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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

The latter are independent of the Cloud; they reside on your hdd. If you delete from the Cloud, they will be there nevertheless. But back up your hdd. Sometimes I would like to delete a bunch of photos from my iPhone or iPad but keep them in the Photos app on my Mac.

How to transfer photos from a camera or card reader to Photoshop Lightroom Classic

If I delete them on my iPhone or iPad the photos on my Mac get deleted too. I have personally used iCloud Photo Library and I can confirm that iCloud does not delete any photos over the most recent. That feature is Photo Stram which is a separate service. Sure the upload was a bit slow, but then again it was uploading GB and I was expecting it to be slow. None of it makes sense. And this is different from Photo Stream, another service nobody knows or makes sense!

How to Copy Pictures from iPhone, Camera, or Memory Card to Photos App on Mac

It does not take up the full resolution space on your iPhone or other iOS device if you have Optimize Photo Storage enabled. It only does that if you download the full resolution photo on your device. Just to store them on the harddisk? Is there a handy solution? I do this first, saving to a removable drive twice of course! Hope this helps. But, Photos is easy, I tell most people to use it. You can use Image Capture or Preview as the other commenters suggested, they will import pictures directly from the iPhone and iPad to the Mac.

Similar options are available in Windows too. This should be helpful:. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Jamarion Buie says:. September 29, at pm. John Zehr says:. September 15, at pm. Downunder says:. April 11, at pm.

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OGenius says:. December 27, at pm. December 22, at am. Hans says:. Win4Life says:. December 21, at pm. Rick Thalhammer says:. Rodney says:. BuffyzDead says:. Sam says:. Here are some things you can do to stop your pictures and media from disappearing from micro SD card. Case 1: If photos on SD card are showing in root dictionary but won't display by Gallery App, try solution Reboot your device anyway, for this should be the first consideration no matter what issue the SD card encounters.

Import from a card reader or SD card

Then check your pictures after restarting your phone and see if they come out by themselves. Sometimes the simplest step can help solve an issue. Unmount the SD card and then take it out of the phone, after a while, re-insert the memory card, remount the storage card on your phone and check your photos to see if they read correctly now. If these suggestions so far have not brought your pictures back from the abyss then please keep reading.

Top 10 Solutions to Photos on SD Card Gone – MiniTool Guide

It is a hidden file and is invisible to most build-in File Explorers. However, some third-party explorers can manage it. Besides, by checking "Show hidden files, folders and drives" in Windows Folder Options, you can check whether there is such a file leading to all photos in SD card gone. You must delete the nomedia file to make the photos possible to view by Gallery Apps on Android smartphones.

In rear cases, due to software bugs, the Gallery application can have a problem displaying all the pictures stored in internal storage and memory card of Android phone. To exclude this reason, you can try downloading another Gallery App to have a check. If this is the case, you may use the new App instead.

This issue is caused by software conflict. Please think back carefully, did you install a new application on your phone recently and then photos on SD card gone? If YES, try removing that application to see if media go back, because that application may have conflict with the Gallery App. Please make sure you have uninstalled the application thoroughly. If your Android smartphone keeps responding data loss on SD card, then what you can do is to restore your Android phone to factory settings.

As we have said in the beginning that this issue can be very frustrating and rather tough to solve, you will have to do the resetting if none of these suggestions is useful.

How to Put iTunes Music on SD Card/MicroSD Card, Sync Songs from iTunes to SD Card/MicroSD Card

This sounds dangerous, for all data stored on the internal storage after you got the phone will be erased. Please make a backup of your Contacts, SMS and other important information before you carry out this operation. This post tells you how to reset to factory settings. These solutions may help to get across this issue. Reformatting the SD card should be a solution but getting pictures back is more important. Thus, if photos in the phone were lost due to memory card corruption or other unknown reasons, you still have big chance to recover the lost photos by using professional data recovery program.

There are a number of data recovery software options available, aiming to do the same thing. Some are free, some are quite expensive; some work on certain situations, some can deal with all aspects; some are limited to certain file formats, while some cover the entirety.

Generally speaking, the reputable ones should be more reliable and won't do any further damage to the data on your micro SD card. Free Download. First, unmount and eject the micro SD card from the phone. Please turn off the phone to prevent possible data loss when you take out the micro SD card. For camera SD card full SD , you can directly insert it to your computer via the build-in card reader on computer.

After you connect SD card to your computer, a new drive letter should appear under "My Computer" in Windows. Also, if the SD card is damaged, the scanning time will be longer. Just wait patiently. You may then select the pictures you need and click " Save " to store all photos you to a safe location.