIO mute improved in multiclient operation. Memory leak fixed when switching off the unit. Error in FwMBit detection fixed. The driver archive includes detailed information. Changing the gain of a muted matrix crosspoint by a TotalMix fader now directly updates the displayed value. Using both MIDI input ports simultaneously did not work correctly.

FF Changing the buffer size caused the timecode position to be wrong by one buffer size. TCO: firmware version is displayed in the Settings dialog. Invalid timecode erases the time display. FF Windows volume control removed, as not Vista compatible and no working multidevice support. Added full Vista compatibility, including signed 64 bit drivers. Improved installation script inf file. FF FUT 1. FF FUT 2. TotalMix: Ganging of the outputs also valid for Encoder control. Output faders are now controlled from the Windows standard volume.

W2k: FF added to Inf file. Requires firmware 2. TotalMix: Several bugs fixed Level Meter display stops. This error had been fixed already in v 2. Additional ASIO offset values for newer devices the second values were missing since driver version 2.

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Significantly improved performance at Low Latency Double Speed since driver version 2. Settings dialog shows correct state immediately. WDM bit resolution corrected. Settings dialog no longer automatically started after turning the FF on.


GSIF audio corrupted since v2. Settings dialog: DDS off reverts to previous sample rate. Changes in Firmware 2. TotalMix: Third row faders had not been set correctly when in lowest position. Firmware 2. Support for new flash chips. Note: this firmware can not be downgraded - no rollback to a previous version! Improved compatibilty to TotalMix files v 2. Support for new mixer hardware and stand alone MIDI remote. MIDI remote: Mute and solo buttons were not always displayed correctly. General: Current sample rate wasn't always stored automatically.

Sample rate stored in registry hasn't been activated on boot. Multiplier button partially active even with DDS deactivated. New firmware supports stand alone MIDI remote. Improved code to prevent BSODs. Performance improved when Matrix window is open. Tool tip is deleted when the window is closed via ESC. Tool tip is deleted when the mouse is drawn quickly across the window border. General: Limiter in Instrument input can be switched off.

Additional ASIO offset information. Hardware revision displayed on About page in the Settings dialog. Firmware 1.

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Win The current settings of the Settings dialog are stored in the registry. Systray context menu improved, new entry 'Matrix'. Matrix window titlebar shows current preset. Low latency operation improved on problematic computers. Memory consumption highly minimized. Special workaround adresses bug in Ricoh controller, provides significantly lower latency. In case of an unexpected stop no interrupts the hardware is stopped automatically.