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We're trying to get them to do the right thing and refund it. Will update if they do. UPDATE: My husband has talked with three different people at the dealership, and we're getting nothing but stalls and runaround. We aren't even complaining about those, although we probably should be.

If we were overcharged at any retail store and came back with a receipt to complain, there's no question we'd get our money back, but not from Mack Haik Dodge. They say it's our fault for signing the papers. Will never buy a car from them again. They actually wrote me back at telling me about a Ford Expedition which I had even inquired about a Ford Expedition I inquired about the H3 Hummer I gave them a price I was willing to pay. Not a penny more not a penny less and they come up with this Ford Explorer nothing that I was even remotely looking for.

He really did a great job. Prompt answer to my questions and very professional customer service. From the very beginning they couldn't read their emails. I asked to be called before 11 am since I work night shift so they called at 1 pm. The salesman who was helping me gave me some general answers vs what I was asking about the vehicle they had listed.

Then I drove almost 2 hours away and kept calling to see if they had the vehicle and before I got there finally someone told me they couldn't sell it because it had engine problems. A week after being posted for sale now they decide to check their vehicle. So I kept searching and then the vehicle started popping up on carguru.

Com, auto list, auto trader and even on ebay and for more money! I would be cautious of this dealer as it seems many of the other reviews seem true. Got up at a. Drove miles and got a beautiful beast of a truck in the Laramie Longhorn! Cory Moller was my salesman and was very helpful and not pushy at all. Would've given this dealer 5 stars, but after sitting in the lobby for an hour the finance guy was finally ready for me but started at a way higher price than I had discussed with Cory.

Then preceded to try and haggle with me after I just told him I drove miles, was tired, and did not want to haggle on a price. Shortly after he was "able" to get me to my disired price. LOVE my truck though! Salesman tried to blame it on CarGurus, luckily I had a screenshot from their own website displaying the original price, then walked out. Slimy sales tactic. Dealer responded quickly and provided requested information. They also assured that hey would continue to look for the particular car I want. Contacted us right away! Multiple times they called.

Went to check out the car but car had already been sold! Salesman was really cool!

Austin TX |Mac Haik Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

Sells guy was good, not to pushy. Worst experience I have ever had. Called got pre approved told them that I was driving 3 hours to come get this car Bc mine broke down. Made sure everything was finalized and they came up with more then one excuse to let me get the car didn't try to find another one or anything. Waste of time very unorganized and The guy Brian and the manager have no idea what they are doing. Don't tell a college student with a co signer were approved if we're not oh and they ran my credit 5x in one sitting.

One Star is over generous - Ridiculous emails from many different people wanting to know "When will you be in to look?? Vehicle sold, yet still remains in search filter. Need to update availability realtime. Lots of wasted time communicating to find out car had sold. Dealer called but I bought something else.

While someone from the dealership got back to me quickly, I had to chase them down after that only to discover the vehicle had been sold the day before. When I questioned why no one had told me that even though they knew I was interested in the vehicle, one salesman told me quote these go quick you have to be faster than that unquote. So far I have purchased two cars off of Car Guru so I am a serious buyer Too bad for this dealer. Dillion was the best car salesman I have ever met. He not only let you talk, he actually listened to what you had to say.

The dealer responded quickly. The agent said that was a mistake. He said he would check with his manager. After 10 minutes on hold returned to tell me it had been sold. This does not inspire me to deal with this dealer. Run away. Run away as far as you can from this dealer. This would have been the perfect vehicle for my non profit. Made an appointment for a test drive. Salesman took me on a walk around before test drive. Mentioned almost incidentally that the rear driver's side door was missing the handle but it would be "taken care of" prior to purchase.

Mac Haik Dodge Chrysler Jeep-Georgetown

Returned from the test drive and the cash sales paper was drawn up. Dealer insisted that I pay for the missing door handle So the car I saw in the ad had a rear door handle, but the car I test drove did not. This was the same car. The dealer insisted that I pay for a repair that I was not responsible for. I didn't think scammy stuff like this still went on. Lessons learned. All the bad jokes about used car salesmen had to come from somewhere. I think this might be close to ground zero.

Promptly contacted me. Good service. John, the sales person was wonderful, everything else was typical. There was a discrepancy or two about our original agreement, but after Corey spoke to the manager, it was straightened out. Just take good notes to be sure you get everything promised. Overall a great experience. Last minute recall issue popped up, and not only did they attend to it, but they gave me a really nice loaner car for a day.

I would not hesitate to deal with Mac Haik and Corey in the future. Went all the way over there to look at this used pile of truck. Take my word for it, it has a broken windshield, dings, dents all over it, and the spare tire is being used as a full size tire. Add that to the fact that the inside of the vehicle is clean in a "swept under the rug" sort of way.

Look around in it, it is nasty and needs to have work done. Nope, they think it's worth more.

2014 Dodge Durango Round Rock DEC595004

So I walked away. By the way, the used car rep I met with is the epitome of a used car salesmen. Gross, I'll never do business on the used car side again. Great place they responded.. I had a last and I mean last second issue with my Jeep and they fixed it in less than 2 hours'. A lot of sales man ready to assist. Told me the truth about the truck, which was much appreciated.

They didn't try to hide anything and were upfront about everything. Called me was honest about vehicle being sold.

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Salesman responded to. Me within 1 hour Awesome. Customer sevice. I purchase the vehicle from this dealership and was treated great. The sale person and the finance person were both great. Car was sent to auction They don't keep cars over 6 weeks so ask before you go? Didn't work for me Ken was super great salesperson the whole team was great, very nice. We drove 3 hours away to see the truck and they stay open after closing time so we could drive the truck home.

I would buy a truck from them again in the future. I bought the vehicle I was looking at for a good price. Salesman called right away to tell me this pickup was no longer available. He said "they had several other Silverado's available". Checked their inventory but they didn't have anything in my price range.

Lack of experience from seller and very shady in their mechanical practices. I had a call from Haik Doge but the car did not have any Air condition and they did not plan to put any more money into it. But the salesmen did invite me to come in and look at some other cars that I might be interested. I purchased this vehicle. These guys lied to us. Obviously unplugged the battery to turn off the check engine light.

Thankfully it was just the spark plugs and coils. They could have told us though and not treated my husband like he's a moron. They were not willing to negotiate a deal.

5255 S Interstate 35, Georgetown, TX 78626

They truck I looked at was not worth what they were asking for. Could've have better customers service. The salesman was wonderful; however the manager was not. We agreed to purchase the vehicle at the asking price because we felt it was a good deal and my husband loved it. We were told that while performing recall work on the vehicle a problem was discovered with the radio it was an electrical issue and that we would be required to pay for all of the work. The other option we were given was to pay the advertised price without the necessary repairs being done.

I pointed out that the advertisement listed all of the radio features with the implication that they were in working order and that we would pay the advertised price and no more than that. I was appalled that he would consider this ethical and I could tell that our salesman was horrified. I still had the original advertisement on my iPad and the salesman refreshed his, which is how we found out that the change had been made while we were there. Not only were 3 hours of my time wasted, but the salesmans's time was wasted as well.

Be very aware that the manager in the pre-owned office has no problem using bait-and-switch tactics. I wish that I had gotten his name, but was just too stunned to consider it while we were there. Buyer beware. We sincerely apologize for your bad experience. When we initially advertised the vehicle the radio was fully functional.

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Unfortunately all vehicles are machines and things will quit working inexplicably. We tried to give you the fairest deal possible and you still had the opportunity to buy significantly less than the trade in value. We wish you the best of the luck in your search but unfortunately we cannot predict if a radio module will suddenly start working.


However, in those situations we do have the equipment fixed immediately. In fact, I recall the vehicle was in the service department. In fact, I recall the vehicle was in the service department when you came to buy it and even had to pulled out of the service department so you could see it. I came all the way from Amarillo, so I was nervous if they'd still have the Jeep I wanted. They did, and I got a great deal. They were very easy to work with and weren't pushy at all.

It was my first car buying experience and they were very helpful. Jordan was awesome! Great dealership to work with. Cory and Jordan helped me with my purchase. No run around. Treated me like I would treat one of my friends. I'd shop there again. Vehicle was listed incorrectly as a long bed. I purchased a new Laramie from Mac Haik Dodge. They had me sign some of the blank paperwork ahead of the finance papers and that included a third party warranty I had not asked for.

The warranty company says they cannot cancel because, a month later, the dealer hasn't yet submitted it and the dealer says to take it up with the warranty company.

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  4. It should take the dealer 5 minutes to resolve the warranty issue but nobody there will take the initiative or ownership of the problem and I've gotten nowhere with them yet. Talked a good talk but at the end the result was just that All talk. I was told i would be contacted regarding a car with more miles and that is a older model..

    That's nice. They responded immediately and we went that day to look and test drive. Overall good experience. The car we ultimately chose came from here. Dealer returned call ina timely manner. Car was recently sold. They were great with getting back with me. However the Jeep was sold. Bet other dealer price by a huge amount. I drove over an hour and a half to buy my car. I stopped by the dealer and they did not have the truck on the lot that was advertised, said they would call when it was available later in the week and never heard back from them.

    I emailed them and still no responce. The sticker price they had on the trucks on the lot where marked up higher than the prices advertised online and when asked about the price there responce was what I thought a fair price would be and wouldn't come down from the sticker price - typical used car salesman will not be doing business with them.

    Deontae was very helpful and quickly responded to a question the day after sale. We got a great car. I was very pleased with my salesman, Deante. My experience was good overall. A classic bait-and-switch coupled with insulting service. The people at Mac Haik were friendly, professional and courteous. I am very pleased. The mileage was listed wrong on the car. That prevented me from being able to acquire it, because of qualifications from my bank. Other than that, they responded to me via email and text.

    I thought a phone call would have been nice. Definitely worth the mile drive!! Top notch service and selection. The truck was in rough condition and I thought asking too much. Not pleased, was scheduled for an appointment to see the vehicle. When I showed up I was told the vehicle had been sold. This wouldn't have been so bad however I had someone drive my trade in almost 3 hours to show.

    Neither were given to me and I have yet to hear from the dealership about the issue. Very disappointed in the customer service. Didn't get the jeep but they did get back to me quickly. Professional and honest dealer. Would work with again. Prompt communications and service. Purchased a vehicle from them. Received information. Have not purchased yet. I got a great deal on the truck. I had an appointment to view a vehicle and when I got there, the vehicle I was scheduled to see was sold and I didn't get an email or call saying it was sold, but they did try to get me into another vehicle like the one I wanted and they even notified me when they had another vehicle in their lot that was similar to the vehicle I was looking to purchase.

    Very helpful guys. I was contacted via email once and nothing more. I called the dealership to make a test drive appointment, when I got there they couldn't find the vehicle that I wanted to test drive. I was pawned off to a new car salesman to try and sell me a new vehicle. Absolutely love my jeep but I was not satisfied with my sales representative or the customer service at the dealership. Jordan Boren was a great help, honestly he was the one that made me get the car there and then.

    A pleasure to deal with. They earn your business. I received a voice message from a rep, but when I returned the call and left message, I did not receive a call back. The car was already sold. I felt pressured by the sales staff. Got ahold of me in a timely fashion and had great customer service. Tim got back and responded quickly to all questions. Did not make me feel like a pain. Best dealership very helpful, trusting and professional.

    The sales rep did everything to help me but couldn't make the payments fit my buget. He gave me top dollar for my trade and as many special offers but just couldn't get to where I need they where very patient and kind. I would recomend them to any one. Called and left message on truck I was looking at.

    Great people. Intended on purchasing vehicle but was told I would get a courtesy call if vehicle sold. When I called to check on status they informed me that it had been sold. Polite but almost made a trip for nothing. Corey Maxson was very helpful and vey pleasant to work with. He was on top of his game and honest the whole time. I would definitely buy from them again.

    Thanks so much. Very helpful and very patient, I couldn't have asked for a better dealer. I will definitely recommend!!!! The used car dealership was clean, and had great salesmen! Jordan was one of the best I have ever worked with. I made a 4 hour drive to get the vehicle i wanted after consulting with the salesperson.

    Their they took care of me, not only with bad credit that was shot but also with a bad roughed up trade. Got a great deal and im happy with the staff and i love my Dodge Ram 5. ThNx guyz! I love this truck! Immidiate contact and very friendly. Poor service from the sales staff. Great customer services. If you are looking for one of those no haggle experiences, this isn't it. Be prepared to do battle or have your pocket picked. Starting price is usually good, but watch out for the fees.

    That's where they try to make up ground. Oscar was great, but watch out for the finance guy and the sales manager. Get all fees upfront when negotiating the deal or you will have several hundred dollars of surprise fees and charges that were never mentioned.

    Nyle Maxwell Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram | Auto Dealer in Austin, TX

    Just an FYI: Used cars are sold as is. No warranty at all unless you purchase one from the finance guy. Friendly, informative and very quick to respond to my inquiry. Very friendly and helpful. Good and timely response New Patriot View Inventory. New Renegade View Inventory. New Wrangler View Inventory. New ProMaster View Inventory. Been to two other locations for service on our vehicle, stated needed to order parts and will call when in. After a month of not hearing anything and talking to a person I work with that recommended Mac Haik we called and set up an appointment. The very next day our vehicle was ready.

    Extremely fast and great staff to work with. If I need anything in the future will definitely use them for service. Can't say enough they were awesome!!! Read more at Google. Via Google. Best car lot ever, when none else was willing to make a deal they stepped up and did it. Thanks so much to Pablo for working hard to get me into my dream car! I absolutely love it.

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