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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Posted May Tue 27th am. Posted May Wed 28th am. Posted May Wed 14th am This theme looks very good! A couple of nits from my first few minutes using it. Admittedly, I have quite a few chrome enhancements, so I'll retry tomorrow in a clean profile to be sure. The tabs in your theme don't seem to match as smoothly.

Best Mac themes for Firefox

The hover and active effect do not go all the way to the right. Your theme uses visual style tabs that don't look good there. Maybe match how you've done the addons window, which looks really nice. The top and bottom of the middle portion of the address bar disappear. Should be OSX style. Same with the buttons. The sidebar, site ID popup, and bookmark popup are amazing! You really nailed those, except the twisties do not show up in the bookmarks sidebar. Nice work! I look forward to your continued efforts!

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Posted May Fri 16th am Seem to be having a problem downloading or installing this theme. If chose to download, my preferred method, then I get a If I chose to install then I get an error window stating. The good news is that there are a number of Firefox themes and Personas out there that are compatible with your Mac and many more that will help you show your enthusiasm for the brand. Here are a few of our favorite Firefox themes picked especially to make your Mac OS X browsing experience a great one:.

This theme is compatible for Firefox.. Fans of Mac Snow Leopard will find this rich blue theme a nice addition to their Firefox browser.. Fans of Chrome can find a Chrome inspired browser made specifically for Firefox..

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This is another simple theme based on the standard gray color on the Mac OS X, but with a twist. This theme creator added the Mozilla Firefox logo on the right hand side of the theme. You do need to copy all other files that are in the MaterialFox chrome folder to the Firefox chrome folder. Load about:config? Install the Firefox extension Simple new tab button.

Remove the "new tab button" on Firefox's tab bar using drag and drop. Move the new tab button of the Simple new tab button extension to the rightmost location on the tab bar of the browser.

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This places the new tab button at a fixed location on the rightmost side of the tab bar in Firefox. Restart Firefox. Now You : Do you use themes or modifications in Firefox or your browser? Install a Material Design inspired theme in Firefox. Martin Brinkmann. We need your help Advertising revenue is falling fast across the Internet, and independently-run sites like Ghacks are hit hardest by it.

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If you like our content, and would like to help, please consider making a contribution:. Donate via PayPal. Comments Money said on August 29, at pm.

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Cuteā€¦ until corporate Mozilla gets userChrome. John Fenderson said on August 29, at pm. Anonymous said on August 30, at am. Farid Le Fleur said on August 30, at pm. John Fenderson said on August 30, at pm.

The Best Mac Themes for Firefox OS X: Beauty, Style & Functionality

TelV said on August 31, at pm. John Fenderson, Re: Waterfox which I also use, do you happen to know what all those user enabled telemetry settings in about:config are all about? John Fenderson said on August 31, at pm. TelV said on September 1, at am. Thanks for the response John.

Firefox Themes

Tom Hawack said on August 29, at pm. Material design needs to die a hipster death not be expanded. Richard Allen said on August 30, at am. Thank You! ULboom said on August 30, at pm.