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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

If all you want is a simple activity tracker, however, then check out these great cheap Fitbit alternatives. With offerings from brands like Garmin, you don't need to pay full price. Posted 2 days ago — By Lucas Coll. Computing These are the 6 best -- and free -- antivirus apps to help protect your MacBook Malware protection is more important than ever, even if you eschew Windows in favor of Apple's desktop platform.

Thankfully, protecting your machine is as easy as choosing from the best free antivirus apps for Mac suites. Posted 2 days ago — By Jon Martindale. If you need a powerful, portable device that can handle any task you throw at it, both the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro fit the bill.

But which one is best? We run down the pros and cons of each device to help you decide which one you should…. Posted 2 days ago — By Alex Blake. Posted 19 hours ago — By Jufer Cooper. Computing Don't know what to do with all your old DVDs? Here's how to convert them to MP4 Given today's rapid technological advancements, physical discs are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Posted 6 hours ago — By Tyler Lacoma. Computing If you work in an office, you should know how to recall an email in Outlook If you're an outlook user who sent an angry email and really wish you hadn't, then you're in luck. There are ways to recall that email, but you'll have to act fast. Here's how to recall an email in outlook. Posted 6 hours ago — By Anita George. Computing Solid-state drives are speedier than hard disk drives. Are they worth it? As the price of solid-state drives comes down, it's reached a point where it's hard to recommend a system without at least a hybrid solution.

In the battle of SSD vs. HDD, a clear winner has emerged. Posted 5 hours ago — By Jon Martindale. Computing Running into MacBook restart issues? Try these tips and tricks to get it working again It can be frustrating when your Apple MacBook keeps restarting, but this serious problem can be fixed!

Uninstall Applications Manually

We'll go over the common causes for this issue, what you can do to fix them, and why it's okay to take your Mac to a pro! Posted 5 hours ago — By Tyler Lacoma. Happy shopping! Posted 4 hours ago — By Tyler Lacoma. This guide is designed to help you decide whether you need the extra technological enhancements provided by the i7 core, or if the more affordable Core i5 will suit your needs. You can also use AppCleaner to delete unwanted apps that shipped with your Mac.

Windows Taskbar – OS X Dock

It can easily remove apps like iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, and more. Click on the List button in the toolbar to see a list of all your installed apps. From the top, you can search for an app as well. The best part about AppCleaner is the transparency it brings to the uninstallation process. The app will automatically select related files that are safe to delete. You can still go through the list and select other files that you think are no longer crucial.

Window managers

Then just click on the Remove button to delete the app and its related files. Download : AppCleaner Free.

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When you download apps from certain companies, they come with their own installers. They install their own helper and update utilities which makes it much harder to completely uninstall them. Adobe, in particular, makes the process unnecessarily complex. Even if you delete an Adobe app, the helper utility and menu bar app will still say put.

The only way to get rid of apps like this is to use their own uninstaller. Some apps will let you download an app-specific uninstaller to remove them. Application resources are stored in the Library folder. These are files that an app requires to function properly.

How to List All Applications on a Mac

When you delete an app, the related files in the Library folder stay put. Messing around with Library files can be dangerous. Read More.

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This is where AppTrap comes in. But in the Mac All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. User profile for user: vcolombo vcolombo. With AppZapper you drag the application you want to remove to AppZapper and it finds all associated files. AppTrap and Hazel both run in the background somehow and automatically ask if you want to delete the associated files when you drag an application to the trash.

On top of application deletion Hazel also has some nice file automation functions. Both Hazel and AppZapper offer demos, but if all you want is a more thorough method of removing applications AppTrap should fit your needs. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: drdocument drdocument.

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6 must-have Mac utilities

Nov 13, AM in response to Jonathan Gilbert In response to Jonathan Gilbert In my opinion this feature is not needed in OS X due to the fundamentally different relationship between applications and the system compared with Windows, by design. There are two types of applications for Mac: those that come with an uninstaller and and those that do not. The former install extensions or other things that might do something unexpected but probably not harmful if the parent application is not found, hence the need for an uninstaller.

The latter simply use built-in system resources and usually install nothing additional other than a preferences plist file, a small text file that will does nothing except use a few KB of disk space. To uninstall the former, simply run the uninstaller. If there's a problem rare , developers of these applications have manual uninstall instructions and their installers almost always include a report of "what was installed where.

All that will remain is perhaps a small text-only plist file which will do nothing, and can be easily deleted manually if you wish, in For Apple to develop a universal uninstaller would require a Microsoft-like "nanny state" micromanagement of every individual application out there which would stifle development of new software and divert OS programming resources from more important things like stability, usability and security.

I'm happy to do my part to keep OS X as great as it is, and if that means having to use a developer's uninstaller or drag an app to the trash, I can do that. No need to worry: anything left after uninstalling by either method is of no consequence. User profile for user: Mr. Lobotomy Mr. Nov 13, AM in response to drdocument In response to drdocument Amen. Apple's modular design of Mac OS is beautiful in that applications are self-contained. There's no idiotic registry or anything like that cluttering things up and causing interference between applications or slowing things down.

So dragging an application to the trash is usually sufficient to completely uninstall an application. User profile for user: The hatter The hatter. Lobotomy I would like to take the best of both.

List of Macintosh software

Cache files and folders, prefs, maybe should have more than "use Spotlight to find all the pieces" as uninstall and reinstall of Safari with new version doesn't do the trick. My guess is a lot of people don't know all the contents of their home library, let alone system and top library. I thought I'd find why people detest Windows. Never used it but have to say Vista is excellent and no issue. And a lot of good features and tools.

And documentation to go along with them. Nov 13, PM in response to drdocument In response to drdocument drdocument, I respectfully, completely disagree with you. The average Mac user has no clue as to what the Library folder is for. Nor would they be able to sort through it all to find the five locations where the tons of crap might be stored.

How to Uninstall Programs on Mac

Lets take several examples. What if I just wanted to uninstall InDesign and I no longer have the original install disk because, lets say, I sold it? It should not fall upon the user to play sleuth and hunt down the myriad places that these apps store things on the drive!!!