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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Puerto Rico or Virgin Islands. Tech Sheet Support. Warranty Information. Pictures are actual. Item is warranted to be as specified in the above details, and in good working order unless stated that it's condition is unknown. Supports 8Gb Fibre-Channel devices. This is used card, removed from a working Apple Tower Server. When striped across both SCSI channels.

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For parts or repairs. No other accessories included. RAID 0, 1, 4, 5, 6, 10, 40, 50, External Connectors. Transfer Rate. Drive Assure Technology. Full height bracket only, no low profile. Nothing other than what is pictured is included. Used working pull, tested to see if detected by PC, and it does. Mac OS X You will also need the appropriate flash file for this driver version. It has been tested and is in excellent working condition. This has channel 1 and channel 2 connectors outside, pin channel 1 and channel 2 connectors inside.

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Got one to sell? Supermicro Enterprise Network Server Components. Sun Computer Enterprise Networking and Servers.

Proavio ATTO ExpressSAS R380 Low-Profile SAS RAID PCI Express Adapter

Make an Offer. Shop by Category. PCI Express x8. Not Specified. Internal Interfaces see all. Ultra2 SCSI. Ultra SCSI. USB 2. External Interfaces see all. Optical LC. Interface Card Type see all. SATA Cards. RAID Cards. SCSI Cards. RAID Levels see all. Brand see all. Type see all. Guaranteed Delivery see all. No Preference. As I am a newbie perhaps you can tolerate me going through my thought process and then tell me I'm nuts! I hope that I am correct so far. Now, next problem. Like many Mac Pro users Nahalem , by the time you have got a graphics card, internal RAID card the Apple one seems to be the only one that will work in these new machines at the moment for the internal discs and a Kona 3 card, I am left with one slot to host the tape drive and the much recommended external RAID necessary to do serious uncompressed HD work.

So far so good? Obviously there are many other things that I could spend that kind of money on but I am also aware that it would be a false economy if the bloody thing won't work when I get it! Hence a bit of research before buying. Talking to a european Quantum representative, he said that firmware update V should fix the problems with the Atto cards.

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So, first question; have any of you tried this. The european rep said that it should be possible to get a tape with the firmware image on it and all you then had to do was insert it into the drive and the drive would detect it and automatically update. Sounds easy doesn't it? So what's the catch? Or is the consensus still don't touch it get the Hewlett Packard?

Thanks for any light you care to shed on this. David Barlow. Yes - with one caveat Absolutely - you get the best of both worlds, but you may wish to consider the R to get you the 6Gbs for future performance growth with your array. Research is always a bargain! The flash tape is the only solution for Mac users right now.

If they can provide the tape they'll probably want it back , you're good to go. Otherwise, you could ask for a source for buying an updated drive. Without one of those two options, a Mac user is pretty well up the proverbial creek without a tape drive :. If - and only IF - they can provide a preflashed drive or a copy of the flash tape, the Quantum drive is a bargain. Otherwise, the HP drive is a sure thing. Thank you Tim. I will follow up and see if I can source a tape. It is a holiday weekend here in the UK so it may be a few days but I let you know what I find out.

Hi Tim!! I know that there aren't any native Mac drivers for the LSI card. I installed the card and the G5 doesn't see it at all. On linux, I would use the command lspci to see what hardware is occupying what pci lane. Any ideas for the G5? Are there any BSD drivers that you are aware of?

Any help or tips that you know of would be appreciated. Hello, I've just received one Mac Pro Nehalem 2,26 today. Everything worked well. But : After the install of Atto R driver, I have no more display on the monitor I read "no signal" on the monitor T shut down Mac Pro and install R card : again "no signal" on the monitor.

Please help me Thank you Nhan. Hi everyone, Further to my own post above I have more news. There has been a short pause whilst I bought my tape drive. However, I can report that here in the UK the support by individuals at Quantum here has been exemplary. It seems no one can tell me when the newer better R will arrive and I really can't wait any longer.

The expected mismatch occurred see Tim Jones post above. I put it into the drive, it whirred flashed its lights and updated itself with no involvement by the computer MacPro Nahalem and no downloading via PC. Within a minute, I could see the drive in the system profiler and I was immediately creating my first archive using a trial copy of BRU LE. It took a couple of hours or so to copy and verify GB data. I think that is in the correct ballpark. So the Quantum support seems to be alive and well in the UK and everything is rosy. The main point for everyone here is that firmware update V works and I have an FUP tape with it on.

You only need to use it once and Quantum have said they are happy for me to pass it on. So anyone with a mac only setup who can use it let me know. I am UK based so it would make sense that anyone here use it but I am sure it can be sent anywhere. Let me know. I am only a one man band and so, although I will over time archive a lot of data, it is not likely to be archived terabytes at a time!

So does the GB limit apply just to each archiving chunk? It's just that BRU LE is a very reasonable price and seems very simple to understand for someone like me. I know that lots of people in other threads seem very happy with it. I haven't trialled the PE version in case it's too tempting to spend even more money than I already have! Will small single low volume users like me really see a benefit or will the LE version suffice? You are going to tell me to try PE aren't you. I know it! Regards, David Barlow.

David, that's great news and thanks for the update about both Quantum's willingness to work with you and your success with the drive. As always, we've discovered that Apple's idea of an "average desktop" and reality are two very different things. The GB limit is an arbitrary one and the real limitation is one of file count. BRU PE is aimed more at session management and more advanced processes such as Doubler Mode create 2 tapes of the same data simultaneously , Separate Session Mode create a single job that will slice what's written to tape into more manageable segments , and an even more simplified QuickArchive interface to keep interns from becoming frightened by all of the options.

My initial thoughts are "simplicity" - plug it in a go. The build quality is good and the attached USB Interesting solution. Hope it works out. While I'm thinking of it, Tim Either way, I'll find out. I'm not expecting any issues since the H works beautifully Worked right out of the box. We've sent these same results off to RATOC to see if they had guidance for working with the higher-speed devices.

As soon as we hear back from them, I'll update this post. We're waiting for that to arrive and I'll followup with more details as soon as we get the testing done :drool That is what is was designed to do and going beyond that is outside of it's design parameters. This was several people in a support ticket The final word came from "Jeff, Technical Support Lead". Truthfully, it seems like getting BRU-PE is the safest solution since then I don't have to worry about the number of files in an archive, but several of the limitations of BRU-LE seem to be a bit artificial.

Oh, I will also add that I think it's great that Tolis provides fully-functional demos with a minimum of fuss so you can kick the tires. The lack of backing up remote volumes I couldn't find on any description or comparison chart maybe it is there somewhere. And the GB limit just seems odd since a LOT of tape drives and hard drives are larger than that these days, and GB itself is an odd number not a power of two, etc.

Does it crash? Does it tell you up front that you're doing too much? Does the verify pass fail? Maybe I was just imagining it.

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So far, I am very pelased with it. It has two external mini-SAS ports. It works perfect. Any opinions on this? I'm just wondering if going with a card without an onboard RAID would pose much problems for my workflow. I'm on a Mac Pro 8 core 2.

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HTH, Tim. HTH, Tim Tim thanks for your feedback.

Very adamantly recommended the LSI card. As far as hardware RAID I would like any opinions on this. You will like the results. Please call or email me with questions. Go ahead, just give up one of your cores As I mentioned, my ATTO connections that are in the know seem to think that any compatibility issues have been resolved. Mike's logic is that with a computer like the 8 core 2. I would like to know more about what is causing the issues myself.

I have run across incompatibilities with various eSATA units, or more specifically different types of port multipliers that are sometimes used. Single external SAS interface -- I was not happy with it and got rid of it earlier this year. But looking at the specs on paper, the doesn't look too appealing. Not when I'm constantly maxing out most of my CPU cores for rendering operations. So enough backup if one of the interfaces will fail for some reason I'm very happy with this config