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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

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The best instructions for getting everything installed is at Kinecthesis. Here are the steps:. You may be prompted for your password. If all goes well, you can then test it with this:.

Kinect Mac OS X | pd-la

You should get a pair of iamges, side-by-side. One is the regular RGB camera, the other is the depth camera. Something like this:. Then you can install the OpenNI library.

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Put it in a folder called OpenNI or something like that , then navigate to that folder and do this:. Now for SensorKinect. Download the source tarball and put it in a SensorKinect folder. My download was called avin2-SensorKinectdc. Download the latest unstable version here. Put it in a NITE folder.

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Finally, we need OSCeleton. This is the binary we need.

kkMulticopter Flash Tool 0.41 solving the problem on Mac OS X Lion

Put it in a folder called osceleton. By default, the Kinect data will be sent to localhost on port You can broadcast the data to another IP address or port, if you want to use it over a network. You can do. If all this went well, you should have the hacker-made OpenKinect drivers, and the OpenNI drivers installed, along with the official OpenNI drivers installed. Let me know if you have any problems or suggestions.

If you could help me that would be great! I am operating NITE through the terminal and it seems to be tracking perfectly. This is what is happening in my terminal. This might cause loss of data… New User 1 Pose Psi detected for user 1 Calibration started for user 1 Calibration complete, start tracking user 1.

Building Universal Binaries on Mac OS X

After doing this I then drop in osceleton to the terminal but this doesnt seem to work. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? Glad to hear it! What did you do to fix it?

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Thanks for the reply it was pretty easy to fix it I just closed pd down opened it up again and then dragged OSCeleton into the terminal again and it worked fine. I saw that your are part of a patching circle. If you could give me any info on how you structure your session that would be great. Can anybody tell me how to make my compiler find the libs that it is looking for. As far as I can tell the libs are where it is supposed to be looking. Perhaps there is a mac pro out there that w This tutorial explains how to build the Point Cloud Library from MacPorts and source on Mac OS X platforms, and tries to guide you through the download and building of all the required dependencies.

OS X, Binary. Download the OS X disk image below. Uncompress and mount it detailed instructions here.

Drag the Xmd icon to your Applications folder or double-click on it to run. If you want the command line utility, copy it to a directory on your PATH if you don't know what that means, then you don't want the command line utility. Most Linux distributions ship dfu-util in binary packages for those who do not want to compile dfu-util from source. On Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and Gentoo you …. Please Help: After Downgrading, Terminal cannot execute binary file. Copy the file libusb Get a Mac OS 9 Installer. Install Mac OS 9.

There are four packages that start with that name; install them all. Mac OS X. Look on the Exodriver page for both the installer and build instructions. Once the binary is installed, run it on CMake as you would any other project. Typically this means selecting CMake as the Source directory and then selecting a binary directory for the resulting executables. One may alternatively Hi, Here is the patch I use to build libftdi However, we found out that the MinGW-w64 compiler included is a bit outdated that the output …. Installing Nokia maemo Flasher 3. Choose the packages for your Mac OS X version.

The 1-Wire Public Domain Kit enables the developer to create a 1-Wire master in software that can identify and communicate with slave devices. The 1-Wire protocol is a single-wire-and-ground network with one master and one or more slave devices such as iButtons and 1-Wire chips. The kit provides all the 1-Wire transport and file-level services to communicate with any 1-Wire device, including I found a thread about QLandkarte GT is an open source project designed to help you visualize GPS data captured by different devices on various maps.

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This is where life really starts to get good. I also enjoyed this overview of libusb. Columbus, Ohio, USA Make sure you install the libusb driver. First install MacPorts and if you are on Using MacPorts, the correct hardware device images are automatically installed for you, and there are no post install tasks. With a single command, you can be up and running in short order. I'm still on With the older versions of the.

Build runonphone, use the qmake in your desktop Qt. Free and open source library that can be used cross platform and offers you the possibility to generate high quality scientific graphics