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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

But none of my Mac keyboards have a "num" key. What Mac users should press in its stead isn't even shown in the online or. This page badly needs to show a Macintosh keyboard equivalent for wherever the "num" key is. For use until a Mac equivalent for the "num" key appears in the documentation, could someone please tell me what key to use in its place or how to set up a conveniently-located keyboard equivalent for it that won't override all the other keyboard usages that those of us new to using Dorico at this point just abut all of us can use?

This forum does have the ability to upload files and web addresses in its full editor. Dorico 2. For those keyboard shortcuts using the Num key, on a laptop you will probably have to substitute your own commands. At some point, it would be nice for the localhost Keyboard Shortcuts help page to have a version for laptop keyboards, or even to intelligently detect what kind of keyboard you're using when the page comes up. Dorico Pro, Sibelius 7.

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Why release a Mac version of Dorico with only Windows keyboard shortcut documentation? And why isn't a Mac key coded into the program so that each individual user will not have to do what you suggest here to set it up for ourselves? I guess i have to repeat my initial question: What key on the Mac am I supposed to use? Would you at least tell us the position on the Windows keyboard at which the "num" key resides? We Mac users also need to know what key Steinberg recommends that we use in place of "num" that has no other designated function in Dorico, either current or planned. There is no such thing as a "num" key.

The word is used to refer to the numerals contained on a numeric keypad as opposed to the numerals above the qwertyuiop keys. If you have a numeric key pad it resides on the far right of the keyboard. When you see num-3 or some such, it means you should strike the '3' key in the numeric keypad. Just one key, by itself. Both Mac and Windows machines are supplied with and without numeric keypads. See pic below.

And I have the full Mac extended keyboard in my studio, not the laptop version. But thanks for your reply. So it has to be some other key. I just google searched an image of a Windows keyb and it does have a key labelled "num" at the location of the Mac's numeric keypad's "Clear" key. It is not near enough to the arrow keys to easily do those combinations with one hand so it requires taking both hands off of normal keyboard locations.

NumLock for OS X will enable number lock on Mac keyboards

So I doubt that's what they mean. Surely they must have some keyboard shortcut layout in mind for Mac users. So I will hope that someone from Dorico support will reply to my inquiry here. Thanks again for trying to help figure this out. Until it's figured out I will be stuck with having to use menu commands and clicking on stuff that requires sliding panels in and out instead of being able to use simple keyboard shortcuts.

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  6. They are referring to the numlock key, which is an on-or-off state, like caps lock. However, you might try hitting the 'clear' key on your keyboard and see if those shortcuts work in Dorico then.

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    Do a search for numlock mac keyboard, and you'll find more info. It didn't do any of what the "num" key is supposed to do. And also it isn't near the cursor or other keys that "num" is supposed to be used in combination with.

    Didn't they have any Mac beta testers??? Finally, I stumbled upon an article from on CNet which described my issue. Not surprisingly, the option is found under Accessibility, which seems to be a treasure trove of goodies to enhance or, impair your computer. Ticking the checkbox enables Mouse Keys and reneders your keyboard otherwise useless. Without the guide of which keys to use, this feature seems less helpful than it could be.

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