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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

But the image preview takes forever to see which files to copy, and copying even only a handful of files takes way longer than on my old Macbook Pro with SD reader. Bought this to add an SD card reader to my new Mac mini. Because it has a short cable about 2 inches , I bought a good quality one meter USB-C extension cable from another site.

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  2. Are there size limitations for the cards that can be inserted into the SD slot?!
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Works perfectly. I use it to import pictures taken with a digital SLR camera. I've never been disappointed with Apple products. Does what it is designed to do. Answer now Is this USB 3. You're probably looking for the Lightning to SD Adapter. More Read full answer. Answer now is this card reader compatible with the brand new iPad Mini? Answer now Can I download from a Samsung S7 sd card with this card reader?

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  • Thank you. Yes you can download Raw images. There are some for usb drives but they are not all that yet. Answer now Can I store my raw pictures in the iPad Pro as backup on the go? And eventually transfer back on an hard drive or on my desktop.

    Where to buy the best cf reader for mac? Review | BOOMSbeat

    Thank you very much. Answer now Will this reader transfer into iPhoto and offer the option to then delete from the SanDisk to allow more room on the SD card? Browse all. Shop by Product. Shop by Category. Add to Bag. Need some help? Contact us. Opens in a new window. Product Information.

    About the SD and SDXC card slot on your Mac

    Tech Specs. Write a review. Most Useful Most Recent 5. Likes to crash Not sure about the cause Likes to crash Yes No.

    Apple USB-C to Lighting Cable

    Didn't work The adapter never worked for me. Didn't work Yes No. Apple usb c sd card reader Yes No. Yes No. Before you view the picks, you may want to consult our SD Card explainer to understand the stew of acronyms and jargon the industry uses to describe memory card storage and speed. In our real-world tests, we recorded an average throughput of It copied our suite of photos at a rate of We also liked the fairly compact design, with its bendy neck and minimal footprint, although the angle of the case where you insert the SD card makes extracting a card less elegant than needed.

    Apple USB-C to USB Adapter

    In our testing, we found an average throughput of For an adapter that has a great combination of price and performance, we like the Cable Matters USB 3. We expected to run into tradeoffs at this price, but the Cable Matters adapter was almost as fast as the SanDisk adapter.

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    Our photos transferred at The adapter has dedicated SD and microSD card slots that can be used simultaneously, and a discrete LED to indicate the adapter is getting power. With dimensions of just 2. For photos, we timed three transfers of For video transfer, we copied 31GB 9 files from the same card.

    This Usb c Card Reader will save your life...

    We used the Image Capture utility to facilitate the transfer of photos, and copied the video files using the Finder.