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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

I was looking for a way of having post-its back on my Mac, not a way of making my desktop look like a d ogs dinner. Definitely not for me! Pros: Downloaded easily.

(Not) Getting Things Done with Bumptop for Mac

Cons: totally wrong for me More. Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more.

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Mac Personalization BumpTop Add 3 dimensions to your desktop If you've found that the Dock, Spaces or Expose haven't helped you lead a more productive and organized life on your Mac then take a look at BumpTop. BumpTop turns your desktop 3D so that you can switch from one side to another depending on what View full description.

Softonic review If you've found that the Dock, Spaces or Expose haven't helped you lead a more productive and organized life on your Mac then take a look at BumpTop. Removed Jan 31 and all expiration dates Fixed bug involving dragging from Finder Fixed bug involving crash on startup after changing texture Fixed bug that prevented loading some textures that worked in 1. Fontlab Studio A trial version app for Mac, by Fontlab. Planets -- Live Wallpaper Beautiful live wallpaper app for space and planet enthusiasts.

Download BumpTop Free 1. Free Download for Mac. User reviews about BumpTop.

3D Desktop//BumpTop Tutorial

Cons: totally wrong for me More reviewed onFebruary 20, Agarawala told me he has no deal with Apple. There's no upcoming Apple product that will have the BumpTop bundled with it. If you want the app on your Mac you'll have to find it and download it yourself.

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Furthermore, Apple has applied for its own patents on a 3D interface that look an awful lot like BumpTop's product. Apple's also a week away from the likely release of its own slate or tablet computer , which will quite possibly feature a user interface that draws from these ideas.

Agarawala says his patent applications pre-date Apple's, but a legal battle with Apple over this issue would likely be a dangerous distraction for the small company. The reason for the Mac version, Agarawala says, is that BumpTop ultimately will become a social platform and an online tool.

In future versions, you'll be able to share documents among your computers simply by pinning them to the back wall. You'll also be able to join your desktop to your buddies' setups, and fling files to friends.

Download BumpTop Free

BumpTop needs to be multiplatform for this strategy to work, hence the Mac version. But the app is, still, just a replacement for traditional operating systems' desktop, which raises another objection: Who cares about the desktop? We work online, we work in file folders, we work in apps.

The desktop, for many users, is just one piece of the workspace. Fortunately, future versions of the BumpTop, Agarawala says, will at least be cloud-friendly. You'll be able to see your online files and resources on your desktop, group them, work with them, and file them as you can currently do with local resources.

He says that he's working with cloud storage companies he wouldn't say which one or ones to make this happen. Agarawala agrees that a tool that just replaces the local desktop will have a limited future. He says, "we're making the desktop useful again.