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When lit in blue, they are activated.

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  • How to Repeat Songs, Albums or Playlists?
  • How to find the Repeat function in iTunes 12.

When black, they are disabled. You can also right-click or control-click the icons to show the options. About Repeat Dark arrows means that repeat is completely disabled. Blue arrows, and the entire current playlist you are playing will be repeated.

Blue arrows with a number 1 next to it means the current song will be repeated. Comments Thank you for this easy to read, simple guide. Did this help? Let us know! Let's suppose that I'm playing an album with several songs.

How To Repeat Songs In The Music App

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iTunes 12: Where’s the Repeat Button?

Hot Network Questions. You still find these controls on the Now Playing panel, which you still access by tapping on the Now Playing bar at the bottom of the screen. Now, though, instead of just pulling the panel up further in order to reveal shuffle and repeat, you must tap the new menu button. It looks kind of like the old hamburger button, only with the layers broken up a bit.

How to repeat songs, albums, and playlists in Apple Music app

You can see it indicated in the above screenshot. Tap that button, and a new section appears with the repeat and shuffle controls. It keeps things a little tidier on the iPad screen, perhaps — at least until you activate the controls.

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