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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

The existing images in your collection can be easily viewed, moved, and sorted through this image viewing app.

The app is also capable of viewing metadata from the image files so this is a good professional tool. This app is great because it recognizes the photos that you have on any folder and automatically brings it in the dashboard. Adobe is a popular name in image software.

In Adobe Photoshop Elements , you can browse, edit, and enhance your photo collection. The app comes with a built-in AI, which offers support in editing and creating great photos. Table of Contents.

8 Best Photo Viewers for MacOS

Thanks to the back and forward arrows, you can quickly browse through all images in a folder. The application can also open any random image for you. All information pertaining to an image size, zoom, colors, number in folder is shown at the bottom of the program's interface. Xee supports all image formats and you can configure which ones it opens up from the preferences menu.

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Similarly, the program lets you set all sorts of keyboard shortcuts, ideal for such a straightforward application. The only little nag we have with Xee is that some of the top bar functions are hidden the first time you start it up. Make sure you drag the program window, to reveal all of the tools. Xee is a lightweight, fast and convenient image viewer and browser.

It is designed to be a serious tool for image viewing and management, with a sleek and powerful interface. Xee is useful as a more powerful replacement for Preview, or most any other image viewer available on Mac OS X.

Photo browser utilities for the Mac: Quickly sort through a photo shoot | Macworld

It is very fast, and uses less memory than most other image viewing tools. It also uses OpenGL to display and scroll images much more smoothly than other viewers.

Images Multiple Image formats supported: png, jpg, bmp, gif, tiff, heif, heic,. Videos Common Video formats supported: mp4, m4v, m4u, m4a, mkv, mov.

Photo browser utilities for the Mac: Quickly sort through a photo shoot

Audio Most Audio formats supported: opus, weba, webm, ogg, ogm, oga, wav, mp3, flac. Folder based Incredibly fast and simple. Just browse your folders and play your media. Phiewer is the easiest and fastest way to view your images, videos and even audio files.