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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Click it and the graphic starts spinning as it measures the internet upload and download speed, and ping speed of response. The results are displayed as it tests and also afterwards. It keeps a history of speed test results so you can see if there is any change throughout the day or over the days or weeks.

WiFi is more than just an internet speed test and it adds an icon to the menu bar. Live upload and download speeds are shown and it is useful as an indicator of internet activity. You can easily see when the Mac is transferring data. Click the menu bar icon and a panel is displayed that shows the Wi-Fi name, MAC address, security, protocol, channel and band. Size : 4 MB macOS : Speed Test runs as a menu bar icon and when clicked it displays a panel with a speedometer style graphic in the middle. There are a few buttons but the only one worth mentioning is Start. The graphic lights up and the speed test begins.

A summary of the results are displayed afterwards and it shows the ping and upload and download speeds. It does not save the results anywhere, so if you want to remember them you would have to write them in Notes or take a screenshot. The app searches for the nearest or best server for the speed test and this resulted in very low ping results and they were a fraction of those measured by Dr.

1. Using an Antivirus

The upload and download speeds were similar though. WiFi Speed Test has an attractive interface that shows an animated speedometer style graphic when measuring the performance of the internet connection. It may be a more descriptive name for non-technical people, but I would rather the correct term was used. In the top right corner is another animated graphic and it shows the direction of travel and the location of the server being used for the speed test.

In the top left corner is the Wi-Fi network name and a small i icon opens an information window where the test results history is stored. This is great and you can see all of the previous tests, and even export them to a CSV file a standard format that many applications can read. Speedtest superficially looks similar to the other internet speed testing apps, but it actually has a lot more features than most and it is an excellent app.

The window has a large GO button in the middle and clicking it begins the performance measurement. The speedometer style graphic shows the live results and at the end you can see the ping, upload and download speeds. There is also a mini line chart that shows how the speed fluctuates over time.

What is slowing down your Mac?

If the connection is rock solid then it will be flat, but a bumpy line indicates a variable connection and possible problems or other devices using the bandwidth. What makes this app different is the button in the top right corner which switches to another display. It shows the number of tests, the fastest and the average.

Below is a listing of the test results history. Click a test result and it shows not only the speeds, ping and line charts, but also jitter and packet loss. Internet communications use small packets of information and ideally none should be lost when uploading or downloading. Don't worry, lost packets are resent, but this slows down the internet and a high number indicates a connection problem. The jitter is the variability in the connection, which can speed up and slow down. Ideally it should be as low a number as possible, which indicates a solid connection.

10 Safari Browser Tips for Boosting Speed and Performance

This is the best app on test and there is an option to keep it in the menu bar, so it can be run more easily. Courses for bloggers! Affiliate links Bluehost : Love it or your money back! Hostinger : Start small, grow big. RAWinfopages 2. RAW Apps is a member of affiliate programs and receives payment when products or services are purchased through affiliate links.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Is it a conspiracy? Is there a time-release poison-pill that activates after a week and screws up your memory chips? Nah, it is all you. Here is a list of things that slow down your mac and some easy solutions and tips to speed it up. Oh, and some misconceptions at the end about speeding up Macs that might be useful if you think you know all about optimizing already.

Screenshots, documents, downloads, all that stuff.

10 Ways to Speed Up a Slow Internet Connection on the Mac

It turns out that every file you keep on your desktop is treated like a separate window. The more files you keep there the more effort your PC has to spend on managing that. The trick is to clean up every now and then. So how do you do that?

There, You solved it. The other thing you can do is specify a download folder for Safari.

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Memory if finite, applications perform background tasks and yes, sometimes applications quietly start deteriorating while you think they are just patiently waiting for you to return. There you will find a list of all visible and hidden applications that launch when you start up your computer. Chances are you can safely remove half of them. If you are not sure type the name into Google and see what the community says about them. Bonus tip: while you are there you might as well add one or two applications you always want open. I added Mail and Safari because I just always need those running.

Amazing, no brainer and secure. I sleep better at night. Two times I have ruined or lost a MacBook and both times I bought a new one, connected it to Time Capsule and within an hour or so I was back at work like nothing happened. Unfortunately you pay a penalty for all that security. Backing up is a process that takes processor resources and bandwidth. Every hour your Mac our network slows down a bit when my back-up starts. But when I have been away for a week or my computer has a lot of apps open I can sense when the back-up starts immediately. MobileMe can suck up every bit of connectivity you have.

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It is so bad that during conferences we ask the audience to please disable MobileMe for the duration of the conference to save our network. Esspecially if you have it set up to Sync with Google or Yahoo. So ask yourself, does MobileMe really need to keep your AddressBook in sync every hour of the day? This is the age of the Interwebs. What else do you expect! But beware.

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Those cute little Flash apps in ads on those pages you have running in the background do use up processing power. AJAX pages that auto-update?

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