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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Viewed k times. RobinCominotto RobinCominotto 1 1 gold badge 5 5 silver badges 13 13 bronze badges. You can remove the speed limiter from the gameplay settings by unticking "Truck Speed Limiter": You need patch 1. Also note: from everything I've heard, going much faster than 90 on most roads will land you in a ditch. Watch your speed, kids! Smith Nov 20 '14 at For what it's worth, when doing a WoT External Contract mission, you are not allowed to remove the speed limit.

Untick that checkbox but still limit at 90 while having container behind the truck. Featured on Meta. Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta! Unicorn Meta Zoo 7: Interview with Nicolas. My request for recommendations was closed as off-topic. Where can I ask for…. Related 6.

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Hot Network Questions. When checking through the results, Stenzek found a rather pleasant surprise awaiting him. As anti-climatic as it may sound, one of the most infamous graphical bugs among developers was fixed without anyone even realizing it. Everyone had more or less come to the conclusion that The Simpsons Game required texture coordinate rounding accuracy beyond what was possible to do in a hardware renderer - at least while maintaining any performance.

Thankfully, we were wrong and the game is now playable in the latest development builds and the 8 year old issue report can be put to rest. During this presentation, the presenter noted that when they loaded their savestate, for some reason there was one purple frame before things started rendering correctly again. While the issue was rather minor, it caught the eye of Dolphin developers. That means that some visual data could be missing, especially if the savestate was done midway through the frame.

It could result in anything from a purple screen to missing objects. Some objects, like Mii faces, were stored in the texture cache for a long time, meaning that loading a savestate would often cause them to disappear or be missing features. In order to fix this, Stenzek has added an option to save both the EFB and texture cache to savestates. This also means that TASers can load a savestate while paused and, instead of getting a blank screen, see the last frame that was rendered in the savestate. As a tradeoff for all of this, savestates will be slightly larger.

In a game like Mario Kart Wii savestates range from 24 - 28MB with the feature off, and 32 - 34MB with the feature on at 3x internal resolution. As more textures are cached, this number may rise higher depending on the game.

As an added note, there are some games particularly N64 VC that cause Dolphin's texture cache serious headaches. In order to prevent gigantic savestates, we've disabled this feature in Super Smash Bros. If a game you're playing is misbehaving or you do not wish to use this feature, it can be disabled in the Graphics Setting's hacks tab. It's not very often that something changes because of the work that goes into preparing a Progress Report. Tight at the cusp of publishing this report, we had an epiphany that changed everything, and made us a little late.

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But we certainly got a story for our troubles! First, a bit of history to establish what's happening. Two years ago , we were thrilled that LogicOps support finally came to D3D11 via the LogicOps are a more complex version of Blending operations, allowing a game to perform a wide variety of binary commands in the blending stage.

The GameCube and Wii support this natively based on the OpenGL implementation , and while most games don't use them, for those that do having proper API support of the feature is important for Dolphin to emulate those titles. But thanks to the D3D This meant the ugly hack, which was extra ugly due to old VideoCommon, could finally be removed.

Unfortunately, Microsoft decided to bring D3D While this did make the decision a bit harder, Windows 7 is not home to many of our users and has seen official support from Microsoft cease already. And that's been the situation for the past couple of years. Of course, Dolphin is an open source project and anyone can contribute. After all, if anyone using D3D11 on Windows 7 ran a game that used LogicOps, any LogicOps effects would just hard fail without any indication whatsoever.

While they weren't sure if they could fix the issues, they decided they could at least make it clear why things were failing with a dedicated system to alert users with a popup whenever they tried to switch to D3D11 in an environment that didn't fully support LogicOps Windows 7. They also went the extra mile and disabled the LogicOps blend state in Dolphin whenever the detection determined LogicOps was not supported.

This changed the behavior in a few games, and seemed like a nice improvement for Windows 7. As we do here on the Dolphin Blog, we wrote about the changes. We outlined LogicOps support, talked about the popup, and how disabling the LogicOps blend state weirdly fixed the black box issue in Mario Kart Wii.

While we did this, Stenzek decided to investigate what the game was doing because he didn't think the change should affect things like that. As we were wrapping up the Progress Report, he discovered that the Mario Kart Wii "fix" was actually causing null render target, which essentially causing it to skip drawing the blackbox. When Stenzek fixed that bug the box returned. While there's a ton more complications on why these changes affected the game this way, it's irrelevant to LogicOps emulation. If you are interested in our best guess as to why this occurred, let us know and we'll post it onto twitter.

We aren't going to cover it here because as you are about to read, that is now all irrelevant. As we were discussing LogicOps with Stenzek in IRC, the topic came to current support among different devices, and upon checking vendor support, Stenzek discovered something really bad. Pretty much our entire Android userbase are still dealing with these same issues. But with Vulkan having support for LogicOps, we assumed it was only a matter of time before drivers caught up and we were left with an easier to maintain codebase.

Cue facepalming. Realizing that this is unlikely to change anytime soon, Stenzek reluctantly started working on a new LogicOps hack. Thanks to the VideoCommon Unification , this new hack could be redone with a much smaller footprint. It's still a very dirty, inaccurate hack, but at least it's less intrusive than before. The return of the LogicOps hack does supplant CookiePLMonster 's changes, but, they were present during the conversation, and were more than fine with it. After all, their goal was to improve the situation for our Windows 7 D3D users, and the revival of the LogicOps hack is an even greater improvement than they had hoped!

That said We don't want to get Windows 7 users hopes up.

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With none of our active developers using Windows 7 as their primary OS, the userbase dwindling, and Windows 7 starting to meaningfully fall behind newer versions of Windows, it's going to become more and more likely that features are accidentally broken in Windows 7. Eventually, the differences between Windows 7 and newer versions of Windows may increase to the point where we drop support for the aged OS.

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We don't plan on purposefully breaking support, but, its days are numbered. As we come to the end of our LogicOps tale, there is one last bit within this story. The game uses LogicOps in one location, stage 2 of story mode, specifically for boulders that roll down a hill into a canyon. The problem was that these shadows seemed to be malfunctioning from any kind of distance. We didn't want to put up the Progress Report talking about LogicOps with one of the more prominent uses of LogicOps broken, so we went into investigation mode. Upon trying to bisect it, users found that what builds worked and what builds were broken made little to no sense.

It turns out the developers didn't quite test the game well enough, as if you flip on the game's native widescreen setting, the shadows act very wonky. And so we delayed the Progress Report a little bit longer because we were unaware of a game bug. Unfortunately, talking about the fix and the bug doesn't really do the situation justice. This is one of the rare cases where we were glad something was broken in emulation that brought this game to our attention. Dekotora National Festival is quite possibly one of the weirdest Wii games we've seen The year is The Wii had already established itself as a surprise hit with hundreds of titles and a long backorder if you wanted to get one.

With developers racing to get their games on console, Jaleco Entertainment and the developer Suzak noticed there was a huge hole in the Wii's library. There wasn't a single racing game about decorating semi-trucks and racing them around Japan's city streets. After cornering the market on the PS2 with Shin Bakusou Dekotora Densetsu, they decided to develop a sequel taking advantage of the Wii's superior horsepower.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Highly Compressed Download

With a small time developer and a rather unknown publisher, it may seem like this game was assuredly shovelware, but you'd be wrong. Dead wrong. Dekotora National Festival may not be the perfect game, but after looking into the game for a few hours, we can wholeheartedly say that Suzak put their heart into this game. Dekotora National Festival is a strange game that plays more like Amplitude than Eurotruck Simulator. With quick inputs on the dpad, you dance between cars and race your opponent. At the same time, picking your route can be the difference between success and failure, and going the wrong way can put you kilometers off course.

By braving traffic and avoiding red lights, you can earn money for winning races and turn your standard semi-truck into a beautiful dekotora! And that's where we can really tell that Suzak was really pushing the Wii. This game, even on console, will frequently drop into the mid teens for framerate, especially when you have a truck decked out with lights and other fancy upgrades. It was even worse in Dolphin, as users trying to play this game reported that the game was more or less unplayable. Almost none of the city actually rendered!

Stenzek was kindly asked repeatedly over the course of months to look into it and eventually gave in. He loaded Dolphin through a program called Renderdoc. Renderdoc is an incredibly powerful tool that can let you record frames of rendering and see how they are constructed call by call. By using Renderdoc, we can not only see how the game is rendering, but why it is rendering something in a particular way. The goal was to see what was failing and causing the city to end up completely unrendered. Unfortunately, that would be delayed as Stenzek was immediately distracted by some of the visual effects that Suzak managed pull off on the Wii.

Dekotora has a lot going on in game. It features high polygon models, custom textures you can draw for your trucks in an editor, and even dynamic resolution scaling in a Wii game during replays for increased performance! But the crown jewel at the center of the game was its dynamically generated reflections as you drive around the city. How is Dekotora National Festival able to pull off these brilliant reflections? It renders each side of the truck separately and saves each side to EFB copies as it goes. Then it wraps all those images around a sphere, then renders that as another EFB copy which it uses as a reflection map.

Yep, it is generating sphere maps live during play. And of course, the Wii doesn't have any understanding of or support for sphere maps, so the game is using the Wii's texgen unit to perform all of the texture coordinate transformation involved in using a sphere map entirely on its own somehow.

On fixed function hardware. This is amazing, and we still don't entirely understand how it's even able to do this! We've seen lots of EFB copy effects in games before, but usually its simpler techniques like taking the rendered output, flipping it over, and using it as a reflection.

Wave Race: Blue Storm 's water is a classic example of this. But this technique is something far beyond the typical reflections used in pretty much any other Wii game, and it does it during main gameplay! No wonder the game chugs even on real hardware! Though it certainly isn't efficient or wise, all of this madness results in some really nice, fairly high resolution reflections that can even reflect off-screen geometry in real time.