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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Informant Sync for Outlook - Pocket Informant

Since Informant Sync was designed specifically for Pocket Informant, it syncs your data more completely than was ever possible with other sync services such as Google, or Toodledo. Informant Sync is designed to be cross-platform, fast, and efficient on mobile networks. Get Informant Sync for Outlook here. Monthly Available in-app on iOS only.

This is a manual renewal process. Yearly Available for iOS in-app purchase or via our website. Its identical fo 5.

Syncing Calendars and Tasks

Please contact support if you have any questions. Once approved it will be released.

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They do not offer any schedule and make no promises on when this will occur. Our expedited request was accepted so I'm going to be optimistic and choose sooner rather than Informant 5.

Find version number for informant Sync for Outlook

We have identified and fixed the issue and have sent the update to Do we mean weight or wait? Any update for Informant is of the best quality that we can release at that time. The Informant application IS tested both internally and by Subscribe Today! Some good news for Android: For many months, or maybe even years, we have been hearing from Android folks who want an update for Informant for Android 4.

Informant Sync for Outlook “ISFO”

Over the past few months we have dusted off the Android code and started digging in. This new release is a small update for Informant for Android version 4.

Pocket Informant for iPhone -- Syncing Tutorial

Informant for Android 4. That is right, your Informant Sync subscription now includes the Premium version of Informant for Android 4.

Priacta is Back Under Original Management! :)

If you already have Informant Sync you can get Informant for Android 4. You can download Informant for Android v4. Note: If you already have purchased Informant for Android 4. It will not do anything different than your 4.