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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

It came straight from the box:. Erasing a partition deltes all the data on that partition, but does not affect other partitions on the same disk. Same here. Click Done to continue. Is it okay to keep it and reformat it for mac or am I much better off returning it and buying another one specifically for mac? Yes just format the drive for the Mac as described in this article on formatting an external hard drive to Mac OS X compatibility.

Erase a volume using Disk Utility on Mac

The comment at the end is confusing see the last phase in quotes below …Is that just an advertisement? I want to follow the 7 step instructions to format a backup drive for my Can I follow the 7 steps and achieve that? Yes, you can format an external hard drive for Time Machine this way. And no this is not the Dell site. I have an external drive and tried going to disk utilities…. Erase…Mac OS extended journaled …. Erase I get an error that it is unable to format.

Any suggestions? I have an external hard drive that used to work with my mac. Now it is reasonable only on a mac but I can read and write in a windows pc. How can i make it read and write for both mac and windows. I have external HD and want to use it with my mac. But I have several pictures on this HD. I want to be able to add folders and continue to put several of my pictures and files on it. WHat do I need to do? Oh my gosh. Thank you. I have contacted customer service.

I have reinstalled NTSF whatever. I was going to mail it back this morning. I just did what you said and it is now backing up. Keeping my fingers crossed but SO relieved! Can check this off my list and move on. Help — new mac user. If I want to read files, videos etc on a mac, that I loaded onto my hard drive through a pc, how can this be done?

As the article mentioned, this is one of the common formats in external hard drives. Just be aware that the Mac-only formats are typically not readable […]. What if that USB drive has U3 software on it. While the proportion of MB to 1TB is 0. Say a mouse is about 10cm long while the sun 1,,km in diameter, and the proportion of a mouse to the sun is 0. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

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Can I reformat LaCie Fuel to a MacOS Extended (HFS+) file system? | LaCie Support ASEAN

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How to erase a disk for Mac

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Launch Disk Utility

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MacOS Secret Trick: Reformat APFS to Mac OS Extended with Disk Utility!! Recovery Mode

February 6, at am. January 9, at pm. Dorothy Swayne says:. October 31, at pm. Margaret F Sadler says:. Erasing a volume wipes only the contents of that specific volume, leaving all other volumes on the physical disk untouched. Click the disk or volume icon that you want to erase from the list on the left side of the screen. In some cases, Disk Utility will force you to choose the Mac OS Extended entry instead, but the end result is the same.

You can also choose to encrypt a volume when formatting it — not a necessity in most cases for a personal Mac, but often a requirement in business and government offices. Or is it? With some third-party disk utilities, some unscrupulous bum could actually recover your files after a simple Fast format, so you can specify alternative, more secure methods of erasing a disk or volume.