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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Click Yes to confirm. If the formatting completed successfully, click OK to continue.

Click the browse button on the right, locate the. Click Open. Once the process completes, you can now insert the USB flash drive on your Mac computer to install, reinstall, or upgrade the operating system to the latest version of macOS, which can be Sierra or later. In this case, you want to redo the entire process again, but this time use the following steps to use the Diskpart command-line utility on Windows to create the appropriate GPT partition.

Search for Command Prompt , right-click the top result and select the Run as an administrator option. Type the select disk command followed the number assigned for the USB flash drive e. Once you formatted the USB flash drive to a GPT partition, you can use the instructions mentioned above to use TransMac to create a bootable media, but this time skip the steps 5 through 9 , and continue on step After the process completes, which can take up to an hour, connect the USB flash drive and power on your Mac holding down the Option key, select the USB drive to begin the installation of macOS.

How to make a bootable Lion install disc or drive | Macworld

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This may take a minute or two. Plug in the flash drive into your Mac and launch the Disk Utility application.

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You can do it quickly by searching via Spotlight. Note: This will remove everything in the flash drive.

Keep a backup of the files within if you still need them, then come back to this section. Once the flash drive is formatted, re-select the formatted USB drive from the left menu, and click the Restore tab. Do the following steps carefully:.

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  6. First, a reboot! Then, select the Mac OS X on the right. Click the Erase button button and everything including files, applications, settings, etc in your Mac will be completely deleted.

    How to Burn DMG to USB on Mac and Windows

    Note: Do this with caution as there will be no way for recovery from this point onwards. Step 2 : Right-click again on the drive in the left panel and this time select Restore with Disk Image. Once the process is complete, you can eject the drive and use it on a Mac. To boot from this media, hold down the Option key and fire up your Mac.

    How to create Mac OS X bootable USB installation media

    Still, it's an effective way to create bootable media for a Mac computer. Here's how it works:. Since you're converting the file twice, there's a chance that the file could get corrupted in the process. If that happens repeatedly, then try this next method. You can also edit the DMG or extract the contents, and there's also an option to copy it to a disk.

    You will need to give admin privileges to the software.

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