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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

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TP-LINK TL-WN722N driver

Plugged into a Windows 10 machine and worked straight away. Picks up my home wifi signal and my neighbours. TP-Link has always been my go to gadget for wireless networking. See the review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Verified Purchase. Sadly all top reviews are for a rather different product from Same name, same look, but everything inside is different - mainly, the Wifi chipset.

The current version is v5 and uses a Realtek chipset eu , which is okay but is not nearly as good as the original Atheros chipset of the v1. Not to mention support on Linux for example, is terrible only certain kernels supported, patch and code yourself for support of recent kernels, does not use standard kernel wifi stack Of course, nowhere it is specified on the Amazon page that this is version 5, so it's mostly all about luck or how much Googlin'g you've done before buying. Bought this because it advertises to support Linux however the only driver they provide is for an old version of the Linux kernel.

I spent hours trying to compile the driver with no luck. I contacted TP-Link directly and they said I'd need a custom driver. Thank goodness for Amazon's great customer service. They promptly refunded me after I explained my conundrum without having to return this pos. Don't buy TP-Link if you intend to use it on an up to date Linux distro.

I asked TP-Link if they had another product that would support my kernel and they said that is the only driver they provide. So they're pretty much guilty of false advertising imo. Their driver only works on the Debian 3. I'm getting myself a wifi pineapple as of now. A highly superior product. I purchased two of these one to upgrade the wireless on my Compaq Laptop and the other to add WiFi to my wife's desktop.

My laptop has Win 7, installation was simple I had downloaded the newest driver first from TP-Links website and installed without a hitch. Finally, the script mentions something about updating your initramfs. It might not be needed but these are kernel modules so that's what we will do by running the following command:.

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    GitHub - coisadepro/TL-WNN-macOS: USB Wifi TL-WNN for macOS Sierra and up

    Viewed k times. Then I downloaded the backports 3. Eliah Kagan Boy this looks terrible, after viewing the answer, I think I'll swap to a different USB wireless receiver vendor ; does it really have to touch grub for any good reason?!? I think recent kernel versions at least since 3. Check your kernel version with uname -r.

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    EDIT : yup, ath9k is built-in since Linux 2. When you sign back in, open a terminal. I have exactly the same problem. Let's hope that there will be a fix soon.

    Only v1. Thank you for finding this! I retweeted it so more people can solve issues with v2. I'm trying to install drivers from days could you please help me! Can you give us more details on fix? We are handling some errors at changing to monitor mode. To fully test this theory i would suggest using fluxion just to automate things. Im also trying to install the drivers Could you please guide me Im also a beginner!