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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

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Discover hand-illustrated landscapes and unwind to soothing nature sounds as Wildfulness 2 helps reduce stress, balance energy, manage anxiety, and promote well-being. Spending time in nature is proven to increase well-being and help you get better sleep, and exposure to art activates parts of your brain that create feelings of calm. Wildfulness 2 combines these benefits in one convenient app. Start a breathing exercise or start meditating with a simple voice command.

The artwork is simple and inviting, with simple animated effects. Lightning flashing, leaves or snow falling, etc. Kind of a Hallmark Card brought to life. I use my at work all the time. The only thing I would have liked to see is this being an update to the first version and not made into two individual apps.

I get stressed when there is a lot of pressure on me and with school. I personally love nature and animals. When I saw this app, I could tell it was right for me.

Turn your phone into a tool for relieving stress [Deals]

It might not be right for you, and that is okay. You should just find what is right for you, and I am sure there has to be something out there for you! If this is right for you, congrats! As a nature lover stuck in a concrete jungle this app takes my mind and heart to its happy place.

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Scientific research shows your feelings are involved in the decision-making process as much as or even more than your mind. Shopping Cart. Privacy Policy.

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[ASMR] Personal Attention for Stress Relief and Sleep

Toggle navigation. Add to Shopping Cart. Learn step-by-step instructions through narration, five colorful animations, music and an adjustable breathing pacer. Focus on it, gently follow it with your finger and you are rewarded with affirming words and pleasant sounds.

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Get distracted and the breathing blob disappears. You can then start over.

Use with ear buds to focus the hearing and you will be prompted to close your eyes. Your relaxation journey is well underway. Several reviewers point out that it may only be effective for people who enjoy being guided through meditation. One reviewer, Hawkk, gave it five starts, admitting he approached PAUSE with doubts it could help with clinical anxiety. Source: PSFK.