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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Only subscribers can post most of the time , and subscriptions have to be approved. IRIS ingests, curates, and distributes geoscience data IRIS provides management of, and access to, observed and derived data for the global earth science community. This includes ground motion, atmospheric, infrasonic, hydrological, and hydroacoustic data.

IRIS provides a wide range of education and outreach resources Our mission is to advance awareness and understanding of seismology and earth science while inspiring careers in geophysics. IRIS operates many prominent geophysical facilities IRIS staff and subawardees oversee the construction, operation, and maintenance of seismic networks and related data facilities utilized by a wide sector of the earth science community.

Computer Files : How to Open a .bin File

Explore the world of earthquakes! IRIS has multiple online tools that allow you to learn about global and regional seismicity. Email address sac-help lists. Login to manage your subscriptions. Sac Help, please add me to your LinkedIn network.

LinkedIn Luyuan Ding requested to add you as a connection on LinkedIn: Sac Help, I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. No replies. Binary file not executable.

Execution problem on Fedora 21 (bit)

Replies Re: no subject - Milton Plasencia - Milton Plasencia. Plasencia Linares mpplasencia g Hi, I have a problem with passing arguments and using the blackboard variables in the version The code worked perfectly in the previous versions. Is there a solution to this in the v. Has the syntax changed? Please see an example below. The v. Tannistha Maiti. The lat and long values are stored in coord.

Executables are not working on the SUSE Linux server..

I used the following script but not sure why it is not reading from the file. The coord file contains two values column 1 lat and column 2 long. So, basically, it works if I do: r file fft psp But it doesn't work if I do: r file xlim fft psp I also have a problem using Sac Graphic Files and then plotsp.

I can create a correct figure when reading only one file, but not if I read many files. Replies Re: problems with plotsp and merge - youqiang yu - Re: problems with plotsp and merge - Dongdong Tian - I will really appreciate some help on this. Sunil Kapur. Hello I am a doctoral student at University of Houston. I am working on automatic arrival picking. I have data in. I want to perform polarization on it so I came across your matlab code.

But it uses SAC format. Can you please guide me on how can I use dat format in this code. Also, can you provide me with some sample SAC file. Thanking you Alot Sunil Kapur. Martha Savage. That can sometimes be worked around by statically linking everything into your binary so that the only external calls it makes are to the kernel. It won't run because the kernel, the libraries, and everything else it expects to find are not there.

I'm pretty surer it was developed because certain vendors released Linux-only binaries that FreeBSD users wanted.

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For example, things like Macromedia Flash. Could you use that compatibility layer to run the Linux binary? I do not expect it will be trivial.

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You would also likely need to statically link the binary, to minimize the number of dependencies you need to copy over. I've just run into this issue. I found a source that is helpful in this context, suggesting transferring the shared object libraries to a directory say, lib in the same directory as the executable, then building with for example.

FreeBSD and linux are two different operating systems? What was your expectation when you ran the binary? I used it for a game and an SMT solver the latter I actually built natively once, but that required some fixes. You can also unpack a filesystem image of whatever distro e. Have you tried compiling and running something simpler e. From what I found in the FreeBSD handbook it seems that you need to configure its Linux binary compatibility layer before running Linux executables.

Haven't used FreeBSD in a while but there is a compatibility layer. I'm not sure how involved the setup process may be for you.

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You can build a static Linux binary with the -optl-static argument to GHC. You may need to build on Alpine to have access to a static libcrt0 , I build inside an Alpine Docker container on a Mac.

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  • Then it should just run. The only fbsd machines I have login to right now only have bit Linux ABI enabled, and cross-compiling to bits with GHC is a different challenge I'm not up for right now Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.