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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Otherwise what would we call them? Hodgman was a perfect choice for the role, he makes the whole thing work.

“Get-A-MAC” Campaign Analysis

In the last three months of Mac sales grew three times faster than sales of PCs, compared to the same period in , says an Apple rep. I am a computer systems analyst for a agency with 10, employees. More and more people are commenting about the ads and saying they are tired of the hassle of Windows and will probably buy a Apple computer next time. When they stop updating them their computer gets hosed. My friends are seeing the ads too and even the hard core Windows fans are getting tired of the maintenance of updating security patches, AV updates, etc.

These ads, along with more and more of them getting rid of other MP3 players and buying iPods, they are seriously looking at Apple computers. I let them play around on it including hooking up their digital camera, video camera, printers, USB memory cards, etc. More and more of my friends are buying Macs. And that audience is responding more and more. Over all they are definitely on the up swing. Why not? If I hate it I can put windows on it.

Maybe this means that the commercials are working? It is fast, it is stable, it is designed superbly. Rock on, you will have fun with this little puter. With that said, the only bad part of these systems is the, relatively speaking, sucky graphics GPU. It uses an Intel GMA integrated solution. Have no worries though, unless you are into games, most things run great.

A friend of mine bought it because he felt his iBook was too slow. He now regrets this because he thoroughly hates the keyboard. Well, maybe you have seen those Macbook keyboards, they have rather small keys with a lot of space in between, and they are square, flat and edgy. Good keyboards have some dip in the middle for your fingers. My guess is that this ad is targeted at first-time buyers — the iPod trades up to a Mac market.

To that extent, it is not making fun of its target market. The target market is young, and defines itself against dads, bosses and anally retentive straights of all stripes. I am with the guy in the Guardian newspaper on this one. The PC guy may be a pretty grim type who probably has sex through a hole in a sheet once a month, purely for the sake of his health, but the Mac guy is insufferable and makes one want to tread on his head.

Luckily there is a third way, the way of open saucery, er man, on which I am typing this. Maybe they abandoned it. Say something about a pc that will make a windows user feel like they have to defend their computers and once they start talking, converse with them about how great macs are. Without this crucial opening line, most people will just dismiss macs and go about their business updating their anti viruses, checking windows updates, rebooting, worrying about spyware etc, etc, etc. You say that these Apple commercials personify both the Mac and PC machine.

Then you say that these Apple commercials ridicule the PC personification. I almost agree see my second point. How on earth can you leap to the conclusion that these Apple commercials therefore ridicule the PC machine user?

1984 — "1984"

The personification of my PC in no way whatsoever represents me. Not even close. It represents only my machine. Like every computer user, I take no personal responsibility for it actions or character. On the contrary, the PC Guy does an excellent job of humiliating himself. We just watch him do it.

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So, how can you say that anyone saleperson, Apple Inc. Um, because the PCs acts of self humiliation were scripted by Apple? Apple marketing scripted the whole thing. Fark man, did you think you were watching a documentary? Just like these Apple ads. Like all the best adds it just takes feelings people already have and stimulates them.

People are already complaining about constant reboots and virusses in Windows, even among non-techies this is accepted wisdom by now. If you feel somehow personally attacked by this add you are probably taking computing and your os much to personally this is always a safe bet on OSNews I guess.

Most people identify as much with their pc as they do with their toaster. Well my next computer will be another mac. This time around it was a PC. I have a mac mini powerpc , but it needs an upgrade. The commercials are so funny! The commercials point them out in a really funny way. And here I thought that Apple and Apple users were supposed to be exemplars of sophistication and discerning taste the Eminem iPod commercial notwithstanding. Thus, there are at least some situations where it might make sense to make fun of potential customers. Apple has a very good positioning right now compared to Microsoft.

More people now are moving to Mac because Microsoft OS price is very expensive. Nobody in the world still sells such expensive OS. Why else would you believe William would go off against the OS X ads and launch a campaign against Linux?

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Again, I think you are meant to like both guys — they are both personable and friendly. Sure, the Mac is the younger, straight guy, more in tune with what is hip. The PC guy is still friendly though, a little socially awkward, maybe even more practical in some respects. The key thing is that they are talking together.

You can do anything a PC can do… and maybe even without some annoyances. The ads even seem to say, in some sense, that Windows is here to stay. Apple is NOT trying to shove it off screen and smugly laugh. There is coexistence implied. Clever ads… they are fun to watch, I guess.

Better than Budweiser and Coca Cola commercials at least. I mean, I expect Bill Gates not to be able to get past the literal, but an average person should be more on the ball. The goal with pointing out the UAC hassle is to divert funds that might have been on the cusp of being used for a new PC with Vista. When the ad campaign has succeeded is when someone walks into an Apple store to look around. Look at it. Touch it.

Move the mouse. Change the desktop. The products sell themselves. The ads just open the door. If you think about it, the infamous Stevenotes work the same way. This is not a company that goes around begging and pleading with customers to consider their offer. MacWorld is packed. Ah good old wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube man.

Minority Report: The new 'Get a Mac' ads | ZDNet

People are not machines; they are sophisticated, psychologically speaking. In fact, the best messages are not explicit at all! So, they are not necessarily demeaning to PCs and if they are…. Of course, exaggeration comes as part of the nature of advertising. And the ads are working. As has been said the ads are only there to make people stop and think and it is working as I have more people asking me about Apple as well. People are now looking at there other options and that is a good thing for the industry so whats the problem? At least not first hand info. This is old news. How true the ads are?

What am I doing with the drone crowd? Ask any advertising person. Their is no such thing as bad publicity. The more people talk about the ads the more publicity Apple is getting. I think they are down right funny. Thumbs up to Apple! Bad publicity is just that: bad.

All it does is effect name recall, and then only in a negative way. Ask Britney Spears how all that bad publicity is helping her singing career. Everyone will know about it. It will receive airplay. Eventually, one of the crappy songs will work its way into your head. It will be high on iTunes best sellers as 14 and 15 year olds download it endlessly.

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Macworld Categories

Dette nettstedet bruker informasjonskapsler for analyser, tilpasset innhold og annonser. Bing Ads Editor campaign optimization. After reading this Study guide, you will understand how to: Import your Google Campaigns, make and post changes. Use In-market audience targeting to improve your bidding strategy. Bulk-edit target and incremental bid settings. Make keyword edits in the Shared library. Take advantage of multi-account support. In-market audience targeting In-market audiences are curated lists of customers who have shown purchase intent signals within a particular category, including searches and clicks on Bing and page views on Microsoft services.

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Similarly, you can edit negative keywords easily in Bing Ads Editor. Remarketing Remarketing lets you improve your return on investment by optimizing your campaigns for specific audiences, which are the people who have visited your website before. The awkward repeating of his first statement reminds the audience of the senseless need to restart their own computers. There are those whose pride is dependent upon the need to install complex operating systems, software packages, and peripherals. For everyone else the need for simplicity trumps hours of technical maintenance.

PC proudly explains that he can easily network with Macs. The commercial begins with PC jamming out on iTunes. PC appears on the verge of a win in this spot with his hip new device, until Mac points out the other iLife programs that come bundled free with new Macs—iMovie, iPhoto, iWeb and more. Without him, the audience would see these commercials as simply an extension of the battle between embittered Mac and PC users. Apple gets PC users to fall for their product by placing PC next to Mac and allowing him to self-destruct—revealing every problem and pain that PC users can relate to in their own worlds.

Meanwhile, Mac is free to be fun-loving and sympathetic to every struggle PC goes through. Through him they feel understood by Apple. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Mac Makes Life Better Each spot in the campaign reveals something on the surface about a benefit or solution that Mac offers to PC users. Reliability Reliability is compromised in the mind of PC users frustrated with computer viruses, spyware and crashes.

Simplicity There are those whose pride is dependent upon the need to install complex operating systems, software packages, and peripherals.