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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

The merge field is inserted in your document. Save the template file as the Word Document. Save the file in the Word Document. In the Field name field, enter the new merge field name. Edit the field name in the field code. To mark the end of the mail merge table, insert another mail merge field with the name TableEnd: MyObject.

This differs from the Invoice fields which are associated with the current invoice.

How to Make an Invoice EASY - Excel - Word - PDF

When it comes to performing calculations in a Word document, we tend to think of embedding or linking an Excel worksheet — but this can be overkill. Sometimes, a better approach is simply to insert a table in a document and perform the calculations in it. Word tables have a number of applications: staffing rotas, timetables, pricing charts, quotations, and the one I use most, invoices. It's easy to create an invoice that includes your business details, contact information, and logo, along with a table that itemizes the costs, parts, and labor; automatically calculates the totals and taxes; and presents a total amount payable.

You can even include Fill-in fields to automatically prompt for customer information. Once you set up this invoice framework, save the blank form as a template, and you're in business. To generate an invoice, you just create a new document using the template, fill in the customer information, and enter the invoice amounts in the table. You can then update the fields that calculate tax and totals and print the invoice.

To help you get started, I've created a sample invoice template that you can customize to fit your needs. Let's look first at some template-building basics; then, I'll explain how to modify and use my sample template. The first step in building an invoice template is to design the heading you want to use for it.

Once you've created a heading, save it so you can use it for other marketing material, such as flyers, price lists, and announcements. One convenient way to preserve an element such as a heading is to save it as AutoText. Just select the items that make up your heading and press [Alt][F3]. Then, whenever you need to insert the heading in a document, just position the insertion point marker where you want the heading to appear and type the AutoText name. By default, Word will offer to auto-complete the name, and you can press [Enter] to insert the heading.

If this feature is turned off, just type the AutoText name and press [F3]. Think about the wording you're going to use in your invoice. Be careful not to fall into grammatical errors that can make you and your business look unprofessional.

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Be sure to remove the check mark from the "Update automatically" box so the date doesn't change every time someone opens the file. Number the invoice. Every invoice should contain a unique number in a sequence for your records. The sequence can be global for all clients or per client. You can add this to the header if you wish, but it can really be placed anywhere.

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Add the client's address or contact information. Preface this with the word "To" or something similar that makes it obvious who is being charged.

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You may wish to address the invoice directly to a specific person at a company, or to the Accounts Payable department. Create an itemized list of products sold or services rendered. The best way to do this is by creating a table with several rows and named columns. Make sure to label these columns with headers so the client understands the charges. Display the total bill amount. This should appear right below the list of itemized charges, preferably in a bold-faced type so it's easy to see. If you're charging sales tax, you should display a subtotal of the itemized charges, with the tax listed beneath it, with the percentage to the left of the tax dollar amount, then the adjusted total below that.

How to Make Invoices in Word (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Double-check your math to make sure it's accurate. Include the terms of payment. You can display the terms of payment either above or below the billing information.

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  • Common terms of payment are "Due on receipt," "Due within 14 days," "Due within 30 days," or "Due within 60 days. How do I save an invoice as a document or a PDF instead of a template? In Word, there is an option to 'Save As From there, you can choose to save as a regular document, or as a PDF if using or later. You can also change the file type while choosing a location to save your invoice.

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    How to Create an Invoice

    Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Once you've saved an invoice document, you can use it as a template for creating other invoices by using the "New from existing" option when creating a new invoice. You can also save the document as a. Another way to display the billing and total information is to set it up in a Microsoft Excel workbook and then paste a link to it in your Word invoice. Whenever you update the spreadsheet, right-click the embedded spreadsheet and select "Update Link" to see the modifications.

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