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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

Sydney Grace. This pan size is most often used for blushes, but also sometimes for eyeshadows and face powders. Pans from different brands can vary a bit from 36—37mm, but all of these products will fit in a 37mm well:. Australis blushes , bronzers , contours and highlighters. Ben Nye matte and shimmer eyeshadows, blushes , and setting powders. Chantecaille eyeshadows. Coastal Scents blushes and bronzers. Graftobian eyeshadows and powder foundations.

La Femme blushes and eyeshadows. Sugarpill eyeshadows. Yaby highlighters and bronzers , powder foundations and setting powder. Colour Pop blushes , bronzers and highlighters 44mm round. Inglot rectangular, size varies by product. Makeup Forever eyeshadows and blushes, highlighters and contours rectangular, size varies by product. Makeup Geek blushes 44mm round. Nabla eyeshadows 30mm round. Yaby eyeshadows 15mm round and blushes 30mm round. Most of these products are in tin pans, which will stick to a magnetic palette perfectly. However, MAC pans are aluminium much cheaper than tin , which are not attracted to magnets.

They get around this by sticking a magnet on the back of each pan, and putting a ferrous metal in the palette instead. You can still use MAC pans in a magnetic palette, you just need to take the magnet off the bottom of the pan and replace it with a metal sticker, which you can buy from eBay or Amazon. Conversely, to put anything other than MAC pans into a MAC palette, you will have to stick magnets on the bottom of the pans, which you can also buy from eBay or Amazon. Magnetic palettes themselves are available from many brands, in many sizes, and in freestyle and welled versions.

A freestyle palette has no wells, and is simply an open space to put your pans like my Bright Spring palette at the top of this post.

As a result, you can fit pans of any size or shape into a freestyle palette, and more of them than into a welled palette of similar dimensions. Hold 15 shadows, available in Black , Pink or Rose Leopard. Freedom Travel Palette holds 15 shadows. Freedom Palette holds 40 shadows. Small palette holds 12 shadows. Large palette holds 24 shadows. Travel Vault holds 9 shadows. Mega Vault holds 28 shadows. Hold 20 shadows, available in Black or French Grey. Mini palette holds 3 shadows. Small palette holds 9 shadows. Medium palette holds 15 shadows.

Large palette holds 28 shadows also available in other colours. Extra-large palette holds 35 shadows. Double-sided palette holds 56 shadows. Freestyle palettes are also available in a range of sizes and styles from eBay and Amazon.

Pre-made palette vs customisable palette

Welled palettes have slots wells in them where you place your makeup pans like the Soft Autumn palette pictured earlier. They have the advantage of keeping your makeup neatly organised, and also keeping the pans separated so cross-contamination of colours is less likely. However, they do limit you on the size and shape of pans you can keep in them.

The Urban Decay build your own palette is very expensive! Your Inglot palette looks so warm and beautiful, definitely a brand I need to try : Kat www. Customised palettes are such a great idea! Katya The Beauty Harbour. I'm glad to hear you love the formula as well! I've already swatch some of their shades and fell in love with their formula! Some beautiful shadows there and I would love to make my own palette but I am a bit rubbish when it comes to knowing what colours go together but yours are stunning : Pams Stuff and Things.

I can't wait to see your updated makeup geek collection. Every shade looks gorgeous and they really are such good value for money. I may just have to buy a few! Jodie Jodie Loue. I love Inglot! Thankfully in Vegas we have two separate stores, so it's readily available, but I know it can be a hard-to-access brand. I'm not a huge palette person, but I love my freedom system especially how they stack up.

I also love their brushes as well. They are more expensive than I thought they'd be, but I've had them for a while with no issues. I really want to build a MAC palette.

Your collection is amazing! This is a great post! I have been banging on for so long about Inglot! I honestly don't understand why they don't get more appreciation. I have quite a few of their shadows and I absolutely love them, in fact, I have an Inglot Vs Makeup Geek coming up on my blog really soon. Makeup Geek are also amazing. I have just put in another order for more of their shadows. Absolutely loving your Urban Decay swatches. I'm obsessed with building my own eye shadow palettes and now very rarely buy pre-made sets.

You've definitely given me some food for thought as I've been considering starting a palette for a while now! I think I would give Makeup Geek or Inglot ago as its more in my price range and from your review they are comparable to the higher end products! Thanks for sharing! Palette goals!

Putting Together My MAC Palettes! Blush + Neutral Eye Shadow

Dagmara's blog always makes me want to try Inglot! I swatched them in Dublin once but didn't know where to start and the one time I wanted someone to come over and help they didn't ha! Danielle's Beauty Blog. Makeup Geek shadows are just gorgeous! I ordered nine or ten last week, and I'm just waiting for them to arrive! I ordered Frappe, and I'm so glad I did! It's a stunner. I could see you really liking Morocco and Flame Thrower as well.

Amazing post and love all of the swatches here. Makeup Geek have some amazing shades, I have never tried anything from this brand but it looks like something I would love xx franklyflawless. I should really consider building my own palette too, no idea why I keep purchasing ready made palettes as I usually never use all the shades.

I aim to finally purchase Makeup Geek eyeshadows this year, have read great reviews on them for years now. Shireen Reflection of Sanity. I can't get enough of both my MAC and Ingot palettes; I've amassed quite a collection and all the shades are amazing. I'm desperate to try Makeup Geek shadows, but I doubt I'd ever start a customizable Urban Decay palette though, as I have a lot of the shades in their other palettes. Ive be meaning to get my hands on make up geek eyeshadows, particularly cocoa bear but its currently sold out on beauty bay : xx www.

4 Ways to Build Your Own Eyeshadow Palette

Your palettes are so beaut I could cry! I'm such a huge fan of makeup geek shadows, I love cocoa bear and grandstand and they make such a perfect pair for a grungy eye makeup look. Their foiled shadows in general are just a dream! I've never tried Inglot shadows but I've known about them for a long time so I don't actually know why I haven't tried them yet! Isabelle www. They're well worth checking out! And I love the combination too : xx. I remember Inglot from highschool I'm in my thirties now hehe , I got an eyeshadow trio and nailpolish for my first highschool party ; It makes me proud that a Polish makeup brand is becoming more and more popular in the makeup world!

I have an inglot palette that I really like, and I also have a z palette with some shadows from MAC and other brands!

MAC Cosmetics 4 Eye Shadows/Concealer Pro Palette Refill Pans | Debenhams

Yey to Inglot eyeshadows! They're definitely underrated. Thanks for the mention : You have created gorgeous palettes! They are fab for the price!

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I depotted a lot of random singles and use them way more now they're in a Z Palette! Ahh all your custom palettes look so beautiful! I have yet to buy any makeupgeek eyeshadows but every time someone raves about them I get closer to buying them. KathleenLights mentioned grandstand in her favorites video and after seeing your swatch I want it so badly!

Thanks for sharing all those swatches : Mili. Lauren Ashleigh xx. I don't think I like the inglot shades purely because their names are numbers, it makes it less fun! I love my Mac palette but I do think it's so expensive for what it is when there are so many good pre-made palettes out there!

I definitely need to get more use out of mine : Just Little Things xo. I love your palettes so much. I love every shade. Great tips as well. I really want to try out the Makeup Geek eyeshadows at some point. Grandstand looks so stunning. Lovely post! I think building a palette is one of the most fun things a beauty junkie can do!

I am planning a Inglot palette soon. I will have to swatch my some of your recommendations! Great post!!! For reference I'm NC Hope this helps! Thank you for your comment - I read and appreciate every single one : There's no need to spam - I will check out your blog if you leave a click-able link under a genuine comment! If you have a question please check back for my reply or tweet me jasminetalksblg xx. The Budget Option: Makeup Geek.

And, as you may have noticed, my palette is now complete, so I will be doing an updated collection in due course!