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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Much like the Uzi SMG, the original MAC was a simply constructed, select- fire pistol that was pure function and other- wise offered very little in terms of aesthet- ics. Nonetheless, it became one of those charismatic designs that have never failed to attract attention. It was the look, as much as the performance of the MAC, that inspired MasterPiece Arms to perpet- uate the Ingram design and carry it on into the 21st century, where it remains no less intriguing than in the s. It was a gun so undistinguished it could get lost in its own shadow, which of course, was the idea.

The MAC was originally designed for covert operations. Taking this rather sinister concept and making it a staple of espionage and action adventure films was a natural progression, but making a MAC a practical, semi- auto pistol for the real world demanded a more extensive approach, and MPA was one of a handful of armsmakers that stepped up to the plate. The open-bolt design was well suited to fully automatic weapons like the MAC and Uzi SMG and their straight- forward military applications, but neither fully automatic weapons nor the open-bolt platform was viable for the civilian mar- ketplace.

And it was ultimately the civil- ian market where the design would find its most enduring base. The side-cocking alteration is what has given the gun a new lease on life by allowing many options that were simply non-exis- tent in the s and impossible to adapt to the original design today.

By moving the cocking mechanism and freeing up the top of the receiver, the MAC design be- comes as suitable for optics and accesso- ries as any modern day weapon—but very few can boast such a storied history. MasterPiece Arms manufactures its semi-automatic pistols in 9mm,. Both mini pistols come with a threaded, 4. All 9mm models in the MPA Defender line use a standard, round polymer magazine. Ten-round magazines are also available for MPA models where various state and local restrictions apply to maga- zine capacity.

This is easier to use and provides more positive feedback for the operator. The pistol, without any accessories and before loading the round magazine which extends 5. The advantages of that feature include about 13 ounces of weight to counterbal- ance recoil and a good safety margin to keep the off-hand clear of the very short exposed portion of the muzzle.

The FFL Dealer will usually charge a fee to conduct the transfer. Remember, the FFL Dealer is doing you a favor and the process takes time to complete. Fees can vary so check with the FFL Dealer ahead of time to request a quote on the fees associated with your firearm transfer. The FFL Dealer is in business to make a profit and your internet purchase may be viewed as competition to their retail business.


If you feel the fees are too high, you can search for another FFL Dealer. Once you place the firearm in your cart and checkout you will receive a confirmation email that has your order number and further instructions.

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Most orders are processed within business days from the time we receive and verify the FFL Dealers information. Once shipped, your firearm will arrive at the FFL Dealer within days business days. The FFL Dealer will begin processing the shipment.

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It may be an additional day or so before the FFL Dealer is ready to conduct the transfer of the firearm to you. Call the FFL Dealer and set an appointment to confirm that the firearm is ready to be transferred. It is important to thoroughly inspect your firearm before completion of the transfer.

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Once the firearm is transferred into your name, Cheaper Than Dirt! If a defect is discovered after completing the transfer, you must contact the manufacturer directly for repair or replacement. Item No. Note: Image may not be an exact representation of the actual item. It provides more accuracy and gives your weapon a more tactical look.

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It also acts as a counter weight and aids to keep the muzzle down under rapid fire. With 9 machined ports at the end, it acts as a muzzle break as well. It's a great upgrade that works well with our forward tactical grips and rear AR stock adapters. This machined 7 inch Barrel extension takes its looks from the Browning machine gun barrel.

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It is threaded for the MPA mini series in 9mm. This lever will help in quicker mag drops without damaging your thumb with the stock mag lever.

CNC machined and finished in black anodize, this quick release lever will add to your custom gun with easy installation. Installation instructions included.


This newly designed solid billet tactical grip is the perfect replacement for the standard strap. Our new design offers a tactical forearm position giving the shooter more control under rapid fire and increased target acquisition.

Disassembly (Hammer Replacement) of Masterpiece Arms MPA Defender Mini9 Mini-9

It is hard coat anodized and well constructed from top to bottom in a one piece design with a knurled textured grip. Its thin design allows the entire barrel thread for most suppressors and muzzle breaks and is flush to the exterior barrel base. Easy installation with a clamp design for strength and a set screw for a tight fit. Allen wrench included.