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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

I heard that there was a leaked OS 7.

The unofficial release means the release is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. Do it at your own risk if you want to install. However it mostly works for you.

This leaked version works well on my Curve On this version you can find a new feature — Battery Saving Mode — which will automatically adjust your BlackBerry device settings to maximize remaining battery power. You can install any BlackBerry Device software from other Carrier by deleting the vendor. After installing the leaked version of OS 7. Connect your Curve to the computer via USB cable. You should be prompted that a new version of BlackBerry Device software is available locally in the computer local installation.

Just wait for few minutes, and try searching for the concerned data again. Sometimes, you might not be able to find certain contacts on new device even after completely transferring data from your old device. There is no need to worry; perhaps, your contacts are stored on some web based account.

These details would automatically pop-up on your news device once you sign-in to all your email and messaging apps. There are several ways including the Device Switch app that can be used to transfer data from one BlackBerry device to the other. However, out of all, the best option is to download BlackBerry's desktop software. After completing the installation procedure, connect your old BlackBerry device to your computer with USB cord. The software will recognize your device and display the handset's make and model number on the screen.

Once your device is visible on the BlackBerry desktop software, click on the "Back-up and Restore" icon.

Quickly and effortlessly sync your BlackBerry with your Mac.

Then, click on "Back-up," and select "All data" option to create back-up for entire data from your old handset. The system will create back-up for your phone data on the PC within few minutes. The concerned file would be saved as ipd file with date. Now the BlackBerry software would detect your new device and show its name on the software's interface. Once again, select "Back-up and Restore," and select "Restore".

3 Ways to Update Blackberry Software - wikiHow

Then, simply click on the file back-up that you created from your old phone. That is it!

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All the data will get transferred from your PC to your new BlackBerry device within few minutes. Most importantly, you can organize and create back-up for text messages, and phone history as well. From documents, text messages, contacts, to video and audio files, BlackBerry desktop software creates back-up for almost all types of files from your BlackBerry device. To transfer your applications from one BlackBerry handset to the other, just log in to BlackBerry world from your new device, and use the same old device's user-id and password.

You can visit "My World" screen and re-install apps that were installed on old phone. Make sure that you have sufficient internet data allowance while re-installing apps on your new device.

Yes, even in this era of iPhone 6 plus, there are several users who still prefer to use BlackBerry, perhaps, due to the security features and overall experience. The company recently made it in headlines by announcing launch of new Tablet called SecuTablet. Reports suggest that IBM has developed certain business software solutions for this tablet that is secured enough to be used for Government work.