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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

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The exclusive Fiesta bundle is available on Direct2Drive. Players enter the colorful, magical fantasy world of Isya, selecting from one of four customizable classes to battle monsters of all shapes and sizes.

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Players are encouraged to connect with other online champions while exploring the huge 3D world, forming powerful alliances in order to overcome greater obstacles. The world of Fiesta is filled with dynamic combat, including instanced dungeons for small groups, and epic player-versus-player battles. The exclusive Fiesta Direct2Drive bundle includes items that increase character stats, raise movement speed and allow players to change the appearance of their avatar, virtual currency for the in-game shop, five experience boosters, rations and a premium item.

Launched in October , D2D allows consumers to conveniently purchase and download the latest premium PC games directly from the Web to their desktops. With the power of faith they can conjure mighty healing spells and also increase the magical skills of their allies.

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The Crusaders left Isya many years ago to discover the world - but they are back now! As keeper of the old elfin nobility the Crusader uses magical 2-handed blades in combat. The fighter is a very strong melee class. They relentlessly steeled their body to gain force and endurance. They use swords, shields and axes to crush their enemies in combat.

Fiesta Online First Impressions (2017 Gameplay)

Tricksters are known to jump into fights like a berserk. With claws or double blades they slash their enemies and jar everyone with their fast and fancy moves. In a group they usually fight beside the Fighter and deal lots of melee damage. They can also flank their enemies and deal devastating blows which make the Trickster a fast dashing class. The Mage is a scary fighter. By using their elemental skills they can conjure fiery, icy or lightning attacks on far away enemies.

In a group Mages can contain large groups of enemies and deal lots of damage to them.

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Mighty staves or wands are the weapon of their choice. With us you will find a large selection of different Free2Play Games, both as downloadable clients as well as browser games.

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Choose your free online game in the manga, fantasy or martial arts style. Published by gamigo AG. All rights reserved.

Online Role Playing Game for anime fans A mystic world full of adventures. Cappuccino Enjoy a cup of excellent Isyan coffee or a cup of hot chocolate!

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Best-sellers, adventure packs and more! Fiesta Online.

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