Sorry no screenshot of this; I was somewhat frazzled at the time. Fortunately, there were no more hiccups! I rebooted the Mac, and with only one extra USB device detected, everything went as it was supposed to.


After your Mac reboots, you'll be asked where you want to install Windows. The Windows 8 installer will take care of formatting it properly for installation. From here you'll have to put up with photos from my phone When the installation begins, you will be asked what kind of installation you want. Choose "Custom: Install Windows only advanced ". As with an installation on a PC, your computer will reboot several times during the process.

Don't worry about this and don't touch anything. Go get a cup of coffee or a snack or find something else to do, because the installation does take a while.

Which macOS version is installed?

If you'd like a full description of what a new Windows 8 installation looks like, check here: How to Upgrade to Windows 8 from Windows 7, Windows Vista or Earlier. The first thing you should do after Windows 8 installs is to insert the USB drive you created at the beginning the one that contains all the Apple specific drivers. From there, the process is automatic. You will need to restart your computer when it's finished. Once you've restarted, go to Windows Update , and install all the necessary updates.

To switch from one to the other, if you're starting from OS X, go to the Apple menu and choose Restart. From Windows 8, either swipe in from the right or move your mouse to the upper right-hand corner, tap or click the Settings icon, choose Power and then Restart. Hold down the Option or Alt key till you get the screen from which you can choose your operating system. Although installing Windows 8 on my Mac Mini running OS X Mountain Lion wasn't quite as quick and easy as the official instructions made it appear it would be, it was still not difficult to do.

And I suspect most people will not run into the stumbling blocks that I did, because statistics say that the vast majority of Mac owners have portable computers, where the USB port issue won't be a problem.

Mac vs PC _ Boot up speed comparison _ OsX Lion vs Windows 8.1

One really great thing about this dual-boot setup is that the files from each operating system are fully available to the other one, either from the Finder in OS X or File Explorer in Windows 8. No more schlepping files across the network or via sneakernet! I now have a Windows 8 computer that is fast, has a reasonable sized screen and that can open up anything in the Windows Store I might desire.

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I'm definitely going to spend time browsing all the apps, now that I can get them, and checking our great tutorials to find out how to personalize Windows 8. They are listed just beneath this article. Do you love the new processors from AMD Ryzen series?

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  6. You already have a desktop PC with a Ryzen processor, and you want to know whether you should also buy a new motherboard alongside your new processor? If you have a motherboard with the previous X chipset, here is a detailed performance comparison against the newer X chipset for the AMD Ryzen processors. We used the AMD Ryzen 5 X processor to run several tests and benchmarks on motherboards with these two chipsets.

    Our goal was to see if buying a new motherboard brings meaningful performance differences vs.

    Mac OS X Lion vs. Windows 8 Developer Preview speed comparison | Leawo Official Blog

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    The battle between Windows and OS X is one of the fiercest in technology, with advocates from both sides insisting their OS is superior. With upgrades including Windows 8. The focus is on the large finger-friendly Live Tiles and finger-friendly menus. The desktop remains largely unchanged, to the relief of power users.

    Windows 8 vs Mac OS X & iOS – Visions of User Interfaces Collide

    Thankfully, Microsoft has listened to some of the scathing feedback and changes will be released in the autumn via a Windows 8. The free update will allow Windows 8 to boot directly to the desktop, which bypasses the Start screen entirely.

    Which macOS version is the latest?

    A left-click allows users to jumps back between the Start screen and desktop. A more useful right-click brings up a set of shortcuts to access features such as the Control Panel or Task Manager.