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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

It seems that many people have problems with the MAC Studio Fix Foundation, what with clogged pores, huge cystic pimples, and creating havoc on the skin! I naturally have pores that are prone to clogging and I never have a face free of pimples sad life. When I used the MAC Foundation, my skin condition did not get better or worse — it remained the same.

I would think that using the sponge applicator might have caused some reactions on the skin due to accumulated dirt and grime and oil on the sponge. That could make a difference! You are bound to find a good color match, provided you get a right match in the first place. MUAs are reputed to give wrong color matches, so doing some homework beforehand is ideal. For example, if you use ZA 21, try searching around for people who use the same shade and their respective MAC shade.

It is best to go to a store to play with the colors yourself and also ask a MUA for help. No difference! Not too bad for that price, a little less coverage and not as finely milled though. Your email address will not be published. Makeup October 20, Composed by : Bun Bun.

Foundation MAC

Full Coverage You can build to your desired coverage with this foundation — full, medium, or sheer like as a setting powder. Full Coverage: Use the sponge provided, dab it on do not rub , and build it on for more coverage. X I would think that people with mature skin should avoid this foundation as well as it tends to make fine lines more visible. Great for Travel This is a great face powder to have in your travel makeup bag or to bring around every day in your purse for touch-up.

No Breakout It seems that many people have problems with the MAC Studio Fix Foundation, what with clogged pores, huge cystic pimples, and creating havoc on the skin! Features on this page require JavaScript. Ade-jo 4. Shop Information. Contact Shop. There is reason! Limited number of large special prices! I present it in a product review. I write a review application I do not write a review. Sold Out.

Customer Protection Buy with confidence. Product Information See the original Japanese page. Same-day shipping is possible by an order until a. The powder foundation of the longtime seller of MAC. I control extra sebum and prevent a break and keep beauty having just finished attaching it for a long time. When attach it; with a brush, a sponge. How do you like the YSL foundation?

I would love to know how you feel about it! I bet loads of women have been mismatched because of this. They should really do something about it. Le sigh, the search continues.

Score Big Savings: MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation - Nc20 Golden Beige Golden

This is almost word for word my foundation problem, although I am a few steps behind. Problem solved.. There is no MAC counter near me yesterdays match was at an airport , so I have to use online options. Do you find that 15 is not actually that much lighter than NC25 just a different tone? Any help would assist in me keeping my sanity! Hey Dina! NC15 is a definitely lighter, but the tone is also different. NC20 might be a good pick for you if NC25 was close.

Good luck! I definitely feel your frustration. I really want to know the difference between Nc and Nw. Please make me understand. Is NC for light skin and Nw for dark skin? Thank you. I also just tossed a Smashbox Halo foundation in the trash because there was nothing I liked about it. Good luck, Cate! I hope you find your perfect match! I am neutral-toned as well and it looks like we are the same shade.

I though before this I was limited to Dior, because it has been the only truly neutral foundation I tried. Thank you so much for this huge list of choices! Thank you for this blog! Thank you so much. Hey thanku so much for that great post.

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Guess what I have the same skin tone as yours. And I went to a store to try MAC studio fix and I tried these two shades, nc15 and nw13 and nc 15 was a perfect match for me whereas nw13 was little light but im plannig to buy both!!

mac studio fix nc20 or nc25

But which studio fix powder to use for nc15 and nw13? I think with nc15 it would be nc20 but what bout nw13? I went to Sephora a few times for a foundation match and sometimes it was too yellow, other times it was just painted thickly on…. How do all those colors on your arm fit your skin tone? They all look so drastically different! Do you mix and match them? The biggest issue I have is the color is always too dark for my neck. I just found this blog post. I have been wearing warm golden tones my whole life and I am just now realizing that I am a cool.

It feels like I have been wearing the wrong face! The only reason that I am coming to this conclusion is that my husband just told me he likes me better without make up because my face always looks too yellow. I too am a neutral with both pink and yellow tones. You have inspired me to keep looking and not give up.

Thank you! Other counters as well. NC 15 is the best match I found so far. How did the Chanel foundation work out for you? I know this is years later but I found this blog post to be really helpful. I was on the search for a new foundation and yet again people were trying to put me in darker shades and the wrong skin tones. I am from Kerala, India. Plz suggest me a product number for my skin for my marriage. I am totally confused. I am a medium colored skin tone wheatish. I am super pale and neutral and sometimes i look more pink others more yellow.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid + Powder Foundations Review

Im recently new to Mac esp and am loving their products but trying to buy foundation from them is not fun and always ends up disappointing. My first purchase was the mineralize foundation and the girl matched me NC15, looked fine in the incredibly low lit store, once i got to my car holy orange oompa loompa face. Next i went to try the studio fix fluid, matches this time to NW10 which actually was perfect but hated how the foundation sat on my skin. Returned it and what do you know thats their only line that has NW Next was the Matchmaster found. And lastly just bought the Pro longwear waterproof which i LOVE the product but was matched at NC20 this time which sounded off obv since my perfect is NW10 n even when i said so she said it was perfect and its so awkward i just bought it.

Once again a tad too much orange. Like i said exhausting, between the color never being right and the awkwardness when i want something other than what the mac mua suggests im about to just throw in the towel and look for a diff brand. Esp since ive wanted to try the pro longwear concealer for so long now but they dont have one even close to as light as me.

Please help me out. I have skin tone between fair and medium.

And i have combination skin. Please tell me. This is great! What would you recommend I do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Excellent research! Been looking for the kind of info you supplied and esp. The amount of time and expense finding your matching color is admirable and glad this info is still availabe.

Tried it at home…and it was off. Sounds like I should have been matched with an NC25! Thanks for your blog! Great article.

My MAC Foundation Matching Debacle: Am I NW or NC?

I, too, am very neutral. I have had people give me ridiculous make up, saying it looked great and was a match, only to go home and, uh, no, lol. Perhaps the lighting in those places are a large part of the blame, though. Even a minimally trained cosmetic counter girl cant be that blind. Like you, ive come to realize that I can pick which type of look I want to go with. What was once a pain is actually quite fun. To beable to switch between warm and cool toned foundation is awesome. This post is very helpful, I love it! I, too, am half-japanese and was matched to a very yellow-toned NC mac foundation.

Hi, o this was such a relief to read. My question for you: when you went back Each time, did they allow you to return the product? Or did you just have to invest yourself?


This is an old post but I wanted to thank you for sharing! Well, I am still not completely convinced, even though your review was very good. I have light, neutral skin and I am not able to find a match. Usually I can go with the lightest shade in any foundation, but now I am really lost. For example, I wear 01 in Dior Nude Serum… can you help me a little bit, please? I know this post is like 4 years old but I give it a try lol…. A bit late to the party, but thanks so much for this post! Double Wear in Ivory Nude is a great match for me but the formula is really drying on my lizard lobster skin.

Armani Designer Shaping Cream in 2 is also a nice match, a tad too warm but more forgiving as it has less coverage. The search continues. Again, thanks for the great read and the resources! Neutral-cool skin tones really seem to throw makeup artists off for some reason! Thanks again! Thank you for your helpful post! I did try to use the Sephora Color IQ match system online version and I have to be honest, it was way off.