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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

The karaoke machine of today, however, is a very different beast from the karaoke machine of the 80s. The only thing you really need today is a microphone, a computer, and of course, a competent karaoke software. Want to be the best singer on karaoke night? Check out this course on belt singing to blow everyone away with your vocals! Windows users are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking a karaoke software.

Karaoke Software for Mac, KaraFun Mac | KaraFun

Some of the options are:. The best part about the software is the KaraFun library, which boasts 17, karaoke tracks. Think of it as an iTunes for karaoke — you can select any song and it synchronizes immediately with your local computer. KaraFun also offers an online-only web player and a mobile app for karaoke on the go.

These offer the same benefits online sync, KaraFun library, etc. Sick of karaoke and want to write your own songs? This course on songwriting basics will help you get started. However, you can play songs directly off YouTube, so for small parties, you might not have to shell out hundreds of dollars for additional tracks. Verdict: Get it if you run a club or a bar and want a solid, no-nonsense karaoke software.

Casual users will be better served with something like KaraFun. Website: PowerKaraoke. Recently, Karaoki launched a cloud-based, always-online song library called KaraokeCloudPro.

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It works just like KaraFun and gives you quick access to over 13, tracks. Website: PCDJ. Do you know how the best singers really belt out those numbers?

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By singing from the diaphragm! You can learn how to improve your vocal performance by singing from the diaphragm in this course. It works like iTunes as well — you simply add your karaoke tracks to the library and hit play. The lite version has just about the most basic features — playing different music formats, managing playlists, adjusting pitch, tempo, etc. The pro version is where things get interesting — you get a powerful singer management tool, a second window to output lyrics, as well as a native iPhone app.

It works the same way as most karaoke software — load up your tracks, plug in your mic, and belt away your favorite songs. You get a basic song management and a simple lyrics display screen, but if you want more pro features — singer rotation, secondary output, etc.

The Verdict: A free alternative to kJams. Simple feature set and easy to use UI makes it a solid choice for casual users.

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Website: Plumamazing. This course on elite singing techniques will get you started on the right track! Course Categories. Create a Course Corporate Learning Mobile. Music Sports Games Marketing. Karaoke Software for Windows Windows users are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking a karaoke software. Playlist Manager with automatic performers rotation keeps singers queue in order in your live show.

Complete database management for songs, performers, fovourite performer's songs with advanced search functions.

No more "Who's next? The answer, if you want, will be on display at the end of each song.

The Main Window

EN IT. Compatible with macOS Complete and Easy to use MidiCo professional karaoke software for Apple macOS allows you to host and manage a professional karaoke show. Karaoke Player. View more.

Best Karaoke Software for Windows and Mac OS X

Karaoke Maker. Advanced options allow you to insert credits screen, change font, display images, and more. You can also synchronize your midi using the Lead Vocals Track.