Setelah bertahun-tahun hidup tanpa Symbiotenya dan pasca sepeninggalnya Flash Thompson, Andi Benton memutuskan untuk kembali ke Philadelphia. Namun akhir-akhir ini dia merasakan perasaan yang sama ketika masih bergabung dengan Venom, apakah ini suatu pertanda bahwa Andi Benton sedang diincar oleh sesuatu yang kuat? The facts with J Jonah Jameson. More space Au stuff This is a design I wanted to do for Andi benton since I was interested in the space au concept that mentalrhapsody.

No one is really gonna show up. I hope - - - - - andibentonmemes andreaanibenton andreabenton andibenton maniasymbiote maniamemes agentmania hellmarkmania. Man,I need to visit the account more often andibenton andibentonmemes maniamemes maniasymbiote andreabentonsymbiote andreabenton andreaanibenton. So I drew Viv in one of Andi's outfits, she looks so cute in it. VivVision AndiBenton. Andi Benton adalah mantan host dari Venom yang di kenal sebagai Mania, dia akan di buru oleh Cletus Kasady aka Carnage pada bulan Juli besok di kota asalnya Philadelphia.

Seperti seri-seri Web Of Venom sebelumnya, issue ini nanti juga akan membawa nuansa horor dan teror yang berkepanjangan. Setelah peristiwa Venom Inc pada tahun lalu, Benton sekarang hidup tanpa symbiotenya dan ini bakal jadi masalah besar ketika dia dijadikan sasaran oleh Carnage.

Poor Benton,never got her friend back. Her with the curse is almost as cool. So I had a cool idea in my head.

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Gamers are the most oppressed people of all time pridemonth agentmania maniasymbiote andibenton andreabentonsymbiote meandtheboys andreabenton. Happy pride month everyone! Sorry if it's hard to read but also I'm gonna start being more opionionated on this account if it's fine. I'm also more active so I'll get to make my more opinionated things venommemeverse flashthompson agentvenom andibenton agentvenommemes.

Peggy wanted to live to see agent venom through out,at least they can see each other in heaven agentvenom venom agentvenommemes flashthompson andibenton.

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Damn maniasymbiote andreabentonsymbiote andibenton angentmania. Mac Gargan? Actually happened at my school andreabenton andreabentonsymbiote andibenton maniasymbiote agentmania.

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Took away that watermark agentvenom flashthompson maniasymbiote andreabenton andibenton antivenom agentantivenom venomverse venommemeverse. It be like that sometimes mania andreabenton andreabentonsymbiote agentmania andibenton. I don't know if I'm ever the only person who doesn't believe in reincarnation but what other options are on it?

This was a lazy one but someone had to do it agentvenom venom venomverse venommemeverse andibenton flashthompson captainsans marvelcomics stanlee. Andi akan di buru oleh Carnage di kotanya sendiri, Philadelphia. Finally posting this wip to my page and not just my stories. Still gotta work out her spider logo, add more spikes to the armor and some sculpting and sanding and more. Are these facts? Should I use the crest of friendship for a water mark or something?

Some badass Andi Benton doodles, because Mania is badass but Andi herself can be badass too! Does anyone believe that Shane came on his cat? I've been trying to make this for days Am I allowed to use mania by the way? Back with some more Andi art!

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Gotta love Mania! Honneslty it was again a tie between Toxin and These two so I'll be doing both but because this won on Twitter on the first round while on Instagram on the second round. I enjoyed drawing her! She was jst sooo fun and her asthetic is really fun to do since it's been a looong while since I've done some punk asthetics!

So have venom's twin spawn and their host! Please Marvel, do this comic spidergwen ghostspider gwenstacy mania andibenton marvel comic cover pen rottring ink markers gonzaga gonzagart gonzagator illustration draw drawing. We discuss his life on the latest episode of Persona. Link in bio. Los 12 trabajos de Bellcross: 1. It's been so much fun to be even a little bit involved with this brilliant play over the past month or so, if you're in London at the end of August you should definitely go to see it!!

Avengers: Heroic Age issue 5 avengers heroicage marvel marvelcomics marveluniverse igcomicfamily igcomiccommunity comicbooks superheroes thor ironman tonystark captainamerica steverogers spiderman peterparker wolverine. Grand Port. A gateway to new worlds. Arditi vinyls, pin, cards and t-shirt. Thanks to kjenrikon for the nice photo For ordering Arditi items visit www.

Arditi vinyls, cards and t-shirt.


Thanks to kjenrikon for the nice photo arditi. Join the Arditi Official YouTube channel. Another serious glare photo from Iolas photoshoot.

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Shipping info in bio. Comment Claim below then DM me to purchase. Iolas from Heroic Age. XD photo taken by marthaserenaa heroicage iolas cosplay heroicagecosplay fanime. Check out the second Arditi account : arditi. Anyone remembers Heroic Age? XD I made this one as a project for Funimation Sakuracon 10 years ago.

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I want to try making armor again, but this time with some of the new materials out there. Follow the Arditi. Part of the next Arditi special edition soon to be released bogus. Check out arditi. Puissance - Divine Transgression Order at : www. A big happy birthday to Captain Scott, born on this day in !

On the second venture, Scott led a party of five which reached the South Pole on 17 January , less than five weeks after Amundsen's South Pole expedition. Two quotes in one day might be a bit too much, but this is a great one from Fridtjof Nansen! Arditi - Exaltation of the Past. Digital Album : Get it at : Leidungr.

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