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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Things of that nature. But once you get it just right and it actually prints, it works incredibly well.

Epson Print CD 2.44

We are using this printer at work in the interim before actually buying a proper cd printer, like the Bravo Primera II the new version looks a little expensive for not a whole lot more, I think we'll stay with the older version. As such, the introduction of printing onto cds has really added a lot to work we give to clients, but sometimes because of the inconsistencies of not always working, I still have to hand-label things. But like I said, when it works, it works well. The Epson Print CD program is a convoluted mess. Artwork is masked to fit automatically.

Brian you are the man. I couldn't agree with you more Epson's Print CD program is an absolute joke, it's definitely the most lacking piece of software I have ever encountered. I downloaded your file and opened it with Illustrator 10 and it was almost perfect. Which brings me to my question. How did you set up this file.

I'd like to slightly nudge the template up about 1mm. Also what's the process for printing on a CD that is printable all the way to the hole. Thanks again, you saved my sanity and this printer from going through my bedroom window. Never mind, I figured it out. I just had to make an extremely minor adjustment. I can't thank you enough.

First, if you actually read the 1-sheet instruction sheet, that's EACTLY what it tells you to do so it's not exactly a hint, more like if you lose your instruction sheet, you can go to epson's website or call - BTW, I had to swap out a printer - their customer service is great! They responded by email and the number sent me a new printer before I mailed back the old printer pre-paid postage also so Epson has been a great experience in all aspects.

How to print on to a printable CD using the Epson EcoTank ET-7700

They recommend that you encode the disc first versus printing it first since dust from the printer sleeve might scratch the disc beforehand, I encode first and then print - no problems after a couple hundred discs so I acnnot say if the other way works but why waste time printing out a possible coaster? You import a picture, stretch and send to back. Create a text box and use any font in your system - for some odd reason it has trouble with blue text with a drop shadow - the drop shadow is weirdly misaligned but not with any other color.

There are even some rudimentary text effects like stretching and warping. You can also set the alignment so your first few CD. I also got the color LCD screen and like it a lot - just put in your memory card, sroll through, pick the photo you want and press print borderless 4 by 6 and up to borderless 11 by 8. Slightly off topic, but has anyone messed with the Bluetooth adapter for these printers? I've tried printing from osX and Win xp and found that the printing is incredibly slow. It does have a nice blue light on the adapter, but unless there is some way to speed things up I would suggest that you skip this option.

Yea, the A4 is all in the instructions, which are complete and tell how to print. The worst part for me is getting the discs to load. Much of the time it misloads and gets spit back out, then you must remove the disc and carrier, close the drive door, and wait for the printer to reset, and then try it again.

Epson Print CD

Sometimes it happens to me again and again, and sometimes it doesn't, but the loading of discs needs to be better and with change of error. Load the tray again lining up the white triangle properly and push the printer's blinking button. Should clear the error and load properly. When my R misloads all I do is wait for the error dialog to appear on the screen, re-align the arrows BTW: I cut some white adhesive arrows to fit the indents , and press the Select button on the printer.

This works everytime. I'm sure its probably my fault and I did something hideously wrong as I am rather unfamiliar with macs, but printing on every other media works fine, its just that I can't select these options! If you do I'd say the sensor that shows it down is not working? The pressing the paper load button tip was helpful, I'm printing multiple CDs for my band and it was cumbersome to go through the print command steps over and over.

Now I can have it print multiple copies and use the load button on the printer between each one, I just have to be careful to pull the tray out between each CD and then align the arrows again because once it grabbed the tray wrong and ate the whole thing. I had to carefully push it back out through the slot in the back to pull it back out. If CDs start to get dirty when printed, cleaning the rollers helps--Close the CD tray, put in some paper, and hit the load paper button a couple times just to feed blank paper through.

Also, I found a tip on another blog that helped me when installing--selecting the printer under USB for printers gives you an erroneous "driver not installed" error, no matter how many times you install it--that stumped me for a while--you have to select the printer under "Epson USB". I bought the R already. It works good. However, I lost the cd. Can anyone please send me the software that I can print on the cd!

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I desperately need it. I was having some problems with smudges on the dvds I was printing on my R My solution was to buy a can of clear coat spray paint and top the dvd with that.

Epson Print CD 2.0 for Mac OS X

Unless you stare at the dvd under certain light you can't even tell that it was sprayed with anything. It took about 10 minutes to dry to the touch and about 15 till I stacked them just to be sure. It has since been over 24 hours and they look great and dont stick together or anything. When spraying them though, make sure you do it in a clean area so dirt, dust, hair, etc. Lost your password?

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I'm still looking. The currenct version is 1. If anyone needs it, I've got 1.

Epson print cd mac lion download

Only 2. Mods, if this is considered warez, please delete this post. I think this may be what you are looking for. It's about 13M. If it's the same as the R and you still need it later PM me. I have the R and could probably send the software or an iso of the whole epson cd. I dought this would be considered warez, if it is for an epson printer, and only works with an epson printer, then if you have an epson printer you should have the epson software, right!

That always gets me, the legal disclaimers that you can only install hardware specific drivers on only one system when all they do is make one certain piece of hardware work and serve no other purpose. Duh, why? Sometimes we just gotta use common sense and forget those goofey manufactorers!! Thanks anyways mate. You're welcome. Can someone help me out please.

Believe it or not, the only place I've ever seen it is on Epson's Russian site. Hi guys, was just wondering if you could tell me if any of these Epson PrintCD links are for updated software for the Epson printer and it's bundled version of EPCD version 1. I've been looking all over and emailing Epson asking if an updated version existed, of course I've never expected a reply! And also, thanks in advance to those who provided the links. Well, I noticed in going back to my original link on the Russian site that it had been updated from version 1.

I haven't tried the new 1. If anyone still needs it, I'm here PM.

Copyright infringement is not theft. Sounds good. Any other noticable changes? I can't say. My extent of using it is: 1 Load 2 Select Background 3 Print 3a Select Another Background for next disc , goto 3 4 Close I do everything in Photoshop which gives me x more functionality. Nope, version 1. It's the second link under "Software".

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  7. I would advise getting it sooner rather than later just in case that link dies too. I see this was your first post here, so welcome to VideoHelp. They have English version 1. I'm still on 1. I wonder what the difference is. Here's a direct link to the zipped file 2. Does anyone have a Mac version of this?

    Please help. Where is your god now? But seriously, over at Steve's Digicams , it says the Epson Print CD software is also supposed to work on a Mac, so you may as well try the one linked to above. What's the worst that could happen? Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page:. Replies: 3 Last Post: 3rd Jan , Replies: 7 Last Post: 14th Aug , Replies: 5 Last Post: 20th Jul , Replies: 5 Last Post: 29th Nov ,