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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

As for organization, this photo organizer app has the option to add tags and descriptors to images in its database, which can be organized as a folder. Slideshows, different tools, and online galleries make it easy to publish and share your favorite pictures. JetPhoto Studio is a full-featured and free photo management program that allows you to organize folders, add comments, categorize, and view data. Website: JetPhoto Studio. JetPhoto Studio is a free photo organizing software that has most of the tools necessary to edit and organize images, such as organizing albums, tags and geo-tagging.

Its real advantage is that you can use it to share your images. There are many options such as Flickr, JetPhoto Server and the possibility to create Google Map galleries with geo-tags. You can even quickly create Flash galleries and slideshows for web design or to view in a player or browser with Flash support. XnViewMP is a powerful multifunctional application and organize photos software to work with graphic files on a computer.

Actually, it is an enhanced XnView version. Website: XnViewMP.

Best 10 Photo Organizer – Photo Organizing Software for Windows & Mac

XnViewMP is a fast, free graphical browser and image viewer that supports more than image formats. Whether you are sorting standard. Although it will not automatically organize files as, for example, Picasa does , XnViewMP has tools to edit image metadata and tags in batch mode, allowing you to distribute tags according to image weight quickly. It includes a file manager and database. It is considered to be the best free photo management software in its class. FastStone Image Viewer is also free for domestic use. Website: FastStone.

This is a useful photo organizer Windows tool, equipped with photo editing and management features. FastStone comes with many photo editing tools for basic manipulation and fine-tuning, and also supports tagging, EXIF data viewing, and other sorting options. Although FastStone does not have the feature to upload pictures to social media and cloud storage, it offers excellent image viewing, editing functions, and organizational tools.

Best photo manager apps for Mac to tame your photo chaos

Thus, it is a good choice if you store your photo collection on one PC. MAGIX Photo Manager is the best free photo organizing software to easily organize your photo collection, find and save videos, and optimize your library. As an organizing tool, it can be used to classify images in various ways, for example, by file name, date, or thematic tags. MAGIX also includes a series of image correction tools. The free version does not include such advanced features as panoramic editing and automatic categorization of images, but in general MAGIX Photo Manager 12 does its job well. This is the best photo organizing software for Windows 10 that will make it easy to view, sort, organize, and share thousands of digital photos and videos.

Website: Phototheca. Phototheca is a digital photo organizing tool that can help you avoid complex photo editing functions to focus on organizing your collection. After importing your photos into the Phototheca database, you can sort them by events, or group similar photos, taken on the same day or saved in the same folder.

All of them are displayed on the timeline. Photos can be further tagged, moved to other events, or sorted into your own user-created albums. In addition, the Smart Album feature allows you to create a dynamically updated collection of photos based on specific search criteria, such as a camera, date, or tag.

Here you can import the pictures from cameras, memory cards, hard drives, network resources, and iOS devices. It allows you to tag photos and videos with the help of keywords, organize them by albums, delete duplicates, and upload to the web. DigiKam is a program to work with digital photos, a cataloger, and an editor. KDE is the ideal program environment. DigiKam is seamlessly integrated into the KDE desktop.

Website: Digikam. DigiKam is a multiplatform photo organizing software free to manage open-source pictures with a multifunction Windows port. Your collection can be sorted by folders, albums or with the help of tags, which makes DigiKam flexible enough for your chosen organization scheme. Comments, ratings, and other metadata can be viewed, edited, and saved in SQLite database or organized as a file. The built-in lighting table and RAW support simplify the comparison, and plug-in support adds even more features.

The disadvantage is that the application is still being developed, and it is not very stable in Windows. Thanks to the convenient interface, you will able to open and view different files.

It uses efficient computing technology. That means you can view the image at the moment you click on it. Website: Apowersoft. Apowersoft Photo Viewer helps you understand how to organize digital photos. It supports various image formats and PDF files. You can also save them in more common and widespread formats:. In addition to image viewing, you can also take screenshots and edit pictures. The photo uploading process takes only several seconds. The program interface is quite easy and understandable, and its features are up-to-date.

As it uses modern and popular technology, the program functions very fast and users can work quickly. Looking for the best free photo organizer? Pay attention to Nomacs. It is an open-source image viewer that supports multiple platforms. The program is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac systems.

The program is small but fast, and efficiently works with all the most widespread picture formats, including RAW images. Moreover, it is possible to synchronize multiple viewers who work on the same computer or on a local network. It is quite useful for those who need to compare different images to see all their similarities and differences. This cross-platform image viewer is a perfect example of a professionally created photo sorting software.

The program enables you to view over and store up to 50 different graphic and multimedia file formats. You can use it for free if you have non-commercial or educational goals. There is also a paid version. Website: XnView. Many users prefer this photo organizer Windows application, as it is free and has no advertising. But you can use it only for private or educational purposes—for example, if you work in a non-profit organization.

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The software is an effective multimedia viewer, browser, and photo converter. It is really easy to use and it supports more than photo formats. There are no ads or spyware. The software has all the basic functions. It is quite modern and simple. This is a unique free photo organizer that is a little different from all other similar programs.

Others may be reminded of smartphone image viewers. Website: PhotoQt. Choose this software if you need a simple, powerful, and modern image viewer based on Qt. It has an open source code and is completely free for all users. Most of the features that the best free photo organizer has are available in this program. All functions are very easy to use. If you accidentally mess up with some function, take a look at the settings. Almost everything can be configured and each of the tools is accompanied by a brief explanatory text.

This free photo management software has convenient cataloging, with correction of several photos at once. Other important benefits are the high speed, which is achieved by maximizing the capabilities of the 3D accelerator of a video card, and the possibility to create slideshows and web galleries. Website: PicaJet. The free photo organizer offers direct import from your camera, image sharing via email or web gallery, automatic photo enhancement, personal ratings and categories, and printing functions.

You can also classify pictures by dragging and dropping. Furthermore, the program gives an opportunity to edit images; use it to correct red-eye effect, crop, sharpen a photo, and adjust the levels. Version 2. It is powerful and feature-rich, yet highly customizable and easy-to-use software to manage digital photos and image databases that efficiently organizes your rapidly growing collection of images.

The intuitive application to organizing, describing, structuring, editing, and sharing digital photos. Website: Album Shaper. This open-source OpenGL-based picture organizer is the most user-friendly, easy-to-use open-source application to organize, add comments, create frames, improve, stylize, and share digital photos. Fresh View organize digital photo software is the universal multimedia file viewer and converter. This popular program allows you to view different visual files and play audio or video files of various formats.

Website: Fresh View. This software gives you the opportunity to organize and view multimedia files. Our advice it is to test it out first with the day free trial. The fifth best photo organizing software for Mac and the most expensive option on our list is Swivle. Swivle is an intuitive digital asset management platform that allows you to manage all of your files in one place.

The Best Photo Organizing Software for Mac Users

We consider Swivle to be a platform for teams rather than an individual photographer. So, if you run a photography studio or work within a visual marketing department, handling multiple accounts — this software would be great for you. The file management on Swivle is visual and intuitive. You can share your assets in a public or password protected portal, collaborate as a team and integrate with all of your favorite applications like Photoshop. Swivle can be used to store and organize your images, contracts, and other files that pertain to your creative projects.

More than just an image organizer, Swivle could be the next program you use to manage your growing photography business. It gives you instant, import free access to you photos. And, it has flexible organizational tools to satisfy any workflow. It uses a location map to display the location of your images and isolate groups of files by region for processing.

Plus, you can use the Image Basket to gather and hold images from different locations and the Filter by feature to single out files based on their ratings, color labels, tags, and categories. With ACDSee, you can create as many databases as you like and swiftly and smoothly switch between them.

Non-Destructive Image Editing

Unbound keeps photo organization quick and easy. It allows you to store your photos in albums, not a proprietary library and uses instant search to find any album. You can navigate your library using the keyboard, sync your files using a cloud-based service, and easily view camera settings for each photo. As you can see, there are several efficient and quality photo organizing software available to Mac users. Again, I recommend you try the free trial first before shelling out cash for the paid options.

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Do you have a go-to photo organizing software that you use on your Mac system? Share with us in our comments below. Sign in. Log into your account. Disclaimer and Copyright. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. PhotoWorkout is reader supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more in our disclosure. With so many different photo organization software for Mac out there, it can be tough to decide which is best for you.

Organization of photos is essential for people with large volumes of images. Photos is a default photo viewing and organization software for Mac which is user-friendly across all Apple products. Photos has various options for sorting your images including memories, shared albums, and media type sorting. Within the Photos app you can carry out simple touch ups and editing, such as adding filters and cropping images. With iCloud integration, you can access your images on all your Apple products using the Photos App.

Mylio is a cross-device photo organization software which starts out free. Mylio has a range of features which make it a suitable photo organization software for Mac. With the ability to link Mylio to Social accounts and image capturing platforms, you have access to all your images at once. Adobe Bridge is a simple file organization software with limited editing capabilities. Capture One is a professional photo organizing software for Mac.

With more advanced features, Capture One provides a much more tailored approach to photo organization. Swivle allows you to manage all your digital assets, but given the price, it is best suited to businesses with multiple contributors.