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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

How To Free Up Space On Your Mac OS X Computer FAST

Here are three ways you can check. How big a file is that video you just recorded? How large are the files of those photos you just exported? There are any number of reasons to check the size of a file on your Mac -- the most obvious being so you can free up space by rounding up the largest files and deleting or moving them.

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Here are three ways you can check the size of files on your Mac. Folders, too! List view is my favorite view in Finder because it offers the most information, including file size. If you don't see a Size column in your Finder window, you can add it by control-clicking on the headers that are visible -- Kind, Date Last Opened and the like -- and clicking Size. You can then click on the Size header to order the list by size. You can also drag the headers to rearrange them.

Find Large Files in Mac OS X with Search

Bonus tip: You might notice that the Size column is blank for any folders in the List view. You can make the size of folders appear by opening a Finder window with folders in it, clicking View in the menu bar and then choosing Show View Options.

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  • How To Free Up Space On Your Mac OS X Computer FAST;
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At the bottom of the panel that pops up, check the box or Calculate all sizes. For any file or folder, you can quickly view its size by control-clicking it and selecting Get Info. In the top right of the Get Info panel, you'll see its size.

There are many ways to find huge files

That folder is located here:. Depending on how big your device is, and how often you back up, these backup files can take up tens of gigabytes. Finder has a built-in way for finding large files with Spotlight search. You can then choose which ones you want to delete.

A much better interface is the Storage Management app built into macOS, which displays all files sorted by size, and shows the date you accessed them last:.

WhatSize lets you view and manage disk usage and speed up your Mac.

The Storage Management app has some other useful tools, as well. You can use it to configure iCloud storage and set your Mac to empty the Trash automatically, for example. Disk Inventory X is an excellent free tool for visualizing disk space. You can see which sections are taking up the most space by which squares in the visual display are the largest. Click any square to view the associated file name.

You can right-click each file to move it to the Trash or view more info about it.

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There is one important thing to keep in mind when using Disk Inventory X, though. When you launch the app, it performs a scan of your drive, looking in those junk and cache folders that you may miss in Disk Inventory. It then clears them out for you automatically. Clean My Mac also has some other useful tools, such as an Uninstaller for cleaning up old applications, maintenance scripts, and a shredder for securely deleting files.

Sorting files in Finder for Mac OS Mountain Lion