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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Toggle action bar FAQ Actions. Print Tweet Share on Facebook Was this helpful? Comments Since I spent almost 4 hours trying to figure how to get my Nook to connect to my computer and I am even computer savvy , I would like to share my solution, which involved the instructions above. Would not show up in ADE, or in 'my computer'. Of course, I realize that I have a drive G and H already, so I initially tried changing the drive letter multiple, multiple times , but obviously not to the right ones! Here's how I ended up solving the problem. My wi-fi was connected read about that being a potential problem in forums Hope that saves the next person the agony I went through!!

I went through much of what is described above. Called BN Tech Support and they walked me through much of the same steps and couldn't get it to work either. Please share, if so. You will then be able to download and read your eBook directly on your Nook HD. It works similar to how it would on a regular Android tablet. I was having this problem and I downloaded bluefire reader from the google play store. Works like a charm! Previous users have reported some minor bugs, but better than nothing at all. This is the most ridiculous problem, and the fact that those at BN tech support are not knowledgeable about it either is crazy.

The solution was to download the book and put it on ADE as usual. Plug in my Nook via USB. Find the book you want, Copy it. Go back to My Computer, and find your Nook. Regardless, it's the last on the list for me.

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Click on your device, then click Books and paste the file in that folder. It should show up in your library within seconds. Hope that helps! It works for me every time. And you don't have to go messing around and renaming and deleting and hunting for things. You will need to authorize your Nook.

Under the tool button, click " Authorize Device It will copy onto your device. Your eBook has now been copied onto your Nook. It should appear on your Nook home screen. Your book will stay on your Nook for the checkout period.

Q. How do I get Adobe Digital Editions to recognize my Nook?

You can find additional help transferring books to your Nook here. Kindle E-readers allow for the viewing of PDFs only. Once you have selected an eBook from the library catalog, navigate to view the full text. If asked, sign into your account with the database or create a free account. Depending on the database, you may be allowed to download only a certain number or pages or download the ebook for a certain period of time. What i my book cave? A sort of library on line?

Be well. Olivia Candotti. My Book Cave is a service that notifies you, by email, of ebooks currently on sale, usually at USD 99 cents or free. And our recommendations are all content-rated for sex, humor, violence, etc. Have you found a method to download and save Nook books to your PC to preserve them? That depends on the platform and app. If you're reading on a computer or tablet with the Nook app as opposed to reading on a web browser , then the app has to download the book.

It's just a question of finding out where it was downloaded to. I have the most recent Nook app on a Windows computer. If you're a Windows user, then "tony" in the directory above would be your own user name, and "BarnesNoble. I don't know where it would be saved on a Mac, but as long as you have downloaded the book, those files have to be somewhere in the computer. Same think for phones and tablets, but browsing the file system looking for files is more difficult on these types of devices.

Hi Catia, I always know that download eBooks from sites which I find in google. But never know how to download form particular device. Thanks for the the guide. It's very confusing, because even their own pages make reference to "nook for PC," but they only currently offer apps for mobile devices. I'm setting up a website and want to offer digital copies of books that I've written. If I place the ePub file up on the website, will the eReader just know what to do with the file or will I have to give instructions to people on how to download and place the file into a specific directory?

We're starting with a popular but tricky one. Way number 1: Computer Download Grab your computer, sign in to Smashwords. Your Kindle will appear in your computer—just like a flash drive would appear.

Installing Adobe Digital Editions

Disconnect your Kindle from your computer. The book will appear in your library on the device. To find out your Kindle's email address, go to your account on Amazon's website and click on " Manage Your Content and Devices.

Do you use Adobe Digital Editions?

Near the bottom, under "Personal Document Settings," you'll see a list of your devices and the emails assigned to them. This email is where you'll send the book too. Scroll down just a little bit more from the personal document section, and you'll find the list of approved emails just under the list of device emails. Add or remove email addresses at your discretion.

That's it! Does it have to be a MOBI file? What are my options for ebooks if I have Nook? Note: If the book is DRM protected, you'll be asked to authorize your computer and sign in. Connect the Nook to your computer with a USB cable. It'll show up under Devices in Adobe Digital Editions. Authorize your device by right-clicking on it and selecting "Authorize Device. Kobo to Nook This process is pretty much the same as the one for Google Play above, so we're going to summarize it this time.

Smashwords to Nook You'll recognize a lot of these steps from before, but you don't have to use Adobe Digital Editions for ebooks from Smashwords because they aren't protected with an encryption. On your computer, navigate to Smashwords. And, that's a wrap! Enjoy your new-found book freedom on your IOS device.

Everything You Need to Know About How to Download eBooks on Any Device

What about my Android Phone or Tablet? Can I still get ebooks? Yes, you're in luck! Your downloading options are just as simple as the ones for IOS users.

Digital Editions not recognising my nook | Adobe Community

Now start downloading and reading! In your web browser on your device, go to Smashwords. You can also use the Kindle ap for Android and sideload the mobi file into the Kindle ap on your phone see Smashwords to Kindle at the beginning of this article. That covers us for Android! What's next? If I don't have an ereader, can I still get books on my Mac? Smashwords to Mac As always, Smashwords allows you to download several different files to read on your Mac. How to download ebooks for my PC? From Smashwords Smashwords allows you to download several different file type to read through the appropriate platform.