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The song was built around a rehearsal riff the group used for sound checks.

  1. Fleetwood Mac: Tango in the Night.
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Bass player John McVie was away on a trip when the music video for "Tusk" was filmed. A life size cardboard cutout of him is present throughout the video. Christine McVie wrote the song "Don't Stop" to reflect her feelings after separating from the group's bass player John McVie following eight years of marriage. She says the song is upbeat because she is not a pessimist.

It later became strongly associated with his eight years in office as President. The rest of the group weren't impressed initially, but Stevie Nicks convinced them to record the song. It helped propel Rumours to a phenomenal 31 weeks at 1 on the US album chart. Bill Lamb is a music and arts writer with two decades of experience covering the world of entertainment and culture.

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  • The soundtrack to the Yuppie era in all its designer-suited finery.
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  • Fleetwood Mac - Tango In The Night (DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC) | Discogs.
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  • Continue Reading. John McVie, drying out after a long struggle with alcohol addiction, wasn't at his best — but his problems were dwarfed by the substance problems facing Fleetwood and Nicks, whose lifestyles prompted Buckingham to install a Winnebago in the driveway outside his home studio where the two could indulge while staying out of his way. Chemical issues certainly didn't help the recording process, but they weren't the only problems facing Fleetwood Mac.

    Nicks, juggling her own rehab stint and busy solo career, was dragooned into the sessions relatively late in the process, and by her own admission, she wasn't at percent — not just because she was struggling with the side effects of a Klonopin prescription administered by her doctors, but because she didn't appreciate being forced to track her vocals in the bedroom shared by her ex-boyfriend Buckingham with his new partner.

    Revisiting the Final LP by Fleetwood Mac’s Classic Lineup, ‘Tango in the Night’

    If the group was in a turbulent place emotionally, they were far stronger on the creative front. Although Nicks was largely MIA in the songwriting credits, Buckingham and Christine McVie both turned in a series of gems — the former contributing "Big Love," "Caroline" and the title track from his aborted solo project, and the latter offering future hits "Everywhere" and "Little Lies" — and whatever the band might have lacked in terms of studio presence or chemistry, Buckingham and co-producer Richard Dashut covered up with glossy layers of quintessentially '80s production.

    But if they ultimately ended up with an album they could be proud of, Buckingham still wasn't willing to forge ahead with the band. After laboring through 18 months of sessions, Fleetwood Mac finally finished Tango in the Night in time to get it in stores on April 13, — and Buckingham announced his departure on the eve of their tour to support the LP, which was already well on its way to becoming their second-best sales performer, below only the mammoth Rumours.

    Nicks later recalled a screaming match that turned dangerously violent after Buckingham handed in his walking papers, but fierce ups and downs were par for the course with Fleetwood Mac, and the band quickly opted to honor their live commitments, replacing their erstwhile creative leader with a pair of guitarists: former Bob Seger sideman Rick Vito and veteran recording artist Billy Burnette. To a public already well versed in the many behind-the-scenes issues in the band, Buckingham's departure was surprising, but not shocking.

    Deluxe Extras: The deluxe edition adds a gram vinyl LP version of the original album, and a DVD with the original music videos for the five singles.

    FLeetwood Mac Tango In The Night Full Album 1987

    If the other tracks didn't immerse you in the aura of the s, the DVD surely will. It's priceless: The hair, the posturing, the pouting, the colorful scenery, the quick edits and the special effects.

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    6. Fleetwood Mac's 'Tango In The Night' deluxe reissue: A heaping dose of pop -

    The success of "Big Love" was largely fueled by its dramatic video , which was in heavy rotation on MTV this time 30 years ago. The video continually zooms out, revealing band members either performing the song or engaged in some kind of love scene in different settings.


    No extra charge for the requisite '80s outer-space effects. All the videos have that time machine effect, from the pastel-infused "Seven Wonders" performance," to the pastoral scene that frames "Little Lies. The Warner Bros. Records set is available in a range of physical and digital formats.

    Dissecting Tango in the Night: Fleetwood Mac's pop masterpiece

    Note that while the set is available through streaming services, not all of the rare tracks or remixes may be available through all services. If you have affection for the original album, it's well worth revisiting it in this deluxe package, especially if you don't have it in your digital collection.

    Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac thrive through touring, reissues, collaborations.

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    The band and its core members are as visible as ever with a range of projects.