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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

At one point during Sisters Of The Moon, Lindsey sings Stevie's section of the song while, as legend has it, Stevie goes backstage to snort some more.

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She returns to the stage to deliver a gravelly coda. This performance of the song has come to be known as the "Speaking in tongues" version. This DVD, in my opinion, is a more accurate representation of Fleetwood Mac than any of the officially released live media from through Reply Notify me Helpful. Marketplace This release has been blocked from sale in the marketplace.

Add a Video. Add to List. The Chain. Love In Store. Not That Funny. You Make Loving Fun. I'm So Afraid. Blue Letter. Eyes Of The World. Not sure about Say You Will. No one has posted a comment about this and I have never heard of this before. The earliest vinyl pressings of the album had a mix of Straight Back that was quickly replaced by a different mix that has since been used on all other pressings and formats of the album.

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The deleted mix was more basic than the more common version, with fewer overdubs. Glad to see they are including it in this deluxe reissue! I am so excited about this news. Apologies for nonsensical wording there. Well, hopefully the point got across! Can someone slip them a note about this? This is good news. The group owns the program. Not as polished as the final version, but it has a lot of Stevie, yay!

I have no doubt Tango will be released next year. Waited a long time for this.

More of a favourite for me than Tusk and Tango. Paul, can you please confirm that the track listing for the DVD is accurate? The original album is twelve tracks, so does this mean they are including surround versions of some of the alternate versions? If so, that would be a departure from the previous Fleetwood Mac super deluxe editions. It could be a mistake and might well be just the album tracks. Will update as and when…. I only bought this album about 2 months ago and loved it, so definitely worth getting the 2 disc version. But can someone bring me up to speed on whether the first album with Buckingham and Nicks got a deluxe treatment the same way Rumours and a Tusk did?

I would like for there to be a 2-CD deluxe edition as well. Stevie Nicks has to date for unknown reasons refused to participate in any recording sessions with the reunited group. Who knows why? This really makes my day. Thanks for the anouncement Paul.

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I reckon we will get a deluxe of Tango in the Night very soon too…. Your email address will not be published. Search Search. Skip to content. Mirage will be reissued on 29 July November 27, at Tino Stabile says:. January 2, at Dennis peters says:. December 2, at October 16, at Neil says:. October 17, at Stefano says:.

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Dave says:. Mike the Fish says:. Eric M. Steven Campbell says:. Foxee says:. All in all, great news on the one hand, but totally gutted on the other. Perth Australia says:. Thanks again, mikey! I love the Reynolds Girls reference! Jeff D says:. Robert says:. Glenn Kennedy says:. BobG says:. May 12, at Darren says:.

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Dani77 says:. Rick E says:. Christian says:. Inge Bratset says:. Ben Williams says:. Jake says:. Mark Hanson says:. Only fourteen more studio l. Mark says:.

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Joe says:. Kiefer2 says:. Paul English says:. JudeMac says:. September 20, at Andy Town says:.

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