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Product Description This is the sequel to "Drumkit From Hell", which was hailed by critics and fans all over the world as the best multi-sampled drumkit on the market. Afer a year of recording, editing, and programming - the next generation of Drumkit From Hell - Drumkit From Hell 2 has arrived, and once again it features Tomas Haake from Meshuggah on a Sonor drumkit.

Toontrack EZdrummer+ Free Drumkit From Hell EZX

Drumkit From Hell 2 includes 2. If you need heavy, natural drum sounds, Drumkit From Hell 2 will exceed your expectations. Combining the bleed between microphones provides you with unparrelled realism, that is equivalent to having one of the worlds best metal drummers live in your studio. The creative scope of this library is amazing. Step up to the next generation of creative studio tools and the next big thing when it comes to producing high quality drums.

The next generation of drum sounds has finally arrived!! For the sonically adventureous, many sound shaping tools have been built in to the interface. Powerful multi-mode filters, envelopes, and LFOs give a wealth of creative possibilities. Toontrack's simplified version of their flagship DFH Superior offers fewer kits, but with the same sound quality and in a more user-friendly interface.

Toontrack were amongst the first companies to provide really good multisampled acoustic drum-kit sample libraries specifically Drum Kit From Hell , with both dry and ambient sounds that could be mixed to give the required degree of liveness. Since then they came up with DFH Superior , an excellent-sounding drum-sample-based virtual instrument that was probably less successful than it deserved to be, because its user interface was perceived as being rather complicated.

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  • AU and VST plug-in formats are supported, and authorisation is via the familiar challenge-and-response system. While the user interface is extremely simple, the samples are of the same quality and range as those in DFH Superior , but with a narrower choice of drum sounds. All the drums for this instrument were specially recorded at Avatar Studios in New York. A Humanize button adds slight variations to give the patterns more of a 'played' feel, and the velocity response of the whole kit can also be controlled by a single knob to adjust the playing feel.

    Grooves and fills can be auditioned direct from the MIDI-file browser, and the arrangement is very logical, making it simple to pick out variations on the type of rhythm you want, as well as suitably styled fills.

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    Another nice touch is that you can store your own rhythm MIDI files in the library, so if you've bought some of the excellent Twiddly Bits MIDI rhythms or something similar , you can now access and audition them much more easily. The drum kit mapping is preset to the GM standard, with some duplication on otherwise unused keys to help with two-handed playing, and there's a choice of using the plug-in with a stereo output or up to seven separate stereo outputs.

    Separate and main stereo outputs can also be used together, so you could, for example, keep most of the kit as a stereo mix, but isolate only the kick and snare for further processing. As with BFD , there's now a much more visual mixer that allows for the level adjustment and panning of the close mics on the drums, plus separate control over the overhead mic level and the stereo room-mic level.

    Mixer presets are available for fast changes in kit sound, and bleed between mics can also be switched on or off for the snare and overhead channels. However the ability to tune or damp the drums has been removed for the sake of simplicity.

    East West ProSamples Platinum Drumkit from Hell 2 SoftSynth

    The rather busy interface of DFH Superior has been replaced by a visual representation of a three-tom, three-cymbal drum kit viewed from the player's perspective. Clicking on the heads auditions the sounds, while a drop-down menu activated at the lower edge of the drum or cymbal rim shows the alternative sounds that can be loaded if you don't want to use the default kit.

    An info bar shows how big the samples are, so you always know how much RAM you've used. See the 'Included Drums' box for a list of all the various kit options. This has a wonderful light jazzy feel that contrasts nicely with the main pop and rock kits. When an expander is loaded, the drum kit in the display changes to reflect the contents of the expander. Further expanders are planned for around September, and the original DFH will also be turned into an expander.

    According to Toontrack, if there seems to be a demand, specialist percussion expanders may be added later.