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Tango In The Night – Rolling Stone

Nicks released two successful solo albums; McVie and Buckingham put out one each. In , Buckingham had begun work on an additional solo album, when Mick Fleetwood suggested Buckingham fold his new songs into the more monolithic, more lucrative idea of a Fleetwood Mac record. The resulting album, Tango in the Night , is exactly that: a monolithic, lucrative idea of a Fleetwood Mac record.

Buckingham devoted himself to the record, laboring intensely over its songs, its sounds, and the integrity of its design. I used a Fairlight machine that samples real sounds and blends them orchestrally. Mick Fleetwood was almost entirely consumed by his cocaine habit, and the band had been experiencing an internal drift for years.

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Three of her recordings figure into the finished Tango , only two of which were written by her. Her voice, invariably hoarse after years of cocaine abuse, often warps or fails the already incomplete material. For all of its bluster, the song is not only enhanced by the incidents of its arrangement but is the incidents of its arrangement; try to imagine the song without its synth hook and hear the rest of it evaporate.

Unfortunately, it relies on trends everyone's heard before, including Mabel herself. In part one of our series on Woodstock at 50, we document the troubled history of Woodstock Enterprises and its failure to capitalize on its historic brand. The failure of Woodstock 50 is hardcoded in the organization's past.

Pittsburgh soul octet, the Commonheart aim to spread lots of love and positivity on their new album Pressure. Hear the album now before it's release on Friday. The Flaming Lips' King's Mouth couples spacey cinematic passages with driving rhythms to create a sombre and thoughtful musical whole.

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Followed on a foggy night, a menacing voice on the telephone, trapped in an elevator On her debut album Who Are You Now , year-old singer-songwriter Madison Cunningham sounds like she's been writing music for decades. In this extensive interview, the rising artist tells her story. All rights reserved. Popmatters is wholly independently owned and operated.

Powered by RebelMouse. Music Fleetwood Mac: Tango in the Night. Somehow, time and a fresh remaster have turned Tango in the Night 's digital sheen and cool, clinical professionalism into virtues. How'd that happen? Release Date: Amazon iTunes.

Mick Fleetwood: 'I’m 70 years old and I play harder now than I used to'

Compelling Grotesquery in Graphic Novel 'Vivisectionary' In Kate Lacour's graphic novel of imagined medical oddities, Vivisectionary, the viewer is the main character and the images the deranged antagonist. Jim Marshall: Photographs and Legends From civil rights protests to the greatest rock festivals, the tender and fierce perspective of a classic American photographer is captured in Chronicle Books' Jim Marshall: Show Me the Picture.

Woodstock 50's Doom and Gloom: Caught in a Devil's Bargain A crowded music festival market and the changing tastes of younger generations means the Woodstock has lost a lot of its cultural cache and may no longer be so relevant to music fans.

Fleetwood Mac: Tango in the Night review – timely reissue coasts from gloss to gloom

Woodstock at From Glorified Historic Disaster to Modern Day Joke In part one of our series on Woodstock at 50, we document the troubled history of Woodstock Enterprises and its failure to capitalize on its historic brand. Compelling Grotesquery in Graphic Novel 'Vivisectionary'. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.

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