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Miller had long struggled with addiction. The last such incident before the night of his death, according to his assistant, had been on September 4th, just three days before his death. Miller openly discussed his dependence on lean, a combination of codeine and promethazine. It peaked around the time he was making his mixtape, Macadelic. I had never been that close to somebody who had issues like that.

By all accounts, he was in his best mental and physical condition in years when he died. Miller had been working with his sober coach since , and was working out at an L. Nobody sees me down like that.

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That was the hardest day ever. The first time I cried in years. He immediately broke down. Thundercat and Miller had big plans for the rest of the year.

Mac Miller’s Last Days and Life After Death

On a late-July afternoon this year in Manhattan, Miller met with me for one of the first interviews he would give about Swimming. He said he was in a good place. In the weeks leading up to this death, Miller did what he always did to block out the noise: He worked on music. He was already deep in rehearsals for his upcoming tour, which was set to feature his dream band, including Thundercat.

It was him being percent with it.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mac Miller

He was ready to go on tour with one of his really close friends. There was a lot in the air. He was looking forward to something new. On August 5 th , Miller performed an intimate show at L.

You think you know Mac? Trust us, you don't know the half.

Waiting for him in the wings was Benjy Grinberg, one of his earliest champions. Long before he wanted to be a rapper, Miller, born Malcolm James McCormick to a photographer mother and an architect father, was a natural-born creative spirit. He began rapping at age 14, making a name for himself on the Pittsburgh freestyle scene first as EZ Mac, before rebranding as Mac Miller.

Is There Something We Don't Know About Mac Miller?

Grinberg and Pitt recall frequently running into Miller at E. He had the vision for it. I knew he was going to be that guy. With the release of his mixtape, K.

Ariana Grande Has Public Meltdown Weeks After Mac Miller's Passing

The following year, Miller released his major-label debut, Blue Slide Park. Critics universally dismissed it, though, as insipid and unoriginal hip-hop. Him and I had that conversation many times.

He soon relocated to L. He also became a key fixture in the L.

Personally, I think the most talented people in music right now are the people coming through my studio. That was also when the rapper began using harder drugs. I do struggle with it a bit when I think about it. I guess I always thought that it would be under control. For Miller, music was a form of connection — to different people, sounds and, often, himself.


It featured live instrumentation and funky grooves, was easily his most beatific and optimistic work yet. Swimming , released three months ago, was in the same sonic vein as Divine Feminine , but it marked a step forward. It featured some of the most wrenching and, at times, painfully sad lyrics of his career. But its music, all orchestral swells and swishy keyboards, felt like a clear and cohesive statement from an artist more comfortable than ever in his ambition.

You have to respect that. He was just a supernice dude. Darrelle Revies, who plays for the New York Jets, helped discover Mac back when the football player was a star at the University of Pittsburgh. They recorded music together with the athlete going by the name Mr. Ironically, even though the apartment was much closer to his school, he would often cut class for weeks at a time.

Miller is known for his big house parties in Los Angeles, but he also has some nice musical equipment in there. Odd Future member Earl Sweatshirt will often stop by to create a beat.

Mac Miller’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know |

He got arrested with weed in New York State while on tour and had to sleep overnight in a jail there. Tags: Mac Miller. Written by.