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How to make a histogram in Excel , , and

In column C, set up the "Relative Frequency. Select an empty cell at the end of the "Relative Frequency" column and perform the "sum" function. The sum for the "Relative Frequency" column should be 1. Use the selection icon and select the entire table.

Create a histogram

Place a check next to "New Worksheet," so that the table appears on a separate sheet. Click "OK. Place a check next to the following fields that you'd like to add to your report: "Class," "Frequency," and "Relative Frequency.

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Use Excel 2016 to make Frequency distribution and Histogram for quantitative data

In the Histogram dialog box that appears, identify the data that you want to analyze. Use the Input Range text box to identify the data that you want to use to create a frequency distribution and histogram. To identify the bins that you use for the frequency distribution and histogram, enter the worksheet range that holds the bins into the Bin Range text box.

FREQUENCY formula examples

Use the Output Options buttons to tell Excel where it should place the frequency distribution and histogram. To place the histogram in the current worksheet, for example, select the Output Range radio button and then enter the range address into its corresponding Output Range text box.

How to Make a Frequency Distribution Graph in Excel for Mac 2011

To place the frequency distribution and histogram in a new worksheet, select the New Worksheet Ply radio button. Then, optionally, enter a name for the worksheet into the New Worksheet Ply text box. To place the frequency distribution and histogram information in a new workbook, select the New Workbook radio button.