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Photoshop would magically create a contact sheet for you. There are actually two download pages, one for windows and one for mac.

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Yamaha's mm motor faders are the end result of the extensive research and analysis put into making our top-line digital mixers. With the intuitive, physical control they afford, these precision faders will ensure that your previously stored settings not only sound exactly the same, but look just as they did when you saved them.

What's more, multiple monitor mixes can be recalled and modified instantly and intuitively via the sends on fader function. This Yamaha-designed configuration has become a classic as well the de-facto industry standard, and is familiar territory to most experienced engineers.

One of the greatest advantages of digital control is that it adds extraordinary power and flexibility to your console without taking up valuable space. The 01V96i has 16 channel faders and one stereo master fader. Powered by fast, precise motor-driven mechanisms, the faders respond immediately by moving to the settings of the corresponding mode. Multiple stereo channels can thus be controlled from a single layer with a whole list of linked parameters.

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The 01V has been used in a wide variety of applications due to its exceptional versatility. Highly customizable, the 01V96i can be configured to meet specific demands of various environments and greatly benefit your operation of the console. In live situations in particular, the console's personalized functions add a familiar touch while streamlining your workflow tremendously.

You can group faders and mutes from any selected input channels or output buses and store the settings in multiple banks. The group function is very convenient for various applications including sound reinforcement. Eight user-defined keys allow you to customize how you interact with your console. These keys can be assigned to control any functions you choose.

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The Instant Group Assignment function allows you to use these keys to set up mute group masters quickly— ideal for live applications where groups of instruments or sound sources need to be muted instantly. The ability to store and recall all console parameters in an instant is a huge advantage for sound reinforcement applications.

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You can instantly switch "scenes" during a performance, as well as recall the basic settings for a show at different venues, then tweak to optimize the sound for that environment. This can dramatically reduce setup time and benefit your workflow tremendously. You can do basic setup on your laptop, and then transfer the data to the console at the venue. In addition to its extensive stand-alone capabilities, the 01V96i can seamlessly integrate with your computer-based DAW. In addition to the bi-directional 16 x 16 USB2. This provides that familiar hands-on feel when recording, mixing and editing your tracks.

Audio professionnel Toggle navigation. Vintage Stomp - Phasers on Stun - Stunning authenticity, that is. Cascade Link for Ultimate Expandability When your situation demands a high capacity setup—particularly for live sound reinforcement applications— the "01V96i Cascade Link" allows you to run two units cascaded giving you up to 80 channels of mixing capability.

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