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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Since the success rate of flashing firmware binaries with Odin differs according to Odin versions, you should always download the Odin version recommended by the tutorial you are following. Below is a list of all versions of Odin available for download. Grab them from our direct links to Odin download. Download Latest Heimdall. Rooting Android devices would not have been a breeze without his contributions. If you are not aware of what these terms mean, I have them explained for you for better understanding. Once you have downloaded Odin, you will also need the Samsung firmware for your Galaxy device.

Using SamFirm Samsung firmware downloader, you can get all required Odin binaries. You can download the latest Samsung firmware for your Galaxy device model directly from Samsung servers with the following tools:. You can also flash firmware binaries or recovery files by following the quick steps described below:. Want to enjoy custom font on your Samsung device? Hi Rakesh, I am facing problem to use odin for my samsung A6 I downloaded Odin and extract all but when i press start, a small new windows open with message No binary is selected , i tried a lot but not succeed.

Now my gsm hanged on Downloading do not turn off target. It will be a kind if you guide me to solve it.

Hey Rakesh, I just bought a used GU and for some unexplainable reason its without full firmware or real rom, all it has is a combination bootloader that lets me test the phone. Flashing attempts of any kind keep ending up failing. It also shows on the screen rpmb fuse blown. Hi Mr rakesh. How is it going sir hope you are doing good. Could you tell which one I could use please. Am from Jamaica.

Could you tell me which other firmware I can use. You can reply to me by email.

Scott Wallace: Getting Heimdall to work on your Mac

Hello, I am Rio from Indonesia. Failed flashing n I used odin 3. Firmware from korea, UK, and Taiwan. I used laptop Win 7 bit. Turned all antivirus and windows firewall. What should I do? Thanks before. Works like a champ. We received 20 S6 devices with version 5. Found this app and was able to quickly get them going. Hey i cant update my system since it said my registration failed i am using s6 egde plus plz some help.

Good morning dear… I have to ask something.. What is wrong? Hi Rakesh …hope u ll be fine …. My wife has a note 4 on T-mobile. It did not have, or seem to have, this or any other major issues when we bought it, as it worked fine for about a month, with the only issue being connection problems to the GPS services in the phone. This phone is currently stuck in a boot loop and the only screen that I can get it to load to and stay on without resetting again is the Downloading screen with the little green robot.

Phone had to have battery replaced due to swelling of the original battery which was aftermarket and has an official Samsung battery in it now. Did you try installing a stock firmware? Odin engine v ID File analysis.. Get PIT for mapping.. Firmware update start.. RES OK!! Remain Port ….

When finished the phone reboots as before. I turn the phone off; wait 3 minutes then boot in recovery mode. Hey there, if I want to install the cyanogenmod 11 on my Samsung Galaxy S3, do I need to use the recommended Odin version or just the newest? Thanks for the quick answer, so I guess if i want to get Cyanogenmod 13, I will need to take 3. If you want to install CM 13, you must install it using a custom recovery. My samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7. I tried to do a factory reset in recovery mode.

But it does nothing. In the recovery mode, the following phrase in red is written:. Within these 50 seconds I can uninstall some apps. But when it reboots those apps are still there. It took one and a half hour but the result was PASS. When the tablet rebooted, the bootloop was still there. I went to recovery mode and the same message in red is still there.

I did factory reset and cleared cache and restarted, There is no change. I still get the Touchwiz error, And the bootloop is still there. Okay, is your device booting normally?

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I have had the Galaxy Tab GT in the past and it worked normally despite that issue. It happens when you install a firmware with a different CSC that the one your device belongs to by default. Hi, I don't use littlesnitch but it's okay to unload it. You can unload everything not starting with 'com. Try it, then I'll take a look at it.

I've just woken up, so sorry for my mistakes in English.

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Hi, Thanks for your reply! I retried everything, unfortunately, I still get the same error of "Setting up interface failed! Now unloading com. I guess the kexts are unloaded. Unloading Little Snitch, on the other hand, gets me a pop-up window: "some application attempted to unload Little Snitch! LittleSnitch; services failed to terminate - 0xec7. Failed to unload at.

Or, if none there, any alternative ideas on how to root the S Duos on a Mac? Thanks again! Let's make another user and try to do with that I think it won't load these unneccessary kernel extensions, so it will work. I think this is the easiest way for now. That was fast!

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Ok, can't unload Little Snitch, so trying to uninstall. I'll make a separate user account on the mac? Ok, uninstalled LittleSnitch, but I'm still getting the same error. Not sure what else I can do. Here's the section of Heimdall source code that triggers that message: snip!

Maybe not. What is that? I'm using Heimdall 1. Would that make a difference? Heimdall uses the same protocol as Odin to interact with a device in download mode. It should come as part of the package you've downloaded i. I would try rebooting to ensure nothing extraneous is loaded. If it still doesn't work, run "kextstat" and paste the output here so we have some more information to go on.

Yes I tought about making a seperate user account. I've just wanted to say the same libusb. Ok, done and done. Still error-ing Nothing else comes to my mind now, but I will look for a solution tonight. It turns out that your phone might not be compatible with that version of Heimdall. Reading the release notes for the latest beta! If you're comfortable with Git and compiling, the newer version v1.

I see. Ok, I'm willing to try that I am not familiar with the process at all. I did try compiling v. No luck compiling Heimdall. In the end i found a Windows computer and rooted using Odin. You rock dude. You saved my life didn't have access to Windows machine and device was stuck in bad recovery image loop. Thanks again. So I dug deeper and all of the other ways gives me the same dead end. It shows that none of these exist. I am losing my mind. Hemdall still does not work.

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Thank you so much! I followed your instructions precisely and had no issues. For anyone having trouble, be sure to uninstall Kies after you run the scripts in Terminal. So I finally succeeded. Most of the details below are for google search. In short, I think, and I am surprised about this, that the order of plugging the USB cable to the computer and device matters. It worked when I took a USB cable that was already plugged into the mac and plugged it into the phone. Did not work the other way around.

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Running Heimdall 1. I had to use the terminal for this to work because the frontend requires that you use a. I didn't need to. So yeah. I am now back on ugly ass t-mobile branded android eclair. It's horrible. Off to put cyanogenmod Monday, 12 March Getting Heimdall to work on your Mac. I have a Samsung Galaxy Android phone and a Mac. I'm a bit of a hacker and like the hardware I own to do as it's told. Unfortunately most of the software available for flashing a Samsung phone Odin is for Windows.

There's no reason that a Mac can't do these things but most of the hackers out there run Windows or Linux so that's what the software is made for. However, there are some Geniuses out there who wrote a multi-platform piece of software called, Heimdall. Unfortunately, like many, I've had problems with this piece of software and I wrote it off as yet-another-piece-of-multi-platform-software-that-doesn't-actually-work. Copying and redistribution is encouraged. One day, however, I'd had enough.

What is Odin used for?

I was determined to get to the bottom of the problem and get it working. Luckily, it wasn't that hard. As a Samsung device owner I had, of course, installed their awful piece of software, Kies.

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This useless software is the cause of the problem. BluRaySupport 1. SamsungComposite 1.

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SamsungACMData 1. SamsungACMControl 1. Learn how your comment data is processed. Table of Contents. Aggregate Rating. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. You May Also Like. Samsung odin download 3. Now you can download odin software free from our website.