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The latest version adds complete support for OS X Yosemite including Handoff and iCloud Drive , and also works hand-in-hand with Pixelmator for iPad for seamlessly creating and editing images on the go, while retaining the option to further enhance them back on the desktop. Best of all, there's full support for layered Photoshop PSD files, and images can even be imported from iPhoto or Aperture.

If your photo editing needs lean more toward restoration or retouching, Snapheal 2. Its software also works with consumer models, though, and Capture One Express is the cheaper option. It claims to have a particularly fast workflow coupled with the best image quality of all editing software, but Aperture and Lightroom don't trail too far behind. Free, Mac is completely free, and more like Photoshop Elements in Expert mode than any of the others.

In the past, it suffered from poor documentation and an unintuitive layout, but now has built-in help, a downloadable manual, online tutorials, and a customizable interface. The Mac version of the app even comes bundled with a raw-image-processing plugin. Get started on GIMP with this guide! Perfect Presets for Camera Raw. Free, Mac packs filters for Adobe Camera Raw that let you apply tweaks without ever touching a manual tool. It's perfect for beginners. Sometimes, all that's needed to make a good photo great is throwing on a filter or two.

All the Best Photo Effects in One Mac App

Tiffen Dfx 4 simulates the look of more than 2, award-winning glass filters, delivering digital equivalents and more presets than you can shake a stick at. The latest version adds borders, cartoon, and colorize gradient options, curves and selective detail adjustments, the ability to add grunge effects like film dirt, hair, stains, and scratches, and subtle new Pearlescent and Satin looks created especially with modern digital camera sensors in mind.

The desktop power of Photoshop comes to smartphones and tablets with Adobe Photoshop Mix free, iOS , a non-destructive photo enhancement app that makes it drop-dead simple to cut objects out of images and combine them with other elements.

1. Filters for Photos

There are also plenty of great looks on hand which can be applied to selections or entire images, and users can open Photoshop documents, individual PSD layers, or even photos from Lightroom Mobile. A free Creative Cloud membership is required to use Photoshop Mix; the latest 1. Latest filters combine more natural, rich and deep colors. The program offers basic tools like layers, masks and blending modes, so you can easily cope with complex and creative photo retouching. Luminar runs a new RAW processor that can operate high-resolution images in a shorter time.

What I like the most is lens distortion correction features. This app has over 40 filters for color, sharpness and detail correction. Fotor for Mac is recognized for its web version. Later as the company developed, they created an application for phones, Mac and Windows. The range of tools is pretty wide, quite common and basic.

Apple Photos Tutorial - Advanced Adjustments and Levels

Photo editing, cropping, text editor, various elements and more profound options like color correction, image retouching, textures along with the use of presets are all on board. Worth saying, Fotor supports manipulations with RAWs, which is rarely offered by free apps for photo editing. Excellent presets are available, the variety is outstanding and quality is much higher than many best photo editing apps provide. Sincerely speaking, the retouch quality is less than average, but if you just need slings corrections of small defects of the skin, background, or just add shadows, then Fotor will cope with this very easily and conveniently.

Movavi Photo Editor is a fast, simple and fairly functional image editor compared to most photo editor apps.

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  • It is like the mix of Photoshop, Lightroom and Pixelmator. This is a program with quite impressive photo enhancement features, with an elegant interface and effective workflow. Guide and tips help in onboarding — they are much more informative than in the Photoshop, so you get used to the interface elements shortly after you start using it. The photo editing app itself is functional enough for people who have no desire to study Lightroom or other similar photo editing softwares.

    It automatically removes scuffs and scratches. The function is based on neural networks technology. This means that with each following upgrade it is to edit photos even better because it is trained on the basis of previously edited materials. After a few days using Movavi Photo Editor, it became clear that the photo app for Mac is designed for those who want to quickly edit photos on the non-professional level without additional actions taken. It does not replace both Photoshop and Lightroom, or analogues developed by Affinity Co.

    Polarr is a photo editor that has professional tools, but this application is simple and user-friendly. There is a large number of features, but it does not overload the app. There are internal purchases offered, but all the key features are free so it can be compared to any of the listed photo editor app free here. For those who do not want to do color correction manually, there are filters. Worth saying that filters in this software are not just covered effects, instead they are implemented as the quick setting of image parameters.

    As for the functionality of the photo editing app in general, it supports work with most image formats available, including RAW, provides a set of color correcting masks, filters, curves, gives users access to a variety of tools that allow managing hue, brightness, clarity, sharpness, balance tone, blur etc.

    The 8 Best Free and Paid Image Editors for Mac

    In the matter of fact, it takes some time to deal with all the features Polarr Photo Editor offers, but taking into account the great variety of tools, the interface looks pretty light and laconic. The developer visually divided mainframe into two parts sharing all the tools and feature icons between them, so that user can focus on the image while being supported by all features available at a glance. Hi there, I'm Ann Young - a photographer, photo retoucher and of course, journalist. Here on FixThePhoto blog you can find all of my reviews, photography and photo editing tips, pricing guides, and photography experiments.

    When viewing a picture in the Photos app, just tap the Edit button, then tap the little three-dots-in-a-circle icon.

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    There may also be a few icons already here. Tap the More button, and a new page will appear, listing all the available apps that can provide filter packs. Just toggle the switch next to any app you want to use, and it will now show up whenever you tap the three-dots-in-a-circle icon in future.

    This part is easy. Whenever you want to apply a third-party filter to a photo on your iPhone, you just have to tap the same Edit button as above, and tap the little three-dots-in-a-circle icon. Then, just tap the icon of the app you want to use to do the editing. These can be as simple as a thumbnail grid of filters, or as fancy as the tools in a full-on photo-editing app. I like an app called Flare Effects , from Iconfactory.

    It does nothing but provide a bunch of preset filters, but the filters are excellent. Further, you can use a standalone app on your Mac to create new filters, and to tweak existing ones. These new, custom filters then show up on your iPhone, automatically.