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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Harroun4 Junior Woodchuck Posts: That can be removed if it interferes. I am wondering somehow that would somehow free the ability to extract the SACD data. I am waiting to hear more about this program. I'm a lazy person and if I have to fiddle handling the disc's I soon lose interest. But with my music either in changers or ripped to a media player and in continuous play mode, that satisfies me. Regards, Harroun.

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Sky King World Citizen Posts: I just purchased a used BDP that was code-free and region-free. I believe there is some success with a Pioneer player or two as well. As Spike said, Computeraudiophile, the forum, has good info on this if you choose to further research this. Simple Instructions for PC users with iso2dsd adapted from grill's post 1 Connect your player to your LAN according to the player's manual.

Write down the IP address of your player. You can leave your other files on your stick. Make sure your drive has enough free space for the SACD iso s to be ripped.

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Connect your prepared USB stick to your player. The tray should open. You can leave your USB stick in your player or remove it. Wait until the player recognizes the disc. Select Server Input from topleft. Click on Execute. The ripping process should start within few seconds. I recommend clicking on Print to see a track listing in iso2dsd before ripping begins. So many thanks. This is fantastic and has to be one of the best bits of information I have received over the internet.

I can not believe that something is working that I have tried so hard find a way and was ready to go along way to accomplish.


This is working quite nicely and simply. It amazing to me, since reading the above and not leaving my room here in Bangkok or spending any money I am ripping SACD's This old man is not up to date anymore on audio engineering and computer stuff any more so had to stumble around a bit, but it is working. I am not used to not unzipping zip files. When inserting the thumb drive nothing happened. After removing the other device, then it worked as described.

Any other solution I had looked at appeared fiddly to negotiate. Thanks again. Quote from: Harroun4 on November 05, , pm. Quote from: kr4 on November 05, , pm. I had thought that "RedFox" could do the conversion, but no. This is so helpful. So don't always see what is right in front of me.

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  • I always seem to have to learn the hard way. I don't work for JRiver I help keep the forums safe from Viagra and other sources of sketchy pharmaceuticals. Also try a search here and on the wiki for iso files. Quote from: kr4 on November 06, , am. Say, On the same train of thought a bit, even before this ripping thing I had bought some "studio Quality" DSF files scan rate of 2. Second when playing them via MC22 the program promptly converts to 96KHz and 2 channel, saying my equipment will not support the higher rate. On the I notice the artwork is not there even after adding it to the files using MC.

    I would like very much to use MC to play the higher rates for convenience sake. Quote from: Harroun4 on November 06, , pm. Well, this "young" man, clocking in at 74 now. Is too clever for his own good. I thought it would be a good idea to run the Sonore program from a network drive so I would be ripping directly to the disc I plan to keep the files on. It does not work. And now there is something wrong with the registry and it will not run on the original computer.

    I also tried XLD that reads the iso file but gets stuck when proceeding after reading the embedded cue sheet. I am not a Mac user but this looks like it may do the job. When you say app, do you mean the. I just click on the. Have you followed the instructions for OSX usage here. Screen Shot at I can report it works just fine in High Sierra.

    I used it last week to rip a few SACDs. I am very pleased at the performance of the software.


    It just stopped right after starting. That works fine. Can you describe the additional functionality? What am I missing by doing it this way?

    Convert SACD-ISO to .DSF, .DFF file on Mac-TraX

    As you might imagine, TraX also has a more fleshed-out UI to accommodate the additional functionality. Thanks for the info. My needs are simple. I have ripped my entire collection now so the only needs I have going forward are for newly acquired SACDs of which there seem to be fewer and fewer that I am interested in acquiring.

    Again thanks for posting about the software. As the trial version of Trax only converts the first three files, I was only able to test the stereo files, but as I only have a stereo set here, that was more than enough. In the list of music files one simply chooses the file s to convert, and selects the convert option in the menu. It then gives you the option to choose one of many convertion options including DSD. uses cookies.

    There are some more options that belong to a more general use of the converting tool, like DSP settings, bit depth, output folder, etc, but nothing more specialized for DSD export. You can select iso files, but also other music files for convertion, but I only tested the iso file setting.