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Changing the Start Time or the Station of a File Page 11 Safety Information denotes hazards that could result in minor injury or damage to the machine. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Install the machine on a flat surface, leave at least 4 inches 10 cm of space between the machine and other objects. To connect the telephone, remove the protective tab on the TEL jack. Lights: While printing. Page 15 Control Panel Used to start or Used to reset Used to switch the select the function all the previously machine into energy and sub-functions.

Use this button when correcting entered numbers or characters. Page 16 memo Page Resolution Basic Transmission Settings Resolution Your machine is preset to Standard resolution, which is suitable for most documents. Use Fine or Super Fine for detailed documents. Your machine is preset to "TEXT".

Place a book or an original face down on the Platen Glass.

Panasonic New Multi-Function Printer DP-MB500 Series

Then starts dialing the telephone number or connecting to the LAN immediately after storing the first page. Page 24 Select the input item and press OK. Confirm the destinations. Enter the subject. Edit the email address when using manual number dialing. Page 26 No. The document s will be printed the same size as the transmitted originals at the Receiving Station.

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Place original s face up on the ADF. You will hear dial tone through the monitor speaker. If required, press the key, and adjust the Monitor volume. MMM-dd-yyyy No. Page Redialing Sending Documents Redialing Automatic Redialing If a busy line is detected, the machine will redial the number up to 5 times at 3 minutes interval. However, if a busy line is not detected, the machine will redial only one time. During that time, a message will appear as shown to the right.

Page Receiving Documents Receiving Documents General Description Your machine is provided with both automatic and manual reception modes. The selection of either reception mode is made with Fax Parameter No. Page 33 Receiving Documents Manual Reception To receive documents manually When the telephone rings, lift the handset. See Note 1 If you hear a beep, the sound tells you that someone wants to send a document. Sometimes, oversized documents sent to you by the other parties cannot be printed within a single page. When this occurs, the document will be divided into separate pages.

When printing on separate pages, the bottom 0. Page Substitute Memory Reception Receiving Documents Substitute Memory Reception If the recording paper runs out, or if the toner runs out during reception, the machine automatically starts receiving documents into its image data memory. Stored documents are printed automatically after replenishing the recording paper or toner. See Note 1 and 2 When the machine completes the memory reception and there is no recording paper or toner, an Information Code will appear on the display.

Page Batch Transmission Batch Transmission General Description To reduce transmission time and cost, this feature allows your machine to accumulate different documents for the same destination s to be transmitted in a single phone call. Real-Time Batch Transmission During memory transmission, your machine searches its memory for reserved files up to 5 files to transmit to the same destination, automatically batching and transmitting them in a single phone call.

Page Timer Controlled Communications Timer Controlled Communications General Description You can send document s to one or multiple stations at any preset time within the next 24 hours. Up to 50 built-in timers can be set for deferred communication. NOTE 1. If you enter a wrong time in Step 4, press then re-enter the correct time. If you enter a wrong number in Step 3, press , then re-enter the right number.

Page Polling Polling General Description Polling means calling other station s to retrieve document s. The other station must know in advance that you will call and must have document s set on the ADF or stored in the memory. You may need to set a polling password, shared by the other station, to ensure security.

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Page 47 Polling Preparing to be Polled Enter a 4-digit polling password and then press See Note 3 and press 4 3 2 1 The document s will be stored into memory. Polled No. Be sure to set the polling password before polling. These keys are useful if you frequently need to send or poll the same group of stations. You can use these keys to assign registered Address Book stations as a group key, a sequence of stations to be polled, a deferred transmission sequence or an additional address book entry.

Code Conf. Code with Conf. The confidential file will be erased automatically at the center station after being polled. Once the confidential document is stored in your machine, it can be polled by another machine. Page Printing Out A Confidential Document From Your Machine's Mailbox Confidential Mailbox Printing Out a Confidential Document from Your Machine's Mailbox After you have been notified that someone has transmitted a confidential document to your machine's mailbox, use the following procedure to print out the confidential document.

Page Deleting A Confidential Document Stored In Your Machine's Mailbox Confidential Mailbox Deleting a Confidential Document Stored in Your Machine's Mailbox If your memory becomes full, or you just want to clean out your confidential documents, you may delete one or more confidential faxes stored in your machine by using the following procedure.

There are two types of confidential file deletions, one is to delete the file individually by its Confidential Code, and the other is to delete all confidential files in memory. Routing-Facsimile Routing utilizing the Sub- Address. Page Fax Cover Sheet Fax Cover Sheet General Description A Fax Cover Sheet can be automatically attached to your transmit document s that shows the recipient's name, originator's name and the number of pages attached. Transmitted as: Received as: Header P. To print the document s received in memory, the authorized operator must enter the correct password.

Page 87 Receive To Memory Printing Documents Enter the password to print the document s and then press See Note 1 and press 1 2 3 4 Machine will start to print the document s. If the password has not been set, your machine will not prompt you to enter the password. Memory Transmit No. The PIN code is shown as " Page Selective Reception Selective Reception General Description Your machine has a special feature, Selective Reception, which can prevent the receiving of unnecessary documents i.

Before receiving the document, the last 4 digits of the ID Number received from the sending machine will be compared with the last 4 digits of the telephone number programmed in each Address Book station. Page Department Code - when it is printed. If you wish to use the Department Code function, please ask your authorized Panasonic dealer to activate this feature. All contents of the Journal will be erased automatically after being printed.

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Page Edit File Mode Edit File Mode General Description Your machine has a document image memory which enables you to reserve memory transmission, memory deferred transmission, memory polling and so on. After reserving the communications in memory, you may need to change the settings of the communication s while it is still in memory. XMT No. Your machine cannot delete the file while it is being sent. NOTE 2.

If you want to delete all files in Step 3, press The document s will remain in memory even after printing the file. Your machine cannot print the file while it is being sent. Your machine cannot add the document into the file while it is being sent or waiting to redial. Page Retry An Incomplete File Edit File Mode Retry an Incomplete File If a memory communication has been unsuccessful due to a busy line or no answer, the document you stored is automatically erased from memory after the last redial.

If you need to retain the document even if the communication failed, change the setting of Fax Parameter No. Page Internet Fax Features Pre Installation Information Internet Fax Features Before setting up your Panasonic machine on your network, please read this entire section to be familiar with its functions. Page Setup As Pop3 Client 2. Page 2. Page Internet Mail Reception Internet Communication Features Internet Mail Reception Your machine allows you to receive and print a PC transmitted email automatically or manually, depending on its setup configuration.

Page Inbound Routing Internet Communication Features Inbound Routing Using the Inbound Routing feature, your machine can route documents received from a G3 fax machine to email address s or to Internet Fax machine s connected to a LAN as an email, as well as to other G3 fax machine s over the telephone line. The second part requires you to install the software on your See the web site for details about the printer driver installation and operation.

Differences between Internet Fax and Regular Fax A regular Fax machine goes off-hook, dials, and the phone network completes a circuit over phone lines to the receiving fax. Before starting, you will need a completed copy of page Pre Installation Information. For your machine to be able to operate as an Internet Fax on the Network properly, the following five 5 Basic Parameters must be pre-programmed into the machine. See pages to Parameter Comments Logo Requires an authorized service provider to activate this feature.

The machine will complete the email address with the Default Domain preprogrammed in the User Internet Parameters. Then starts connecting to the LAN immediately after storing the first page. The machine then connects to the LAN and transmits the Ledger size document s.

PDF file is only available if sending the document s to a PC.

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OAA ifeifl. Page Using A Mailing List Sending Documents via LAN Using a Mailing List Using a Mailing List stored in the mail server simplifies the process of entering multiple locations and allows you to send to an unlimited number of email addresses with one easy operation. Ask your Network System administrator for information on how to utilize the Mailing List. Your machine also offers the same choice to receive and print Internet email messages via LAN unattended or manually when subscribing to a POP mail server.

They will be able to retrieve their emails by simply pressing the associated Program Key. On Line LAN abc panasonic.

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The selected User Names is printed on the Header of each page sent and on the Comm. Page 01 Fax Parameters the keypad and press key. Ex: 01 No. Page Sender Selection Setting the Sender Selection Enter an email address to be printed on the "From" field of the email message max. Enter email address or telephone number.

Page Inbound Routing Inbound Routing Setting the Routing Parameters Your machine can route documents received from a G3 fax machine to email address s or to Internet Fax machine s connected to a LAN as an email, as well as to other G3 fax machine s over the telephone line. To use this feature, the Fax Parameter No. Page Scaricamenti: 1, It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available. Panasonic has document management software available for a lot of its products.

Download the drivers and software for your Panasonic product.

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