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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

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When attempting to open the folder, you receive the message:. Restoring your files through the CrashPlan app with original permissions instead of current permissions may result in restored files that you don't have permission to access. If the permission issues only impact a small number of files, the easiest way to correct this is to simply restore your files again with current permissions.

If the permission issues affect a large number of files or you don't want to restore the files again, see the alternative solution below to manually adjust the permissions of each folder. If you don't want to restore the files again, you can update the permissions for each folder impacted by following the steps below.

When prompted to confirm the change, click OK.

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Circle with line when trying to add songs

I don't have any port that is USB 2. Last edited: Sep 30, You should read and comply with the rules , in particular the one regarding profiles.

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Link to profile Boot in verbose mode and post a picture of the screen when it stops. This is what I got: View attachment and the last one when everything stopped View attachment At that point you can run some SMART monitor tools on the drive to see if they indicate hardware problems or not. If the drive checks out, you could then run DiskWarrior or wipe and clean install your OS. Probably worth running memtest too while the machine is down. RAM errors could cause garbage data to be written to the drive.

Red circle on restored Mac files (restricted permissions) - Code42 Support

If he can boot from optical, then there's probably nothing catastrophically wrong with the mobo or RAM. If he was able to repair the disk through DU, then there's nothing catastrophically wrong with the drive or the SATA interface. If he can't boot, then I'm guessing it's a configuration problem due to some corrupted settings. Have you tried resetting the PRAM?

Or it could be a missing boot file, as previously suggested. Been here, done that.

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A disk with a few bad sectors in an unfortunate spot will behave exactly like this. Disk repair may not even see it, because it only examines the file system structure. I saw one where this occurred, and it turned out that the SATA cable was loose. As an update, it does look like it was a drive issue.

FIX BRICKED Prohibitory SIGN ISSUE on MAC post upgrade without any DATA LOSS

I tried to mount the MacBook using target disk mode on another Mac and it would see the HD but would hang trying to mount the volume.