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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

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MAC10/9 or 45 Machine Gun Parts

Popular Deal. The original design, for the MAC 10 [ wikipedia. The MAC 11 was a 9mm variant. These guns have been made by various manufacturers over the years, and are pretty much what you'd expect for the price. Simple guns, made of mostly stamped parts. They got a lot of bad PR when the Assault Weapons Ban was being tossed around, and are associated more with gangs and drug dealers than the military anymore.

Don't let the simple design and manufacture fool you, though, they're very robust, reliable guns They are, however, fun to take to the range, or out to the woods. They're not very accurate, not very ergonomic, and not very refined, but they're pretty cool looking, and have a lot of accessories you can trick them out with. I have one I bought about 15 years ago. I rarely shoot it, but it's one of the guns that gets the most attention in my safe most people think it's an Uzi.

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Again, not a fine piece of craftsmanship, but a good price on a neat piece. If you want to step up, they sell an Uzi [ wikipedia.

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If you don't, you need to locate an FFL dealer and have the gun shipped to them. You order and pay for the gun, directly through S. You enter your address as the billing address, and the FFL dealer you choose as the shipping address. You can locate an FFL dealer through either of these sites. Enter your ZIP code or address to sort them by distance. See Deal.

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MAC / Cobray M10

Just bought a swd M It has a extra switch position tho. OH, USA. Quote History. NY, USA. Snail mail stamp took 5 weeks. There is no practical use, quality, etc. MT, USA. Had one of those for a while I think they are a roll of the dice , most don't work well , a some do Sparks are merely wee explosions. OR, USA. Hmmm Need a lower for my Lage Mk1. Being willing to die to complete the mission didn't mean He's a pacifist, just tougher than nails. A Deplorable and Proud Infidel. PA, USA.


I would have killed me. And it will feel good. I'm getting the idea I should pass Get one. Fun to have, like the old Tec The rubber tube on the trigger is to reduce the trigger slap.

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WA, USA. If you get one invest in a taller cocking knob. The rear sight is designed to cut knuckles. I had only for a couple months years ago, it was a fun toy, but that is all. WV, USA. Originally Posted By coltshorty Had one, the trigger slap was horrible. So painful, it was not at all fun to shoot.

View Quote View All Quotes. A chance to cut is a chance to cure Life Member: AR The issue with the semi auto ones is they try to cheat the physics of a good blowback firearm. The bolt is underweight for a closed bolt blowback, so the recoil spring is heavy and preloaded. This makes for a snappy, violent, unreliable action.

The full auto open bolt ones can get away with it a bit easier due to the advance primer ignition, using the bolts forward inertia to subsitute for lack of mass. All of this is of course aside from the trigger slap due to lack of separate disconnector, and other issues such as mag issues. Don't waste your money.

Open Bolt Fun! KG9, MAC 10, MAC .380 and more!

It's a POS. Had one when I was young and dumb. Arsenal Magazines. Astra Defense. Beretta Magazines.

Detent – Charging Handle – M10

Bulgarian Magazines. Bushmaster Magazines. Butler Creek Magazines. C Products Defense. Century Arms Magazines. Check-Mate Magazines. Chiappa Magazines. Comp-Tac Victory Gear. Daniel Defense. Elite Tactical Systems. German Magazines. Glock Magazines. Grand Power. Hexmag Magazines. Hi-Point Firearms. High Speed Gear. Hudson Mfg. IMI Defense Magazines. ISSC Austria. John Masen Magazines.

Kahr Arms Magazines. Kel-Tec Magazines. Korean Magazines.

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